Learning to set smart realistic goals and working hard to accomplish them marks the character of people who aspire to taste success in everything that they do.

A life without goals, is the life of a wanderer who keeps on moving in all possible ways having no particular destination in mind. It is just like an octopus on roller skates – moving for sure, but having no sense of direction. Without set targets, life loses objectivity and meaning and becomes dull and drab.

A life replete with lofty unrealistic goals creates a ripe field for stress, anxiety and depression. Dreaming big is not wrong. But, those dreams have to be backed by setting realistic targets and striving to meet those targets. Setting unrealistic goals, renders them unattainable.

After the wonderful lessons on goal setting throughout the week, there is indeed nothing new and novel to be served on the platter. Some quick points to remember –

G – Genuine goals ensure success. If you have been consistently scoring around 65% in your exams, set a target of 75% at an initial stage and work out a plan to reach there. Don’t aim for 95% and sit with your head in your hands wondering how to score that high.

O – Optimistic approach propels the mind. Believe in your potential and hone up your skills. Push aside all thoughts that threaten to divert you from working towards your goal. Brush aside negative company and destructive criticism.

A – Analyzing the pros and cons keeps surprises away. When you set your goals, be sure to analyze the possible roadblocks and the imminent consequences. That way, you would have a fair idea of what to expect and what to not.

L – Living your goals every moment ensures that you are on track. Putting up visible reminders and having people around who would wake you up to your set targets will keep you moving ahead.

S – Start small, aim big. Accomplishing a series of small goals leads to attaining the ultimate bigger goal. A hungry stomach doesn’t become full by putting the entire plate of food into the mouth. Small bite-size pieces, chewed and swallowed overtime make the stomach full. So, start by setting short-term goals.

Life’s best is at your doorstep. The way you set your goals and focus on attaining them would define and refine the purpose of your life!


All of us have big wishlists. I want a lot of money. I want to look pretty/handsome. I want to lose some weight. I want to travel the world. And a lot of such things.

There is nothing wrong in having wishlists, in fact that is the first step to actually realizing what you want in life. The problem is most of us stop with just the wishlists and do nothing to make those wishes a reality. Even worse, most of us blame the circumstances for not being able to materialize those wishes. That’s just human nature.

There is only way to make it happen, to make it possible for you to live your wishes – by creating goals for life. This is the way to go about it:

Create a life document. Imagine that you are at least 20 years more than your current age and think what your life would look like. Open a notepad and start with the sentence – “In year 2035, I will be 50 years of age and will have…. ” Start completing this sentence with every wish you have. Be as specific as you can be.

Now imagine that you are 15 years from your current age and think how your life should be then to achieve what you wrote in the previous page. Start the sentence with “In year 2030, I will be 45 years of age and will have… “. Again be as specific as you can be.

Now imagine that you are 10 years from your current age and repeat the same exercise. Then imagine that you are 5 years from your current age and repeat. Next for 3 years, then 2 years and then the goals for next year.

Once you have these documents ready, you can revisit them every month or quarter and check your progress with respect to your goals.

This is by far the easiest way to realize your goals and fulfill your wishlist. If you really follow it to the core and do not change your wishes often, there is high probability that you will achieve what you wrote in the first document 20 years from now.

Have this life document and keep it alive at all times. Make it the vision of your life. Imagine and live it every minute and there would be nothing that can stop you from achieving it.


I came back from office and reached home at 6:08 PM this evening. I was sick, feverish, cold, coughing, hungry and extremely tired. I had no write-up in my hand for tonight. I had no way out but to sit and write myself.

You must be thinking why I am sharing my problem with you…

Because I feel there’s something for me to learn with regard to the subject of “Goal Setting”… “Back up plan!” That’s what I didn’t have apart from being agitated or worried.

Every plan or goal we set for something important to be achieved, needs to be well backed up with Plan B or Alternatives. If I don’t have an uncle or a brother or a friend or a local driver to drop me in the airport early in the morning at 4am, then  I will be in deep trouble if my booked taxi turns my request down at the nick of time.

Even if we memorized “7 LITTLE KNOWN GOAL SETTING TRICKS” yet fail to make a back up plan then we are more likely to be failing to achieve the set goals or achieve it with much difficulties.

I hope now you all understood why I shared my problem first. The goal of Candles Online is to publish an article every evening at 7 PM. If we don’t keep a back up write up in our hand then we will be unable to publish at 7PM that evening.  And by the way, I can’t write this same article every time we are in this kind of situations…. Lol 😉

So friends, always have a strong back up plan to your set goals…

Stay Blessed!