The Unanswered Prayers

The current pandemic has hit all of us in some way or the other. It’s like a dreadful dream which doesn’t cease to end. Initially, we never thought that it’s going to continue for so long. All the scientists and doctors are putting their best, yet the cure is still far away.

We have adjusted ourselves to the new normal- not stepping out until essential, wearing masks and social distancing. However, it’s getting very difficult for young children to get accustomed to this situation.

When the online classes were started, there was a little excitement, but now the children are wearing out. Especially my son, who just celebrated his 9th birthday, his first without his friends, really longs to go back to school. Every day he prays to God that COVID vanishes, everyone recovers and the normal life comes back. Almost every fortnight, he cries once and vents out his feelings. But this time, he felt so miserable that he said he was not going to ask anything from God as He wasn’t listening to his prayers. He said he was angry with God because he has been praying every day since February. I agreed with him, saying that COVID hasn’t gone, in fact cases have been increasing only, but this doesn’t mean that we stop praying. I also told him about the good things that it’s God only who has  kept us safe and together, besides he could also get so many gifts on his birthday, but my son failed to pay any heed to me and cried.

The start of the year witnessed an unimaginable arrival of a peculiar virus. As the year progressed, everyone waited for the weather change, thinking if that may help restrict the spread. The year is proceeding towards the end, but the end of the virus is still iffy. All these months we have been inside our homes, frustrated and complaining, yet safe and together with our nearest ones. I keep telling my son that God listens to the prayers, its only that sometimes He takes a lot of time. He has His own time and own ways and we can only wait and pray. It’s just sometimes that our patience is tested to the core!


What a perfect time to write about Rest and Relaxation! Summer vacations have just ended for a few and have just begun for a few. This is the time when almost everyone takes time out for some or the other form of relaxation.

But why do we need such time? Have you ever noticed? – If the computer is behaving erratically or if the Wi-Fi is down, and it seems the modem is not working. The first bit of advice that we get is switch it off count till 10 and switch it on again. And 90% of the time it works. The following quote explains the whole thing.

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes… Including you. – Anne Lammot

We are all busy making something out of our life for it to mean something. We get involved in it so much that at times we forget to give ourselves a break. And stress of our daily life mounts on us. That is where rest and relaxation comes in. So, my dear friends never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

Is there a difference between rest and relaxation? Yes, even if we take a few minutes off from some strenuous work it is resting. Sleeping is resting. It gives our body some time to rejuvenate. We have all studied in Biology our body uses the sleeping time to rebuild. Many illnesses like body aches and pains and mild fever etc. are cured by a good night’s sleep.

Wherein relaxation is like meditation. It helps us unwind our mind, reduce the stress, pressure, anxiety etc. Many a times it is possible to rest without relaxing. When people have difficulty sleeping, or are restless during their sleep it is because their mind is so wound up and knotted that they are not able to relax or let go.

Coming back to our work after proper rest and relaxation increases our work potential and the quality of our output. Like they say ‘A field that has rested gives bountiful crop’.

Going on an exotic vacation is an obvious way to relax. Seeing new places, meeting new people and having different experiences gives our mind a perfect way to break out of our monotonous routine and stress of our daily life. But it is not always possible to get enough leave from work or afford an expensive getaway.

So, what are the other means to relax? I would personally recommend that we should have a regular relaxation routine instead of depending only on our annual vacations. It should be something that so completely occupies your mind that there is no space left for our niggling worries and tensions.

Playing a sport is one such activity. Because we need to concentrate so much on our game we tend to block out all other thoughts from our mind. So, playing while being an excellent exercise for our body becomes a very relaxing activity for our mind.

Same is the case with music. Singing or listening to music or playing an instrument also has a very calming effect on us. All the agitation or stress inside us just flows out of our body.

There are many other such activities. Like any kind of hobby, taking a walk in the greens, getting a massage, even doing social worketc. etc. I would look forward to hear from you all what is the most relaxing activity that you do.

Different things work for different people. For example, I hate spending time in the kitchen. I spend only the bare minimum time in kitchen that is required for cooking the daily food. But for my mom – in – law…she loves cooking and making different dishes. So, what is stressful for me is a very relaxing activity for her.

Look around and find the activity that makes you forget all your worries when you are at it. And make it a part of your regular routine.

If nothing else works the most tried and tested one is meditation and prayer. Be thankful for the things you have and give your worries to God, blank out your mind and start with a clean slate.

Rest, Relax and be thankful.


Recently, I was on chat with my friend.

Me: ‘Hi…how are you?’

She: I’m good. Thank you.

         Exams will start on 29th

        I have not studied anything

(Because since a month she was on bed due to an infection and she had recovered just 5/6 days back )

Me: Don’t worry. Trust God. He will surely help you.

       Can I ask you a question?

She: Yes.

Me: If I am not wrong, you’re in tension! Right?

She: Yes, a lot. I need to finish my courses before exam and I have no time left.

         I don’t know what is going to happen.

Me: Don’t treat it as problem, take it as a challenge. The situation will be little lighter for you to navigate.

        But ultimately you need the strength of the Almighty.

She: I’ll try…

Me: Sounds too bad… 

She: Why?

Me: You’re a brave girl. You know very well how to take a problem as a challenge.

        “I’ll try” – doesn’t sound good from you.

She: Hmm… But what to do? Situation is like that!

Me: Do you know there are two best lines that always strengthens me when I go through situations like your’s?

She: What are those lines?

Me: “Call unto me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know”

        “Be still and know, I am the Lord, your God” (The Bible)

Let me pen a bit from my past. It was January 2004 when I met an accident, in which I lost my memory for 3 hours. But it was only the power of God which brought me back to life. After that the Neuro-Specialist advised my parents that, “they should drop my education and keep me in a dark room where even sunlight can’t go because of my injury which was severe. And I was to be under strict medication till I turned 25 years of age”. It was then, when my parents were completely worn out, that they struggled to keep fake smiles on their faces to see smile on my face. As a pre-teen I felt like my life has become a scum! In such a fearsome condition my friends brought my annual examination news. Despite of my physical inabilities I urged my parents to give me prayer support so that I can write my papers. My parents sincerely prayed for me and I started preparing for annual exam but my brain was not coping with me. After every couple of hours I needed to take power naps. I was throwing up frequently. Even while writing my Maths paper I was unable to bear the pressure and slept for more than 20 minutes in the examination hall. But still I continued my studies and did everything like every other normal person does. Soon after graduating from the university, at 21 years of age I started my professional career where travelling and training was the nature of my profession from the very beginning.  

But the big question that always hits me – HOW  WAS I ABLE TO DO THESE THINGS?

  • Was the Medical science/my diagnosis/doctor’s advises all wrong?
  • Was this just a coincidence?
  • Was this because of my self-confidence?
  • Was this because of my hard-work?

Bible says, “If you have faith like mustard seed, your prayer will be answered by God.” And Bible also says, “Your faith must accompany your work. Work without Faith is dead and Faith without Work is also dead”.

I and my parents could have easily quit as per medical advice or could have continued my studies without seeking the grace of God. But then my life would have been such that I wouldn’t be sharing my life with you over here .

We have to work and along with that we have to put our confidence on God. God is the only PERFECT INFINITE SOVEREIGN entity. He created us with a definite purpose and has counted our days on earth. We humans are finite; we can’t guarantee our tomorrow but HE CAN! We humans are never 100% perfect; but HE IS! We humans depend on wisdom and knowledge but HE IS THE SOURCE OF ALL WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE!

What do you say, Is it self-confidence or Work with Confidence on God”?



To have dream or vision is important in life. In Indian context our parents used to choose what we should do and what we shouldn’t in life. But now they allow us to pursue our dreams. At some point of time in life after our school or college we need to be sure of our visions or dreams.

We had a great week discussing on this topic “Dreams & Aspirations.” I don’t want to give my expertise on that anymore. But I just want to say one thing which I had experienced in my life.

Pursuing our dream or vision is not easy yet unavoidable because ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish.’

A person’s vision or dream is always influenced by his/her inner voice or divine. It is not something like, “I want to be rich in life,” “I want to live happily,” “I want to rule everybody.” These are all desires which are earthly. But vision or dream is something which comes from above through our inner-self.

So it is necessary for us to pray and ask God to give that vision in our hearts when we are unable to make sure what’s our dream or vision.

Sometimes we move forward with something in life thinking it to be our dream but we struggle or compelled to change it in life later.

I had struggled in my life too when I could not understand what’s my dream or vision at the right time.

A dream or vision drives us in life. It doesn’t allow us to stay quite. It takes out sleep from our eyes because God puts that dream in us so that He can achieve something good for this world through us or through the person to whom He has given that dream.

That is why it is necessary for us to ask God for direction or pray for the revelation of the dream or vision at the right time.

Keep reading and keep giving your precious comments…

Stay Blessed!

Author’s Bio: Chiradeep Patra is a finance man who works in a NGO at Kolkata. He is a writer, motivator & counselor.