We came to the end of the this week discussing about our life, love, family, talents of people, travel stories and some motivational stuffs by posting beautiful pictures either captured by us or our friends and family members. Last 14 days were fun-filled and lot of things to learn.

To end this topic I thought of choosing 3 such videos from youtube which are presenting some amazing and thought provoking pictures either drawn, painted or captured by different artists.

I watched all three videos personally and really loved the pictures that were presented. I hope you all will love them.

So take a time out this time from reading and watch these videos: 

Have a Happy Weekend!!!


People get confused well when they try to establish a pattern of my liking for colors with the way I dress to work .. Silly, isn’t it ? I love all the colors alike, life just gets boring with just black and white. May be, it is just a relevance of my love for colors that I like maple leaves. Maple tree is so special, a very well known species, the colors of the leaves range from green to bright red to burgundy.

For my love and madness for maple, I’ve got to travel at the right time of the year, fall season, to a country filled with loads of maple trees. Is there any thing more I can ask for ? Nopes. I was so enthusiastically waiting to get a glance of them. When I landed there it was only September, but fall has already started, most of the leaves have started turning yellow.


The continual display of shades of green and yellow was so soothing to eyes. I have started to eagerly wait for the time to pass by for the leaves to blossom into different colors. It took a couple of weeks more for that to happen..

Hurray! I was literally jumping out of joy seeing all those colors and the transformations happen. How can anyone not fall in love with mother nature ?


Early morning when I wake up the sun wishes me a warm “GOOD MORNING


In the evening it rains damn heavily, with wind that can swirl me along with it, after all the drama of nature, this is how it looks.


It’s getting so damn difficult for me to choose only a few pics from the whole lot of pics, but the exercise is all worth it. It has brought back tons of memories and made me refreshed in no time.


See the reflection of the trees in the water, it looks so so so very beautiful. I spent a whole lot of time sitting on the banks of those lakes doing nothing but staring at them. It just teleports me into a different world and lets me enjoy the pleasure of the beauty of this nature. Probably we, the humans are very much blessed to be living on this earth, which is so very mesmerisingly beautiful.

I like space travel.. If I get a chance to travel and if I have to choose between earth or another planet, then the choice is very obvious, I would choose my home planet. Not because my friends and family live here but any other planet ( as far as I have seen in pictures) is not as beautiful as earth… 

I also find maple very interesting because of the analogy I derive between the maple leaf cycle and human life. Along with seasons, maple leaves grow, change their color and whither. So is our life, according to the situation we adapt, change, sacrifice. But in all this, one thing of maple that inspires me is the happiness it creates in all of us, just by the outward appearance.

I would wish to make others happy even when I am literally dying inside. To see that one smile on the face of a loved one I would go to any extent, to cheer-up my buddy I am always there irrespective of the storm inside me and the smile on my face would never fade away …


I thank Rajnandini for this wonderful idea of reflecting on our own captured pictures. Actually being an artist  I love to interpret the pictures that I capture. She asked me yesterday, “Bhai, you asked all to write in a short time… this topic needs little time…” I replied to her if nobody writes this week I will write everyday interpreting my pictures and I would seriously love doing that. Now let me stop talking too much and start reflecting on something I love.

A fruitful tree…

This particular coconut tree was visible where we used to stay 2 years ago. This could be easily seen from our window and I kept exploring my camera as well as my photography skills by capturing literally everything that I happened to see. There is a joy that bubbles inside me when I capture something which my heart says to capture. As you see this tree was so fruitful, leaves are there and the eagles have made their nest in there… But soon it simply withered… We were wondering what happened to that tree…

Withering away slowly…
Completely withered except the trunk standing tall…
The dried out tree trunk in the evening…

When I started reflecting on these transition of the tree I felt it happens in our lives as well. We grow rapidly sometimes and stay successful and flaunt around at times and then the next moment we fall down, loosing everything that we have. The tree had lost its glory but I still used to find the beauty in it… yes, in that dried coconut trunk.

At around 5 PM in the evening…

Then one day when I was looking outside of my window and watching this beautiful moon rising up in the sky I found it wonderful to look at. I quickly took out my camera and started capturing pictures after pictures aiming at the same dried trunk.

Can you tell me what made the dried tree so intriguing?

It is that MOON on its background that made it so intriguing and beautiful to look. God started to speak to me. He prompted in my heart that, “You will look always intriguing if you keep me at your background though you feel dry and dead at times.” I nodded in love and agreement to what He told me. 

Its getting darker slowly…

I sat down with my camera for next 2 hours capturing pictures of the same objects at different times of the evening and I presented the best ones here for all of you to see. 

Lovers Talking… ❤

Finally, I came up with the BEST CAPTURE of that evening. I uploaded it on one of the popular photography site: “500px“. The response was great for my shot titled as “Lovers Talking

When people those who connect with me praise me for my mindset and will power. Fine, I appreciate it. But the truth about me is very clear. I know I am weak in every way whether it is physically or emotionally or spiritually. What makes me beautiful and praise worthy is my background, who is constantly at work within me and through me to make me beautiful and worthy of Him and His created human beings.

If you want to fine tune your life then keep God at your background…

Stay Blessed!!!