I cannot stand snakes. I hate them so much that even a picture of them makes me sick in the stomach. Lizards are very close in resemblance to snakes, but I somehow developed an interest in them. I might have been very young when I started reading articles and watching national geography documentaries. They can stick to any surface and crawl. Lizards are very interesting to me 🙂 

Lizards are the most common species on earth, found at every possible place including our houses. Antartica is an exception. They live in rain-forests, deserts, ponds, rivers, and even on trees and shrubs. There are more than 6000 varieties of lizards. Of all these, I am very fascinated by Chameleons. Chameleons are the variety that changes color in a jiffy. pink, red, orange, green, blue, black, brown, light blue, yellow, turquoise, and purple. If you won’t get scared of watching lizards, then please watch this.  

There are certain interesting facts about lizards. Broadly, lizards are characterized into three color groups. I believe they are yellow, blue and brown/black. Each of these colors means compassionate, playboy, loyal. Interestingly the females mate with the species that are low in number in their vegetation to prevent extinction. By doing this, they preserved all three species successfully for the last 200 years. 

Lizard is the species which has the highest tensile muscle among all living species. It’s their tongue. Like snakes, lizards also smell with their tongue and do not have ears. To catch the prey, lizard lets out a small portion of its tongue to smell the surroundings. Once it finds the prey, it releases its tongue at a speed of 225mph. I would recommend watching that in slow motion 🙂 Lizards come in various sizes. The ones that are larger in size are the ones considered to be harmful to humans otherwise lizards are harmless. 

I can go on and on writing about them, but, let me tell you a funny encounter with lizards. I am not sure if it’s funny because it is going to have a sad ending. End of last year I went on a holiday for two weeks. By the time I returned home, there were not one, not two but three lizards in my kitchen. I was not scared when I saw them, somehow it felt very weird to be cooking in the kitchen where lizards are moving freely. How many days can I go without cooking? I had to find a way to get rid of them. I have no idea how to get rid of them. What’s the one thing that usually saves us? Google. Yes, I started googling to find out how to get rid of lizards. There were several remedies like peacock feathers, camphor etc. After failed trials for two weeks, I had no option but the forcefully send them out. I cleaned up the entire kitchen counter, placed back all jars into the cabinets. I tried using the broomstick and duster, but it was another failure.. 

Unable to find out any remedy, I contemplated if I should kill them. This fight went on for two days. I had no clue how to kill them either. Trust me, I tried various cleaning solutions, sprays possible. At last, what worked was cockroach spray. It worked but I had to see the lizard suffer. The tail portion of the lizard separated from its body and just like octopus tentacles it was moving even after it was separated for more than a minute. Trust me, it wasn’t easy killing those. I couldn’t sleep for a few days but I had no other option. 

If any of you are petting a lizard, please excuse me for killing them. I feel sorry for them as well. As much as possible I am not going to do this again. From next time I would be careful to not let lizards than having to get rid of them later. Any ideas for this would be appreciated. I like lizards but I don’t think I would ever pet one. Though what I could learn from them is to adapt to situations around. It makes a lot of sense considering how bad the world around is now-a-days . Either we should stand out or blend in. By this, I do not mean that we have to do bad things to fit in. Lizards only do that to not get noticed and become prey to their predators. 

“The trick to not being discovered until it is too late is to become part of the expected surroundings. Stealth is more the art of blending in with the background than sneaking through dark shadows.” 
― Raymond E. Feist


Facebook Death ! Twitter Suicide ! MySpace Murder ! YouTube Killing ! Sounds bizarre I know. What have such negative words got to do with social media platforms ? They are made for entertainment, for communication, for connecting, for interaction. They are definitely supposed to enrich our lives making us more social and more popular.

Unfortunately, this is just a myth, the truth is somewhat different. Can you believe that a crime is reported on FB every 40 minutes ? Facebook was referred in investigations of murder, rape, child sex, offenses, assault, kidnap, death threats, witness intimidation, and fraud.

  1. A normal teenager of 15 murdered his dad when the father banned the kid from using MySpace, the reason being the kid was posting suicidal notes. After the murder, he removed his father from his Top 8.
  2. A guy was frustrated from his x wife and her attacking Facebook posts, made out of anger about his child support payments. He became aggressive and beat her up using a hammer, doing every painful act to his x wife and left her body which was discovered the next day.
  3. Two childhood friends, both aged 22 were best mates before the arrival of one girl who made these two buddies fall for her. They exchanged heated arguments on Twitter for some days because of this girl and due to the impact one of the friends shot down his best friend and Tweeting immediately after that “RIP MY FRIEND”.

These are merely several instances, there are so various crimes taking place that prove teenagers and youngsters are driven by social media in a morbid way. I read such stories and wonder why status on FB and Tweets have become an ego issue for us. They are just done for fun, what is there to take them so seriously that you decide to end a life, be it yours or theirs ?

Not just deaths by murder but bullying that leads to self-destruction is an equally worrisome issue. Today all kids have PC and a good bandwidth internet connection. But dounnamed-1 we identify how and for what they are using them ? They could easily be using to harass that best friend who visits your home often from a fake ID they made just to stroke ego.

Ever heard the term “Death by Selfie” ? No ? Well, let me tell you it is something that is plaguing social media today. We all like to change DP, we wanna use the one where we look cutest, sweetest, sexiest, and what not. But has it ever come to you that it could lead you to Death? We all know about the Pakistani girl, Qandeel Baloch famous as “Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian”. She is famous for posting provocative selfie’s and videos of herself on social networks. That is how she reached the heights of fame. But she also reached gates of destruction when her brother killed her, after repeatedly warning her to stop posting embarrassing stuff on FB. She was killed by him in rage, in the name of Honour Killing.

Cyberbullicide is the term used to define suicide due to having indirect or direct experiences with online aggression.  Cyber bullying and cyber harassment are two prevalent ways to lead to pro-suicide behavior. Phoebe Prince, a recent Irish immigrant, hanged herself after nearly three months of routine torment by students at Her High School, via text message, and through the social networking site, Facebook.

Social media platforms, such as chat rooms, blogging Web sites (e.g., Tumblr, Reddit), video sites (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo), social networking sites (e.g., Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Google+), picture sharing sites (e.g., Pinterest, Instagram) as well as e-mail, text messaging, and video chat, have transformed traditional methods of communication by allowing the instantaneous and interactive sharing of information created and controlled by individuals, groups, organizations, and governments. But that does not mean we will use them as a source to spy on family and friends. Relationship status is not meant to hurt other by changing them back to being single. Our Display Pictures don’t need to make us look like Katrina Kaif or Scarlett Johansson. Friends and Ex’s whom you aren’t comfortable with mustn’t be bullied but Unfriended and blocked. Troublemakers should be dealt with prudence, report them. Last but not the least, never spread rumors on social platforms.

Be Social, not Anti-Social !