Angry mob lynched two robbers to death and injured another one in Nayagarh district of Odisha. The three robbers were about to flee after looting Rs 3 lakh from Canara Bank when the locals nabbed them and beat them to death.

The above incident happened just yesterday. The mob cumulatively decided to mete justice by punishing the wrong-doers. This is an instance of instant justice. Some of us may applaud the mob for their heroism. Others may think that the people should have simply nabbed the culprits and handed them over to the police without taking the law into their hands. Whatever the opinions may be, we all would surely agree that in such cases and others it is necessary for justice to be delivered.

All wrong actions deserve punishment. When we hear of or experience wrong acts which often go unpunished we wonder if there is justice in the world after all. Often we think, ‘Why is God silent?’ Sometimes our thoughts wander off to the extreme where we wonder if there is a God after all!

Our concept of justice may vary at times from situation to situation or from person to person. We may be lenient towards people close to us and strict towards others. But, God is a Righteous and Just Judge. Accepting and understanding the fact that God is Holy, consequentially leads us to the truth that God is Just. If God is Holy and cannot tolerate sin, definitely He will not let any sin go unpunished. Hence, He is Just. This realization is both assuring and frightening.

The assurance that we get from the truth that God is Just is that sooner or later God will deal with all unjust actions. No injustice can escape God’s justice. God’s delays are not His denials to impart justice. At the same time, His ways are not our ways and His time is not our time. He may choose to deliver justice in a way we may not be expecting or we may not like. He may deliver justice instantly or after a long time. But, one thing is for sure that He does deal justly.

When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers.”

And so along with the assurance, the Just nature of God brings us face to face with the realization that our own wrong doings also deserve God’s wrath and will not go unpunished. God doesn’t measure the intensity and magnitude of sin. For Him, what is not Holy is sinful. There is no big sin and small sin before God. Stealing, lying or cheating are sins equivalent to murder or rape! And so when we introspect and find ourselves falling short of God’s standards, we are sure of encountering God’s justice. He being the author of our life knows fully well where we have fallen short of His standards. There is nothing hidden from Him – He is Omniscient. This realization having to face a Just God one day, definitely creates a feeling of fear and dread. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

Sin destroys! A Holy, Just and Loving God cannot be a mute spectator to the havoc brought forth by the horrors of sin. The holiness of God does not permit Him to tolerate sin. At the same time, a good God cannot be good and faithful till the very end if He is not Just.

So, friends remember that God is Just and His infinite ways of executing justice cannot always be understood or comprehended with our finite minds.

Stay blessed!!!


The basic meaning of the word HOLY is ‘to cut’ or ‘to separate’. When HOLY is used in reference to God, it refers to His complete separation from evil. Not even a hint of a blemish could be found in our God; He is completely pure. ― “God is light and in Him is no darkness at all”.

I remember an illustration given by Counsellor Ray Eicher in a conference in Dehradun. He took a clean jar and filtered a 2-litre bottle of drinking water and showed us asking whether we will drink water from it or not and we all replied in affirmative. Then he said that if he takes a little bit of rubbish on the tip of a needle and mixes it in the water in front of us and offers us to drink would we then drink or not… And this time our replies were a BIG NO. Then he said probably we would have drunk it if we would have not known the fact about the mixture of rubbish in it as it wasn’t at all visible to naked eyes.

Then he said that we all were created like the clean water in the bottle but we have gradually got soiled in our walks of life and hence, we lose the worth to stand in front of the Almighty because He is a Holy God. He can’t tolerate a bit of unholiness. He can’t tolerate a bit of sin within us. He hates sin and He will be denying His very self if He omits even a single sin.    

Have you ever been to that segment of the market where all defective products are sold with lesser price? If you mark, in some products the defects are not even that prominent and can be easily omitted yet it was rejected and placed in that segment. Even a little sin as we think makes us unholy and rejected by the Holy God. 

But it should be an encouragement for those of us who trust in His name when we realize that not the slightest evil or blemish could ever be found in God‘s nature because He is holy. There is absolute purity and total separation from evil attached with all His attributes. As we face the struggles daily to decide something in regards to evil or good there is no such struggle to be holy or to maintain holiness in God’s personality. He is absolutely holy and cannot be anything else than being holy.

Holiness may seem like a strange, almost negative, concept to us, because living in an unholy world has conditioned us to accept and be comfortable with things which are marred by sin. Since we live with that which is unholy every day, we are more shocked by purity than we are by sin! The very idea of holiness bewilders us.

The character of God that He is Holy should not bewilder and puzzle us. But that should be our strength and support. When we need help we always seek the face of somebody who is better, higher and wiser than us. And God’s character of HOLINESS authenticates all of His other characters. It gives us that confidence that He has no evil within Him. That makes us feel safe and secure with Him.

How humbly then do we need to worship our God who is so pure and holy? How careful we should be when we come close to such a God with our requests, who is without blemish and hates sin?

Let’s worship Him with reverence:  “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts.

Stay Blessed!