Talking about habits is sometimes quite easy and sometimes it is very difficult. That’s why I followed my favourite habit of searching on google to find some quotes on HABITS.

And bingo… I found one, a really very good one…

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”


What Mahatma was trying to tell here? He was saying when our HABIT is well backed up by our beliefs, thoughts, words and actions, it will produce values that determines our destiny.

If our beliefs are on TRUTH, then our thoughts will be on TRUTH and so does our words. Then our actions will be controlled by the TRUTH we believe and think. And our habits will be developed gradually out of that actions which will reflect our values and determine the destiny, a destiny based on Truth…

Remember the process:

Beliefs — Thoughts — Words — Actions — HABITS — Values — Destiny

Stay Blessed!!!


Our parents are the ones who give birth to us. Both Mom and Dad play a very significant role in bringing us into this world. Our Mom takes care of us for 9 months and 10 days safely in her womb, and feeds and nourishes us with her blood. Our parents do every possible things to help us step into this world safely with no complications and obstacles on our path. When we step into this world, our Mom always keeps us under her special care just as a hen takes care of her chicks from the enemies by keeping them safely under her wings. And our Dad works harder than usual in order to fulfill all our requirements. When we grow up, they become more possessive about us not because they don’t trust us, but because they love us so dearly. We have been gifted with parents in our life so that we can be helped to follow the right track and also to become closer to God.

Parents are the first friends in our life who are always by our side. They understand our every necessity and provide them to us before we can even approach them and speak out a word. We may have many friends in our life, who sometimes tempt and persuade us in doing things against our own conscience and even trap us in danger, but our parents are such friends who never allow us to fall into the bad company of friends. The simple reason is because they love and care for us more than they do the same to themselves. When we stumble and get imbalanced, our parents are the ones who come first and ask, “Are you alright?” When we fall into trouble, they pat our shoulder and encourage us saying, “Don’t worry I’m with you. You can make it out!” I remember whenever I get Hysteria attacks, my parents come forward first  and place my head on their lap, hold my hand, pat my head with so much love and say, “Don’t worry we are with you. You will be alright!” On hearing this I feel relaxed from all my pains. This is because I’m closely connected with my parents. They always hold my hand and encourage me to step forward in life positively.

Today, are we really in close touch with our parents? It all depends on what view we hold for our parents, what importance and place we give them in our lives. Our parents deserve the maximum credit for our success. No matter  how much effort we apply to be successful in our lives, we would have failed if our parents were not there to encourage and support us physically, financially, mentally and most importantly, spiritually. So no matter what, we should respect, love and care for our parents by maintaining a very good relationship and  keeping them closer to ourselves than anyone else in our lives. To conclude, parents are the ones who mould and give a shape to our future.

— Arpita Dutta



Dreams… The word always ends on a soft sigh. Such a small word but the definition of it is endless. It opens our world to infinite possibilities. It springs hope eternal.

What an amazing feeling is that to know you can do anything you want to do. Be anything you want to be…

The world is your oyster, to live, love and conquer. But people have twisted it around, confused it with reality, put it on a pedestal and think it to be something that is out of reach.

We have confused aspiring for dreams with pursuing happiness. Because we have been told time and again to compromise, to adjust with our circumstances and though there is nothing wrong with that.

But that is a way to exist not live. And it’s because of all these voices around us or even within our head that we have stopped believing in ourselves. We have accepted the fact that we can only dream in a fitful state of sleep. But as it has been said, ‘A dream is something that keeps you awake.’ It is something that takes shape when you are conscious.

“I have a dream …” The most powerful lines ever spoken in the history of mankind. These lines they inspire me, because of the passion they were spoken with…spoken during a time of such distress.

wpid-wp-1443499695373.gifDo we not live in a better and evolved world today???  What is our worse circumstance? Reality?? Is that it? Think about it…

Who is stopping us to reach for our dreams?  Is it the world around or is it that feeble voice in the recesses of our mind that says “what if I fail?”

So I ask you today “Do you have a dream? ” If yes, then go get it because you can, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. If no, then take a peek inside that Pandora’s Box, You will be pleasantly surprised!!



beauty-355157_1280Physical beauty doesn’t necessarily indicate good character, and so it is not supposed to be preferred over capability & character.

We spent the last SIX precious days expressing our thoughts on being beautiful. I just want to sum up & highlight the conclusions of all the discussions of the week on “What Beauty Is” as under:

  1. HOLISTIC PERSONALITY: In the mega article on last Sunday, Prabhjot said, “Beauty is not just about your looks – it is about your holistic personality. So, be beautiful physically, emotionally and intellectually!”
  2. MORE THAN SKIN & BODY: Rajnandini in her snippet said, “We as a people surely need to rise above the beauty of the skin and the body.” “There is more to life than merely the beauty of the skin!”
  3. MORE THAN WHAT WE SEE: I loved what Samarpita said in her snippet: “Beauty is not just a visual medium but can also be auditory, tactual and olfactory. It symbolizes a sense of morality and honesty. It is possible that the little girl equated her definition of ‘beauty’ to someone treating her well, giving her time and space, and making her comfortable.”
  4. KIND WORDS WE UTTER: This is an important point which Ruth mentioned in her snippet, “What truly defines the concept of beauty is the words that we use. The way we talk, the range of our tone and usage of words exhibits the person in us.”
  5. HOLDING FAST TO DIVINE VALUES: Rajnandini in her snippet goes on to suggest : “If you adhere to the prescriptions of beauty mentioned above, Charming in heart and Beautiful in mind you shall be, and thus steal the hearts of countless many!” You have to read her article “BE A ‘HEART-STEALER” to know the prescription.

I don’t really need to describe anything more after so much of discussion but let me just conclude with what I started initially.

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting.” The implication of this quote can be understood in two ways: Assessing & Possessing.

Firstly, physical beauty or outward appearance is always deceiving. So, it is better not to ASSESS anybody’s overall beauty by just seeing the outward look of a person.

Secondly, it is very important to POSSESS the inner values or the divine qualities to build our character & beautify ourselves instead of relying on our outer coating.

Keep reading, Keep discussing, and Keep learning…

Stay Blessed!  

Author’s Bio: Chiradeep Patra is a finance man who works in a NGO at Kolkata. He is a writer, motivator & counselor. 


Smile Makes Beautiful



It was only yesterday that I came across a commercial for a popular face wash brand on the television where a 14 year-old girl was seen to be shifting her seat from the back to the front in her class at school as she was not embarrassed because of her pimples anymore. It was through the regular usage of this face wash that her pimples were disappearing. What struck me was that it didn’t occur to the so-called creative minds behind this advertisement that 14 year-old children are at the beginning of their puberty. Adolescents,  as they are called, experience a host of changes emotionally, physically, intellectually and sexually at this stage.

This is something that continues till our adulthood and later on as well. I don’t mean the changes the teenager experiences but our mentality gets shaped up in such a way that we tend to judge people based on how they look or what they wear. It has become a spontaneous affair in adults to notice the externalities of a person first and form perceptions according to their judgement. We overlook the behavioural tendencies of a person and deliberately alienate people who do not match up to our criteria of being beautiful. The softness in a person, the inner qualities like goodness, persistence, perseverance, congeniality etc. do not get noticed in the first place.

Our words are mostly judgmental. What truly define the concept of beauty is the words that we use. The way we talk, the range of our tone and usage of words exhibits the person in us. Just as King Solomon, the wisest man who ever walked on Earth says, “Our words should be like Apples of Gold in Setting of Silver,” our concept of beauty should also exceed the likes of materialism.


eye-321961_1280During my internship, many years ago, I visited the visually impaired school of Ramakrishna Mission in Kolkata. Although I don’t remember many details, one small incident taught me a new meaning of the word “beauty”. As I interacted with the students, there was a young girl, visually impaired, who just wanted to sit with me all the time. She held my hand, touched my face and said, “You are beautiful.”

That day I understood the meaning of BEAUTY through the little girl’s eyes. As Plato quotes, “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”; the eye here, is actually the eye of the soul. Beauty is not just a visual medium but can also be auditory, tactual and olfactory. It symbolizes a sense of morality and honesty. It is possible that the little girl equated her definition of “beauty” to someone treating her well, giving her time and space, and making her comfortable.

Similar situations arise in all of our lives. We all appreciate “beauty” but end up limiting our ability to perceive it. We meet different sets of people not knowing what they are going through, and we know how to react to each one of them. But often, we miss out finding the beauty within them and within us too.

You may ask, “Where is the beauty in pain?” But ironically, pain often brings beauty; for instance, a mother, out of pain, delivers a beautiful baby, out of a painful loss, there is an awareness of the beautiful person or time spent with him or her and the beautiful life, out of painful struggle emerges a beautiful poem. Hence, there is beauty in our interconnection as human beings.

Beauty is in our lives if we stop comparing with others, especially our outward appearance. People might pull you down on that matter, however, let us remember- we all are beautiful in God’s eyes who created us and said, “…Behold, it was very good…”

Samarpita Sahoo