“Be kind to others when no one is watching.
Pray when no one is watching.
Cry when no one is watching.
Stand in the rain when no one is watching.
Dance your heart out when no one is watching.
Something’s are too personal,
don’t turn them into a performance with an audience.”


Few days back I was counseling someone & I found a very strange & dubious statement from her. Her story goes like this. She was in love since her college days, even though both of their families were against of their relationship. Still they continued in their relationship with complete faithfulness & hope. After 8yrs of love relationship they got married legally in the presence of their family members. Now they are living as a beautiful couple having all needs and wants fulfilled in their life. They belong to a higher middle class family, holding high-qualification and high-profile work & all other credentials that a couple wishes ever. As I look into their life, I always say, “What more have you left behind my dear couple? You both are holding everything in your hands!”

But during my counseling she uttered a line with a quite different smile, which still rings in my mind – “MY LIFE HAS BECOME A HELL”. This statement of hers was a great shock for me. I had never thought of it before. As I was counseling her I found that, behind their successful love marriage life there were a lot of sacrifices which both of them had made, even both of their families had. But still her life is hell! “WHY???”

The Bible gave me a beautiful answer, The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure”. That so true, even though this beloved couple have everything they wished, still their life has become a hell and the fact of the matter is, “their hearts have deceived them not they!” God provided them all their hearts wanted but at the end their hearts only deceived them which is beyond cure by any human being. “But GOD CAN PROVIDE THE CURE!!!

When I looked for the answer to the why & how heart deceives us. I found these answers:


It does not refer to the broken relationship with human beings but it’s our broken relationship with God – Our Creator. As children, we ask God whatever we wish and being a loving generous Father (Our Creator God) He provides us everything. But after getting all these blessings we forget God. We start enjoying our blessings forgetting the God who blessed us – “Our blessing blurs our eyes”. We enjoy our lives in our ways instead of seeking His will and His plan. Life is a journey which never goes on a single straight way. Surely there will be challenges and difficulties and heart breaks. So when these sort of challenges pop up in our lives as a self-centered children with less knowledge about future we try to put our own strengths and own ideas to overcome the challenge instead of seeking God’s purpose behind the challenge. We use our Emotions, Worldly knowledge, Moral values & Physical strength which ultimately make our lives more miserable. We become like “Travellers in a strange land struggling without GPRS”.

We must always remember that, our heart is such which is never satisfied and always deceives with our own ideas which are of course dealt with emotions. So we need to remember that, if we believe God and consider ourselves as the workmanship of God and whatever comes to our life is for our own good, then we cannot be deceived by our heart. And to remember this thing we need to stay connected with our Creator God (Who acts as GPRS in our life instructing us where and how to go & not).

  1. “I” PLAN:

Every religion says, we are the workmanship of God created with a well-tuned plan for a particular PURPOSE with a certain time-limit. Along with that, challenges are obvious and definite in human life. And when these challenges come into our lives in different forms we can overcome instead of being deceived, provided we need to have healthy relationships with God because only then we can deal with the challenges of our life wisely with knowledge and wisdom – which only comes from God not from the world. But with our own ideas if we say, “I should think like this”, “I should work like this” & “I should live like this” then being deceived by our heart and making life a hell is sure.

We must remember that, we humans work from Past to Present but God works from Future to Present. So He is always right. If we believe in Him and have complete dependence on him instead of our “I” Plans then we cannot be deceived by our heart and will not deviate from living a noble & fulfilled life.


When we are deceived by our heart and make our lives hell even having all that we wished, then we start living a hesitant life. We often answer “I’m fine” to the question how are you. But still we hesitate to answer it. We utter, “I’m Fine” but actually our heart says, “Dear, actually I’m fine of not fine. Because I have walked in the way my heart guided me but see today my heart has only deceived me. I can neither show you the wounds nor can live with them”. In most of the cases this dubious standard of life addicts us to such an extent that we try to live with such ideology even in our relationship/relationships. This is just like poisoning our own selves every day. Our loneliness makes our life miserable. Every night our pillow gets wet. And at the end we find ‘Heart break’, ‘Divorce’, ‘Broken family’, & ‘Suicidal death’.

Week long we discussed on “Heart is deceitful”, which is true indeed and we are also living with that. The remedy or the precaution from “heart deceiving heart” is staying within the GPRS not the one provided by google but by GOD. And that GPRS is, “Go – Pray – Request – Seek”.

We have to GO into a time of PRAYER and make our entire REQUEST known to GOD – Our Creator and SEEK His will to work on our request instead of walking towards the direction of our deceitful heart.

Avinash Das