Let me tell you a story. It is about a boy called Peter, who happened to come across the wisest of all. One day, Peter thought of going down to the jungle near his village to look for berries and some wild fruits to make a pie. He told his mother that he might also spend the night there. The jungle was not inhabited by any wild animals, and so his mother allowed him to go and packed him some food and essentials for the journey. He set out for the jungle and in some hours reached a place full of berries and tasty fruit trees and bushes. He found an area suitable for camping and put his tent there. As it was getting a bit dark, he decided to pluck some berries for the dessert. Before he could start, he felt as if something was walking on him. Small, tiny and could be any harmful insects. He bent down to see. Lo and behold!! He found “ants” everywhere, struggling to climb on to him. He saw them climbing in one straight line and then dividing into more lines. Then he got rid of them all, cleaned himself and started towards the bush. In the bush, all the branches, leaves and fruits had these tiny ants on them. They were literally everywhere. They were collecting leaves and portions of berries and taking them somewhere. He then followed them. To his amusement, he found out that the ants took them inside a soil building, which was very hard to break. Through a small portion and some light he could see colonies and compartments. He was very impressed to see such amazing architecture. When he went back to his tent, he saw there were ants all over his food and bed. He had no other option than to return. And so he did! He narrated everything to his mother after reaching his place. He was so motivated by these small creatures that, he himself started keeping his room clean and organised and acted wisely then after.

This story might be a bit boring or repetitive. But the focus of it is on the wisdom of the ants. In the Bible it is written, “Go to the ants…… consider its ways and be wise.” Further on, “Four things on earth are small yet they are extremely wise: Ants are the creatures of little strength, yet they store up their food in the summer.” There are a lot of important things, these small creatures teach us. Ants are the most hard working and determined class of insects. They never give up on their determination. It might be a zip-lock bag or an airtight jar, if determined they will get what they want from it. Even, we should be determined in life. Without letting go of things soon, we must always find ways to succeed.

Ants care for each other. In this time of lost humanity, when we see ants running to save their fellows when stuck with a small stick, it is quite inspiring. They are all heroic and they try to fool you, doing the “not her/him, but me” stunt and sacrificing themselves for others. They do not forget anyone and might also leave a trail mark of identification for the lost ones. They are good in investing for their future by storing food. They are good managers also as they not only arrange but also count their eggs according to their age. They are good team players, they play together and safe. They are good builders and engineers as well. When you break an ant hill, you will find cities kind of structures, with farming, storing, sleeping and every facilities. They live in unity and are very good neighbors. They also are excellent navigators, as after a day’s search for food they return to their hill in the same way, as if they had left trails. They will give their lives in order to protect their queen.

It is really amazing as how great values are installed in such humble creations. Where we tend to spray them away from our houses, they wonder about conquering the house and becoming its owner. We do overlook such qualities because there are more of visible matters available, that are big and are good at catching our attention soon. We do have a lot to learn from each and every thing in this world and if we can instill in ourselves the good values and let go of the toxic ones, we can become better humans. Maybe, at some point in life, we can all ask ourselves, “Are we as wise as the Ants?”


Photographing kids is so much fun. One needs to have abundance of patience to be able to capture the right moments when they look so very cute. It is a challenge on it’s own. So far, I had the passion of capturing only nature and kids, but both of these are restricted. When I used to travel out of country or some scenic places, I loved capturing some of the nature’s superb creations. I feel so satisfied when I see what I captured.

When it comes to capturing pictures of kids, I had a different challenge. Whom should I photograph ? I have requested a couple of my colleagues that I would photograph their kids, but who would have time and why should they entertain my request ?

While I was stuck with these difficulties, I had an opportunity to travel to some place in Tamil Nadu along with my other friends from a travel group. One of them is Ambi, who is a passionate photographer too. Travelling with them is always fun. While we were returning back from the dam, he requested me to capture the picture of a small girl.

Because of my past experience I was very apprehensive to even ask. If my friends and colleagues cannot accept my request, why would any one else accept. I took a back step. Ambi is from Tamil Nadu and knows Tamil, so he said, “I will ask her, get your camera, let’s try. There is nothing wrong in trying.” The girl was crying so badly, I had no clue on what I should expect from the click. As we were approaching, to my surprise the girl stopped crying. She grew curious looking at the camera.

Before even Ambi asked for it, the mother of the baby was ready to pose and was so happy to be captured by the lens. I took a couple of pictures of them and we were ready to move on. She showed us the house they live in. I requested Ambi to remember the route to this house.


We went to a shop for laminating the picture and gave it for lamination. The next day when we went to their house to give the lamination, the family was so happy to have that lamination. They had only a hut, the husband works for daily wage in a paddy field. The happiness on their faces is priceless. The satisfaction is out of this world.

All my friends or colleagues are very well equipped with multi “Mega Pixel” smart phones if not DSLRs. They can also afford to hire a photographer when in need. So, they absolutely don’t have to bank on someone like me. Thanks to Ambi and also the idea of getting the picture laminated, I found a better inspiration of why I should be capturing the innocent smiles of those kids. I continue to take similar pictures wherever people are willing to pose, not that I get every photo printed, but the happiness they get of being part of our memories itself is bliss.


The satisfaction of seeing an entire family smiling while they pose for me is something I would be very happy about. Their innocence and friendliness makes it so comfortable to be capturing them with my camera, which I would have found with my own family or friends.

A picture can speak a thousand words; Each of these pictures is equal to thousand pictures …