When I raise my voice at home,

I am told – Shhh! Decent civilized people don’t talk with raised voices.

And so I learn decent civil behaviour,

Within the walls of my warm home sweet home.


As I step into the world outside,

I cringe with fear to see and hear,

Such confident deeds and words of tyranny,

Of injustice, exploitation, prejudice and villany.


I wonder whether these all were not taught,

Those lessons of decency and civility that I was!

Maybe some were and some weren’t . . .

Alas! I don’t see much of a difference between the two.


The respectable bespectacled professor,

With degrees galore from the country and abroad,

Turns out to be just a wolf in sheepskin,

Offering a deal for a night in exchange of assignment papers to be signed.

And I am told – Shhh! Decent civilized people don’t raise their voices.


I witness the underprivileged bereft of the basic necessities,

While money changes hands under the table,

And the officials swoosh by in their well-polished vehicles,

Leaving behind a cloud of dust to fill the poor desperate hands.

And I am told – Shhh! Decent civilized people don’t talk with raised voices.


I hear of the barbarious acts in the name of religion, caste and region,

Mass massacres, rapes of women young and old, and of children innocent to behold,

Hundreds maimed in the body and mind,

Several hearths shut down for all times.

And I am told – Shhh! Decent civilized people don’t raise their voices.


To be a quiet conformist,

Doesn’t require much labour,

Just a sweet smile and a servile nod of the head – and that’s all,

You say right to what’s wrong – after all this is how the world has been going on!


History holds high those mortals who dared to raise their voices,

Against prejudice and discrimination, repression and inequity,

Some lived to see, others died to let the world see,

The ripe lustrous fruits of their raised voices.


And so I sit wondering – what is worth,

To fume and fret, and cringe under the threat,

Adorning the garb of decent civility,

Or to raise my voice out loud and clear – at the cost of life, decency and all?




One cannot communicate

If the words are incoherent

There’s so much distance

Between the mind and heart

Impossible to traverse

Communication a distant dream

Words create a haze

Unaware of the growing chasm

Only heard are echoes of agony

I stumbled upon this particular poem by Jyoti Soni on WordPress which justifies what I wanted to present in this article.

The world and the societies in it were created and built upon relationships. And communication is absolutely important in each and every relationship. The moment there’s problem in the communication or there’s communication gap in a relationship it starts to rift apart. A perfect example of which was given on Sunday by Rajnandini in her article. The teacher in that article misunderstood Rajnandini and was devastated blaming her to be at fault. The relationship was breached though later it was restored.

But my question here is what caused misunderstanding in the above example? It was a mixture of her situation and pride which breed ego then it gave birth to misunderstanding. As a result of which she was angry and hurt. If she would have been little humble and asked the students about her share of badge or asked Rajnandini  directly about it then things would have been different.

Now, don’t misunderstand me here. I am not blaming her to be at fault or judging her. I just want to state how misunderstanding surfaced in that whole event.

This is an incident which took place between two colleagues. Let’s talk about marriage where the level of relationship is bit higher.

Marriage is such an institution where husband and wife are expected to be transparent to each other. There are so many examples of misunderstandings being evolved between spouses when a husband tries to do something secretly to surprise his wife and the wife suspects her husbands of doing something fishy behind her back. It can be other way around as well where a husband distrusts his wife.

Here, distrust gave birth to misunderstanding. If he or she would have just trusted their spouses in whatever they do then things would have been very easy and less complicated.

The third causes of misunderstanding is preconceived ideas about certain person or in single word we can wrapped it up as Prejudice. Aastha‘s article displayed an incident where preconceived idea and prejudice gave birth to misunderstanding between two persons spoiling a relationship.

In my marriage we both husband and wife know each other’s background, each other’s habits and behavioural patterns quite a lot if not absolutely everything. So we usually keep thinking about each other or misunderstanding each other basing on the knowledge we have about each other. My wife always tells me one thing… “Never weigh my works or activities based on my weaknesses. Never take advantage of my weaknesses“. That was her insecurity for which she says that but it was a valid warning for all. We actually should not react or respond negatively by misunderstanding someone’s ability just because we have little knowledge about that person.

So friends, let’s not ego, distrust and preconception breed misunderstanding among us or else a scenario as described by Jyoti Soni will be created within all our relationships.

Keep reading… Keep learning!

Stay Blessed!