When somebody asks me about my hobbies and passions I feel great to share about my hobbies and my passions. The simple reason behind it is, I love what I do and I know that they give me immense pleasure. I love to show case my activities and what I do for others to know.

Anyway, so without wasting any time let me share my hobbies and passions with you all, which are as under:

  1. I love interacting with different people and share views being a super extrovert in nature. Somehow I love crowd. I get attracted to the crowds. I don’t run away from them at all. I love mixing with people and talking to them.
  2. Then comes my writing. I have that passion to write and let people know what I know and believe. I love to help and motivate others through my writings.  I do not like to write articles which don’t convince me personally.
  3. Apart from this I love to cook, paint, compose music, photography, and write lyrics etc., which are not regular but I love to do them for a change.

The above things really give me so much pleasure, and my mind always stay cool and calm and diverted from all my worries, pains, and sufferings. They are my stress busters.

But one thing I must confess that my heart’s desire and for which I always keep myself ready is to listen to the problems of a needy, wounded, broken person; my heart always long to help them by listening and counseling them. I always look for opportunity that how can I reach them just to listen their cries. My heart cries when I see them. And if anybody is reading this article today, I want to declare that I am always available for them to listen as a friend. That’s my most loved passion…

What about yours? What is your passion? Comment and share under this article…

Stay blessed!