Born and brought up in a lower middle class family, Sahil was always desperate to become a rich man. Though he never used unfair means in his life, he envied people travelling in luxurious cars and wearing plush brands. All he wanted was money, a lot of money. With his hard work and effort, he got a decent job in an MNC. His parents asked him to get married, but he refused, saying his earning was too less. His endeavour awarded him a job abroad. Scared of the outside world and their old age, his poor parents didn’t want him to leave. “Let me just earn good bucks, then I will take you to places in my Lamborghini”, he said. His innocent parents couldn’t even pronounce the word LAMBORGHINI properly, but gave their blessings for his new venture.

Years passed, the old eyes kept waiting for their son, but Sahil wanted to earn more. “Just 2 more years papa, and I will be able to buy that car”, Sahil said over one of the phone calls to his father. By the time he returned back to his home, his father had got a massive stroke and his body was paralysed. He got him treated in the one of the best hospitals, but the damage could not be reverted. “He wanted to dance at your wedding,” Sahil’s mom wailed.

With the latest I-phone in hand and suited in Armani, Sahil brought his parents back from the hospital in his Lamborghini. But, throughout the way, he kept on thinking about what his desperation had cost him.

A couple of days back, I read an amazing article on Sindhutai Sapkal, who’s India’s mother of orphans. Her ordeal started when she was just 10, forcefully married to a 20 year old man. She was thrown out of the house when she was 9 months pregnant, at 19, and delivered in a cow shed. Instead of sanitized medical scissors, she had to cut the umbilical cord with a rock lying there. Too weak and hungry, Sindhutai was desperately in search for food. She took shelter in a crematorium, and took the flour offered to the dead bodies, kneaded it and baked a chapatti over the fire of the burning dead body. She later found that she wasn’t alone on the streets. So, she started begging and procuring food for the orphans and became a mother for them. She has adopted more than 1200 orphans and has opened orphanage homes as well. Sindhutai could have ended up her life in desperation that day, but she got inspired to help others survive as well.

“Don’t allow your thoughts of frustration allow you to make decisions out of desperations.”- DeWayne Owens


I rightly remember the time I discovered the passion to write. It was the time when I was struggling in motherhood. Even the slightest sight of my daughter in pain was making me vulnerable. My brain began to think deeply and thoughts clouded up, which was, in fact, projecting my imagination. I was actually living in a world where the truth and my thoughts mismatched. It was when I decided that to silence my thoughts, I would better put my silent mind into the words I wish to speak out.

At times it is my child who awakens the world of letters in me that let me pen down my thoughts. My initial writings were mostly in the thought process as a new mother. Spreading what I am experiencing, my struggles, my happiness, my worries etc. became a part and parcel of my daily life.

I always loved traveling, exploring the nature, watching the best of it could deliver to me. I always dreamt of the world where I would be just living soaked in the beauty of nature rather than the life amongst the skyscrapers, high rise buildings, pollution etc. I am pretty sure, most of us have the same vision of a peaceful life. It was when I decided to be little more poetic ( of course I never knew I was going poetic until my good wishers told me ). It was indeed a surprise for me.

I look at every thing around me, with a positive attitude. Everything around me inspires. Even a movie scene or a word spoken anything and everything around me ignite the writer in me. The time I decided to pursue my passion to write more poems, I decided to choose “Love” as my topic, it was pretty valentines day, that changed my life. Words became my life by then.

I always strongly believe to live the life unplanned. There is no excitement in a planned life. It is the same with my words too, I do not plan ahead, as anything can inspire me to write down.

Like the touch of the wind

whispering of the leaves

like the morning dew 

The cuddling of your arms

the tears that roll down your cheeks

the lovely smile

the wrinkles of old age

the innocent kisses from the little child

the passion 

everything brings out the best in me 

oh my World around me

you are my inspiration

you are the world to me.


We came to the end of the this week discussing about our life, love, family, talents of people, travel stories and some motivational stuffs by posting beautiful pictures either captured by us or our friends and family members. Last 14 days were fun-filled and lot of things to learn.

To end this topic I thought of choosing 3 such videos from youtube which are presenting some amazing and thought provoking pictures either drawn, painted or captured by different artists.

I watched all three videos personally and really loved the pictures that were presented. I hope you all will love them.

So take a time out this time from reading and watch these videos: 

Have a Happy Weekend!!!


Hello Everyone,

This is my question to all the parents out there.  What was your gift to your kids (children or might be even adults but they remain kids to parents like forever, isn’t It?) on their last birthday?  A doll, a bicycle, a football, a book, a new dress, an I-phone and so on.  How happy they were to receive the gifts?  Can you measure the degree of their happiness or otherwise in relation to the gifts you get them every year?  How would you know if they are happy or not with their gifts at first place – smile on lips, sparkle in eyes or a tight hug?

I know it is difficult to assess than to decide and purchase the gift.  But we still do it simply because we “Love” them.  We go to the extent of depriving ourselves with our comforts – read rest and our own wishes, to get them the object of their desire.  And for how long these materialistic stuffs can give them happiness or stay useful to them?  Few days, weeks, months or few years? Don’t know, can’t say.

So what could be the most precious gift you could give them day after day that they could treasure for lifetime?  It’s Your Time.  Yes that’s not a typing error.  I mean it.  Give your time to them, play with them, talk to them and most importantly listen to them.

It seems pretty clichéd, right?  But truth nevertheless.  Let me present you a broader picture of the current scenario: there’s a race in a pretty much competitive world out there and parents are not untouched by this.  They toil hard to get everything under the sun for their kids and that too branded! That makes a whole lot of difference and a point too.  Best education, best clothes, best gadgets, best vacations and what not.  And best comes with a price.  Correction – a hefty price.  And for that price parents prefer to work tirelessly leaving their kids under nanny care coupled with companionship of tech updated gadgets.


  • They are missing out kids’ childhood.
  • Kids miss their parents and their own childhood. Maturity or better say loss of innocence is something which is strikingly evident these days.
  • Complicated relationships:  If you don’t have time to talk your concerns and listen to issues, misunderstanding is bound to crop up complicating the relationships leaving them strained.  And parenting has a lot to do with understanding and empathizing. Don’t  you agree?

Spend as much time as possible with kids.  When they are tiny tots they question a lot.  Give your time to answer their questions. I do that always as a mother. The picture I posted above is captured by one of us, either by me or my husband. And through that picture I wanted to depict that how TIME can be so important for my kids. I am very careful about how much time I give. And all these pictures always remind me that my children need my time always.

Just think about our parents when we were kids….  Most of us never had everything best we desired for but we have the best parents who gave their “Time” to us and those moments are still treasured and prized processions.  And we are happy too with absolutely no complains, isn’t it?


I thank Rajnandini for this wonderful idea of reflecting on our own captured pictures. Actually being an artist  I love to interpret the pictures that I capture. She asked me yesterday, “Bhai, you asked all to write in a short time… this topic needs little time…” I replied to her if nobody writes this week I will write everyday interpreting my pictures and I would seriously love doing that. Now let me stop talking too much and start reflecting on something I love.

A fruitful tree…

This particular coconut tree was visible where we used to stay 2 years ago. This could be easily seen from our window and I kept exploring my camera as well as my photography skills by capturing literally everything that I happened to see. There is a joy that bubbles inside me when I capture something which my heart says to capture. As you see this tree was so fruitful, leaves are there and the eagles have made their nest in there… But soon it simply withered… We were wondering what happened to that tree…

Withering away slowly…
Completely withered except the trunk standing tall…
The dried out tree trunk in the evening…

When I started reflecting on these transition of the tree I felt it happens in our lives as well. We grow rapidly sometimes and stay successful and flaunt around at times and then the next moment we fall down, loosing everything that we have. The tree had lost its glory but I still used to find the beauty in it… yes, in that dried coconut trunk.

At around 5 PM in the evening…

Then one day when I was looking outside of my window and watching this beautiful moon rising up in the sky I found it wonderful to look at. I quickly took out my camera and started capturing pictures after pictures aiming at the same dried trunk.

Can you tell me what made the dried tree so intriguing?

It is that MOON on its background that made it so intriguing and beautiful to look. God started to speak to me. He prompted in my heart that, “You will look always intriguing if you keep me at your background though you feel dry and dead at times.” I nodded in love and agreement to what He told me. 

Its getting darker slowly…

I sat down with my camera for next 2 hours capturing pictures of the same objects at different times of the evening and I presented the best ones here for all of you to see. 

Lovers Talking… ❤

Finally, I came up with the BEST CAPTURE of that evening. I uploaded it on one of the popular photography site: “500px“. The response was great for my shot titled as “Lovers Talking

When people those who connect with me praise me for my mindset and will power. Fine, I appreciate it. But the truth about me is very clear. I know I am weak in every way whether it is physically or emotionally or spiritually. What makes me beautiful and praise worthy is my background, who is constantly at work within me and through me to make me beautiful and worthy of Him and His created human beings.

If you want to fine tune your life then keep God at your background…

Stay Blessed!!!


It was a superb 14 days journey for all of us, the authors and the readers. I personally enjoyed these two weeks reading and commenting. My co-authors have come out with such fabulous articles that we received a lot of feedback as well.

Let’s revisit all the articles one by one as I evaluate all with the little wisdom that I possess. 😉

Aastha – How do we perceive ourselves? Do we really know the real we? Knowing our own selves is really very important for us to live a purposeful life. And Aastha wrote it beautifully. A truly inspiring piece it was.

Kalpana – The policies formulated by any government of any country would only be successful if it is ably supported and accepted by the citizens of that country.  She also gave two very apt illustrations as witnessed by her in real to support her motivational call for all of us.

Prabhjot – “Think big and choose bigger problems.” What an eye opener it was? It changed my perspective as it did change others as well.

RajnandiniTrust me, it’s a joy to rediscover the child within you.  And she was right. Actually it is so important to find the child in us to have a fruitful and meaningful life.

Ruth – Her introspection throws a light in the darkness of this world when she said, “The spiritual gifts of LOVE, JOY, PEACE, KINDNESS, PATIENCE, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, GENTLENESS, SELF-CONTROL is what God wanted me to cultivate.”

Saakshi – “I can proudly say I am Shopping Free.” Her confession of how she got rid of the shopping addiction was hilarious and quite interesting.

Thaddeus – His conclusion speaks everything about what he intended to convey: “May each reader be inspired to value their loved ones enough to share the truth and to discern when to withhold it.” Unless we discern and distinguish between the falsehood and the truth and understand the skill to present the truth then we will fail in our avenues.

Preeta – “Inspirations are everywhere around us, we just need to come out of our shells.” Somehow this has become my favourite line for complimenting beauties around me… 😉 But she made her presence felt on the stats of this site. It was one of the most inspiring articles of the week. 

Aparna – “Go beyond what is expected of you and create the difference.” She suggested to leave the self-centeredness and go the extra mile helping people. 

Sony – Hers was quite similar to Preeta’s. She said, “I hope this world extracts positivity of all kinds and minimize the effect of negativity.” It was her hope to bring the positivity from all negatives. 

Kuljeet – Her green eyes literally shook everybody, not in fear but with lots of fun and the readers relating to the experience she shared. “Let it be a small achievement, I try to celebrate it. I don’t need to prove anything to the world.” These lines made me realize that I am on the right track because I never think my achievements are small even if its negligible. I celebrate and enjoy everything that I do. And we all need to do the same to stay away from the “GREEN EYED JEALOUSY AND ENVY”. 

Avinash – “Shall we put a full stop to hypocrisy? Is it not possible for us to LOVE others with pious heart?” This article again quite similar to Kalpana’s. He urged his fellow citizens of his beloved country India on the occasion of 68th Republic Day.  

Chiradeep“Susceptibility follows deprivation, temptation follows vulnerability and devastation follows the temptation.” Looking at the present scenarios around me and within me I thought of writing this article about how our hearts go through deprivation and how important it is for us to counter it to safe guard ourselves.  

I hope you all enjoyed reading all these articles and learning from them. Get inspired and keep inspiring…

Stay Blessed!!! 


“Sometimes its just a little inspiration that keeps you rolling” : anonymous

Obama’s out and Trump’s in!!! America has become a place where half of the population love Obama and half of them don’t. But has all the hatred and negativities ever had any impact on him inspiring masses? I dont want to be partial or judgmental, but he really has shown people how to live a life of dignity, grace and poise. Not only does he respects but has also treated everyone with humility. I had never ever seen a president climb down his drone just to shake hands with the officer standing outside. Of course, that’s all media and everything. But isn’t that quite an inspiring sight? Somehow, I have gained a lot of inspiration not just from his nature but more from his character. Many of us might agree to the above paragraph and many of us won’t. But, I just want to point out a simple truth here, and that is, in all and every situation he has been a source of inspiration.

I am far from being a perfectionist, still I strive to achieve it. We all know, perfectionists undergo a lot of stress, anger and depression, if a particular work done isn’t ‘perfect’. Time and again I have felt the same. At times I feel my family should be perfect, my daughter should be perfect, everything in my house and outside should be perfect. And I go mad if I find things out of place or not as I have thought them to be. I fight and create chaos. I have also felt that there has been a need for a constant motivation. For me, it comes from many things and many people. I get that from the Bible, my mom, dad, husband, daughter, mother in law, father in law, friend, family, books, internet and many more. But gaining inspiration and being one to others is in all a different story. I have constantly sought motivation but I have never motivated anyone is what I feel. I would like to share a recent event which has affected me positively.

One of my very close friends is going through the typical ‘break-up’ phase in her life. It’s too hard for her to accept the fact as she was very much into it and it has been a decade that they were together. In their relation both were sure that it won’t go to the marriage phase and it would eventually end in a sour way. It did end that way and she was accused and blamed for many things. That day she thought of ending her life!!! I and her mother tried to talk her out of it. It was hard! Not only for her but for us also. There I thought, ‘love for a partner in life is so much greater and stronger than any other love’. Even that was the first relation God had blessed mankind with – companionship. But it’s also important how our companion treats us and loves us. In my life now, I have many such examples where either of the partner is abusive or loveless. It’s sad to see them fight and blame each other. There is no one who thinks of the child. Then, just the other day there was the video of the former POTUS and FLOTUS. It showed the love they had, the respect they had for each other and the way they treat their children. This gave me so much motivation. I started giving my husband a little more respect and love than the usual. Loving my daughter a little more than usual. Giving more time to them in person and not only cooking and doing chores. And believe me, I can see small differences. I feel loved, I feel happy and I feel there is more to this relation. My heart dances with joy singing :

Today my house is a little more brighter and lighter is its atmosphere,
Today I see them smile and I no longer see those tears,
Today I have loved a little more and I have lost all fears,
Today some one has me inspired and tomorrow I hope I can inspire the needy peers.

I hope this world is filled with more of, all kinds of positive inspirations and motivations which could be available for all, in order to lead a happy life. I hope this world extracts positivity of all kinds and minimize the effect of negativity. Lets us all Inspire and get Inspired!!!!