In the last article of the topic “Guilt & Conscience” helps us to understand, “how bid good bye to the guilt.” 

Tonight, I will talk about renewed mind and conscience which is really important to live a life of freedom and liberty from the clutches of guilt and sin.

Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

Materialistic thinking or desires really made us live on lower value systems. The urge to gain wisdom and thinking high is very rare. Those who live above the corruption of this world have always kept a clean conscience. We need to keep our eyes and mind open to find them as our examples.

As it is always better to think and follow,

Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; 

You need to take time to think in a quiet place to understand what I am trying to convey here. 

Do not be conformed to this world any longer with its superficial values and customs, but be transformed and progressively changed by the renewing of your mind focusing on godly values and ethical attitudes.

The world teaches about false and superficial value systems. The general public always follow the wrong things. Negativism is always easy to follow or imitate. But living in discipline and high values with a transformed mind is really very difficult. 

Let’s take responsibility of living with a renewed mind and conscience this Year in 2016 by focussing on things of high value, following which are good and live a transformed life.

Stay Blessed!


Conscience is the soft gentle voice of reproach present within all individuals. When a person is preparing himself / herself to commit an erroneous act, there is a sure nudge of the conscience that s/he experiences. However, continuous and repeated acts of misgivings as a result of consciously ignoring the pricks of the conscience, result in a dead conscience. When a person commits an erroneous act the very first time, there is a considerable amount of guilt. This is because the person feels convicted by the nudging of the conscience. At this juncture, a person responds in either of the following two ways:

  • The person responds to the conscience by realizing the mistake, repenting for it and resolving never to repeat it

  • The person ignores the convicting voice within and goes on with life as though s/he has not committed any wrong

Responding in the first way, makes it possible for the person to overcome the guilt pangs with time. However, a person who chooses to ignore the voice of the conscience fails to overcome the guilt within. Rather s/he masks the guilt by various means. Overtime, s/he turns deaf to the voice of the conscience. As a result, the erroneous acts multiply and their intensities increase too.

Many of us have been nurturing a dead conscience within us throughout this year. And so we have ended up hurting ourselves and people around. Some others have been nursing our guilt pangs every single day, not knowing how to deal with them.

It is vital to keep the conscience alive by heeding to the gentle nudging at all points of time. To be conscience-stricken is to keep the way open to deal with the guilt within. The golden rule is: Realize, Repent, Release and Resolve to refrain.

Realize your mistake.

Repent for the wrongdoing.

Release the guilt pangs.

Resolve never to repeat it.

Bid a goodbye to all your guilt in the old year and welcome the New Year with freshness!


June Hunt!!! Yes, she describes further talking about guilt. She gives a list of false guilt which should not be within our hearts troubling us till the end…

She says,

  • False Guilt is based on self-condemning feelings that you have not lived up to your own expectations or those of someone else.

  • False Guilt arises when you blame yourself, even though you’ve committed no wrong, or even though you’ve confessed and turned from your sin.

  • False Guilt keeps you in bondage to three destructive weapons – shame, fear, and anger.

  • False Guilt, ironically, is not resolved by confession.  (The past keep coming up again and again) 

Now, this kind of guilt has to be dealt carefully and should be given up at once or else it will literally torment the person day and night.

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Stay Blessed! 


Do you guys remember June Hunt? I had mentioned about her earlier. She is the host of the Nationally Syndicated Call-in Counseling Broadcast Hope in the Night.

She talks about ‘Asham’ a Hebrew word for Guilt. She says,

“Asham, with its many derivatives, paints a three-dimensional picture of true guilt.”

She further describes guilt, I mean true guilt as follows:

  • True Guilt refers to the facts of being at fault, deserving punishment, and requiring a sacrificial offering.

  • True Guilt is the result of any wrong attitude or action that is contrary to the perfect will of God.

  • True Guilt is the result of sin whereby a penalty must be paid for your sin so fellowship with God can be restored.

I will explain what she is talking about in a simpler way with few examples.

True guilt comes when somebody realizes his/her fault or wrong attitude towards somebody. True guilt comes when he/she makes himself/herself available for the punishment and correction. She mentioned about “Sacrificial Offering.” Sacrificial Offering doesn’t mean any animal or bird sacrifice but it is a true offering of our body, soul and mind to God to restore the vertical (Spiritual – with God) as well as horizontal (Social – with fellow humans) relationship. Sacrificial Offering is something which we do to compensate our wrong attitude towards the person against whom we have commit the sin.

Have you felt guilty for your wrong doing? That’s better… If you are not guilty of your wrong doings and your committed sins then start thinking seriously about your attitude. 

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Have you ever seen a thief or a person who lied walking on the streets? They walk looking here and there… They speak with their eyes looking at the ground… They  stammer while replying your questions or interrogation.

When we are at fault we behave in the same way.

But why do we behave like that? Because our guilt doesn’t allow us to live or walk or speak freely or at liberty. It binds us with a guilty feeling. It takes away our independence. It captivates our mind and soul.

It is our conscience that makes us feel like that. Our conscience is the only thing that speaks to us when we are all alone. 

CONSCIENCE is a gift from God. A clear CONSCIENCE is a true friend of us all who always speaks the truth and shows the things, which are good and what we have done is wrong. 

What the psychologists say about it or define conscience?

What is Conscience? The experts say –

“A sense of right & wrong.”

“Conscience is the capacity for moral judgment.”

“An inerrant knowledge of the need to do what is right and avoid wrong.”

Some advanced studies define conscience as, “Conscience is the faculty of the mind, or inborn sense of right and wrong, by which we judge of the moral character of human conduct.”

Our Conscience is always ACTIVE. It never stays quiet. What does it do? How does it help us?

God has given each one of us a conscience because of its multi facet functions, which are as follows:

It Strikes or Convicts: – When we do something wrong, our conscience strikes us, bothers us, troubles us. We find that conscience also convicts of our faults or what we did. That’s the reason we look down to the ground when we are convicted of our faults.

It Reproaches: – The conscience also reproaches, when we are at fault.

It Confirms (the Truth in us): – Our conscience confirms that we are telling the truth according to the moral ethics or Godly standards. In this case the conscience should be at par with the true value system before being satisfied. 

It Testifies: – The conscience testifies that we have done the work in the holiness and sincerity that are from God. The conscience bears witness of our truthfulness. And thus we live a guilt free life.

Why then we commit mistakes?
Why don’t we follow the lead of our consciences?

We don’t follow or listen to our conscience when it is SEARED…

The consciences of some people are seared with hot iron. Which means their moral consciousness have literally become insensitive to good and bad of life like the place of scars of an animal branded with hot iron become numb to the pain.

Our Conscience can be affected negatively. It can get polluted anytime in this gloomy world. It can be corrupted with worldly desires. It can be SEARED – with our family upbringing, in an given environment, in an adverse situation with the pressures of life.


We need to be CAREFUL about our CONSCIENCE. Hence, we need to CLEAN it EVERYDAY and every MOMENT. We need to STRIVE for a CLEAN & CLEAR CONSCIENCE.

But, HOW???

I would talk about TWO major processes of Sanctification of Conscience. Sanctification is the act or process of acquiring sanctity, of being made or becoming holy or be clean.

Process of Sanctification – 1: Comprehending the TRUTH  

How does the Truth Sanctify? Understanding truth is very important because when we know the reality, the truth miracles start happening. 

The Truth is a LAMP to our feet and a LIGHT to our path. When light of truth gets in, the darkness of falsehood vanishes. When our conscience knows the truth and comprehends it’s value it shuns evil. 

The Truth is like a LAMP SHINING in a dark place, until the day dawns and the morning star rises in our hearts; The Truth lets the darkened heart see things which was not visible earlier. The truth enlightens the conscience and let it be sensitive towards the presence of sin which was insensitive before. The truth let the seared conscience feel or sense the right way through its LIGHT in this dark world.

The truth is like FIRE and like a HAMMER that breaks the rock in pieces? The truth burns the iniquities that a human keep hidden inside his inner heart or conscience. It starts pricking once again as soon as we understand the truth.

The truth breaks down the hardheartedness or the stiff necked attitude of a human. It humbles down the man. 

The truth is useful for teaching. It reproofs, corrects and teaches righteousness. This is how the revelation of truth SANCTIFIES a seared conscience.

Process of Sanctification – 2: Fellowship with followers of Truth 

I found a scripture portion which says, “For the unbelieving husband has been sanctified through his wife, and the unbelieving wife has been sanctified through her believing husband. ” A believer here means, the believer of the truth. Fellowship with the people who follows the truth and do good helps in changing of attitude and building good characters ultimately sanctifying the seared conscience of a human being.  

This is a very debatable yet interesting and very vast subject which we will discuss more in the following week.

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Stay Blessed!!!