With all these going around me, I am unable to think and write anything. I have to cook, I have to go to the washroom, I have a book to finish, I need to eat my dessert, I have to finish that craft work, I, I, I…. Wait! She told me to take care of a certain thing. What was it??? Can’t remember…. (Mmm! She is so nice that she remembered to tell me to see through. She is so caring. She has a beautiful house and a wonderful interior. I love her vase and those beautiful flowers in it. She even keeps her kitchen so clean and tidy. How can she?) – All happens within the thought bubble. Just a small sound of the baby getting up. Done. All the pending chores go unattended because of the random silly thought about my friend.

Yes, yet again I wasted my precious hour thinking. It’s not only that I get thoughts about my friends and their clean houses but also other things.

Recently, I got my daughter’s admission done in a school nearby. Hence, I get thoughts many random thoughts about her school life. Some like,

  1. She missing me and crying
  2. Getting hurt while playing
  3. Doing some stuffs I never knew she could
  4. Speaking a full statement (she still doesn’t speak a full statement)
  5. Getting her friends’ home or going to their place.
  6. Studying and doing good and making us proud parents.

Many thoughts are happy and some painful. Still, anxiety and excitement takes a toll time and again. Another recent example of my silly thoughts is about yesterday night when I was preparing food for my husband’s colleagues for their potluck. I, constantly had a pinging thought about them, complaining that the food is not good enough and everything. Well, silly of course!!

This process of thinking and then dreaming and day dreaming about stuffs have been there with me since my childhood. When I was a kid, I used to think that I had super powerful eyes. I could see the sparkling things in the sun rays. Later discovering those were dust particles and everyone could see them. I even day dreamed of becoming thin and then becoming very famous for becoming thin all of a sudden. Well, it definitely never happened! I thought of killing all bad guys, who came to trouble my mother with one slap, almost every time we went to market. I even killed a man in my head, for talking badly to my father in front of me. I even thought of looking angrily at my dad, while I was being scolded, and then being scolded for not being attentive. I even thought that the moon followed us everywhere we went. I even thought it came from the devil to haunt us. I even had a mysterious hand which was under my bed, all ready to grab me by my feet at night.

These are a few of my achievement and they do continue till date. The only difference being that the thoughts have matured along with me. Now my thoughts are clear and they let me know my inner feelings. I get scared at times when I finish dreaming them. My God!! I can be very dangerous at times! Haha. Life is too short. Silly things make it worth living.

If people never did silly things nothing intelligent would ever get done – Ludwig Wittgenstein


Hello Everyone,

As a kid it is natural for everyone to have doubts in mind.  The very inquisitive nature makes them question and explore.  I am sure to get hands down on this one 🙂  Still don’t believe me?   Ask your parents how inquisitive you were or better observe kids around.  I am sure you would get your answer.

So as a kid (when I was younger than 10 years), I still remember my mind was a house to n-number of doubts and thoughts that were funny at the face value which I realised later and thought, “What the hell I was thinking?”  Let me give you a glimpse of doubts that once popped up in my mind:

  • Buffalo/cow inside the machine:  Yes, you read it right.  Just like the vending machines for soft drinks we used to have vending machines for milk as well.  Those in Delhi would understand instantly, Mother dairy I am talking about.  As a 6-year-old I used to go with my mom for milk and as soon as the token gets in, milk comes out.  For few more years to follow I used to think there might be a buffalo or a cow inside that takes the token and gives milk in return.
  • Board exams:  Whenever I used to listen to people talking about “Board” exams I used to imagine that it simply means that the questions needed to be answered on a black board.  I used to ponder over “how many black boards will be provided for a class of over 40 students?”  I understood much later that “Board” refers to an organisation.
  • Carpentry is easy: I used to think carpentry is nothing but imagining a shape in mind and cutting the wood accordingly and there was anyways fevicol (adhesive) available.  Would you believe me if I say how stupid I was when I tried to cut an unused cricket bat to make furniture for my doll that too using a blade (that goes in razor).  Can’t get even a deep cut!
  • Pencil Tree in the stomach: One of my aunt (in order to make us not to put pencil lead in mouth) used to say if you eat the pencil lead you would have pencil tree in your stomach.  I used to think what would happen if we actually eat the lead.  Soon we would have pencil tree inside our stomach and the pencils would grow right out of our mouths and we don’t have to purchase pencils again.  Creepy thought, isn’t it?
  • Cable TV Wires: Those were the days of cable TVs, cable connections (I mean cable wires) running from one building to another.  I used to think if something sits or is put on these cable wires the same image we would have on our TV screens.  For example if a bird has perched on these cable wires everyone would see a bird on their TV screens.
  • Television Transmission Techniques: Similarly I used to think that a picture on television is a result of actually something going behind the screen.   Remember Mahabharata on Doordarshan, I used to think people are actually fighting behind the screen and horses could come in front of us anytime soon.

Weird imagination, weird thoughts and doubts, aren’t they? Do you have too? Then share it… 😉

Kalpana 🙂


Hi Everyone,

We all have our share of funny incidents in our life that seemed to be the serious issue at that moment but when remembered later never fail to leave a smile on our face with a trail of heartfelt comments like “OMG! how stupid I was/ we were”, “How funny was that”.  I can bet on that.

Today I want to share one of such incident that stumped me that day, makes me smile whenever remembered (now) and of course gave me a very important lesson in life.

It was almost 15 years back, it was pre-board examinations time of 10th standard in school (can you calculate my age 🙂 ).  I was an academically good student (excuse me for taking the liberty of praising self:) ) It was mathematics examination, subject which I enjoyed till that standard only, later I used to hate it, somehow I managed to clear it in later classes. All set for the examination, question paper in hands, my first expression – Wow! it’s so simple, I can score the minimum of 95%. So happy and confident I was about doing good in exams that I cared less to turn the question paper and have the thorough check.  I was flying high thinking that I have finished exam well before time.  As soon as I stepped out of examination hall as the usual discussion started among friends.  A friend of mine asked me  “What was your answer did you get for the 20th question?”.   I without blinking an eyelid ridiculed him “Are you out of mind?  There were only 13 questions.  My friend was quick enough to combat “Come on are you serious since when we have only 13 questions?” and he was right there were 30 questions and I couldn’t believe how stupid I was, we never had 13 questions in mathematics.  That’s one situation when I was left “Stumped” because of my overconfidence.

And the real task was still pending when I had to break the news to my mother (my brother insisted not to as he knew the outcome but I wanted to be holier than pope).  With a long face, I entered a house, narrated the entire episode to a mother.  She was chopping potatoes, took one and targeted me (at that time parents more liberal with using their hands 🙂 )  I instantly took an  oath, can you believe me a 15-year-old taking an oath and what was that? “I won’t eat till I do well in my boards and get this taint removed” heavy isn’t it?  And just after two hours, I was hungry and the Board examinations were two months away.

The entire episode gave me a very valuable lesson:

  • Read every bit of paper inside out before preserving it or throwing it in a dustbin or while signing any document, never know what information you would have there.
  • Never answer before the question is complete.
  • Overconfidence would always leave you high and dry.