Kids of this generation are techno savvy. They use electronic gadgets comfortably since quite and early age and my son is no exception to this.

He discovered the YouTube world when he was an year old. And slowly he learnt to scroll the screen up and down, swipe to left and right. The next progression was choosing the song of his choice, mostly driven by how attractive the coverpage is. Whether I like it or not, I was okay with it.

One fine day, he was fiddling with my phone while watching YouTube. I took the phone after the screen time allotted to my son was over. I wanted to check WhatsApp messages. Just when I was ignoring the forward messages, one message caught my attention. It was from my driver. I read

“Madam, why have you sent me your picture?”

It didn’t take too long for me to decipher what must have happened. My son accidentally managed to share my picture to the driver while he was enjoying his play with my phone. And why driver, because his was the most recent chat as I had asked for confirmation of pickup scheduled for the next morning.

I didn’t know what to reply. The driver must have received “blue ticks” which means he will know that I have seen his message. I was so so so so embarrassed. I got a thought that the earth should crack open and eat me up but …!

I messaged the driver apologising and telling him that it was my son who did that and that he should delete the pic. The driver cordially said it’s alright.

There was an awkward silence the next morning when he came for the pickup. I broke the ice and apologized again. Again he said it’s alright very calmly.

Fortunately, I never met the same driver again. I dont know if his shift was changed or he was assigned a different route. And I just hope I never have to message him again for the pickup!

I still feel very awkward thinking what he must have felt about me sharing the picture , but it is what it is, and I had told him the truth 😁

Kids I tell you! They will land you in a soup more often than you can imagine.


Everyone of us must have experienced a few embarrassing moments in our lives. Those awkward moments are sometimes too uncomfortable to discuss with anyone at that point of time, but later, they prove to be hilarious.

With my younger one, I happen to witness some embarrassing moments indeed. It was his first day in playschool and the parents were allowed to be with the child in the classroom. So, I was there with my son and there was another child whose father accompanied him. The man didn’t look young and had receding hairline and my son suddenly started calling him Dada (grandfather). Actually, just before a month, we had shifted from our hometown where we were living in a joint family and my younger one, too fond of his Dada, used to be with him only most of the time. My son’s pronunciation also wasn’t clear, and I quickly hushed him up- “No baby, he’s not Chacha (paternal uncle)”, and took him to other side of the room so that he could be with other kids. However, he kept on pointing towards that man for the rest of the duration and I felt awkward throughout.

There’s another instance involving my younger one only. This time it was the mall. Yes, the typical moment when the kids yell in front of everyone to get their wish fulfilled. We usually take utmost precaution not to go near the toy stores and carefully choose our way. We entered a clothing store and were choosing some stuff when suddenly we say kids lined up to have their chance to play a video game. The store had installed a gaming machine right in the middle, obviously to give the customers a peaceful shopping experience, so that the kids don’t nag and spend their time as their parents are shopping. However, getting a chance wasn’t easy as there were too many kids in the queue. Lo and behold! My little one got fascinated by it and wanted to play the game, but that would take another 30 minutes and so, we immediately decided to go out of the store. He started crying and we were trying to pacify him, but all our efforts went in vain and expecting the least, he literally was lying on the floor howling horribly. I tried to pick him up, but he was too adamant. We chose to leave him there and started walking, thinking that he will follow us, when suddenly a lady came to him and told him that his parents will leave him  if he didn’t get up. Immediately, he got up and ran up to us. I thanked her, embarrassed at the same time. She said, “It’s ok, it’s normal.” We smiled at each other and I was relieved.


I talk, quite easily, hopefully effectively too 😜 but sometimes way too much. I am an extrovert, stark different to me is my husband – introvert. I remember how he used to pull me aside (not literally but more with gestures like signaling or a hush hush warning) and say “bas bhi karo” (enough is enough) when I would go on an endless errand of talking and talking and talking and had no company but mere silent spectators / listeners. It was a gentle way of saying “Shut Up Please”. Now after 11 years of companionship I think (I can’t be my judge you see) I have well mended my ways 😁.

Talking (can’t help 😁) about my characteristic trait – a chatter box, reminds me of an embarrassing situation which was more scary in nature to be precise for a newly wedded bride at her in-laws place when mind and tongue are not in sync.

I was in India for few months right after my marriage due to Visa issues. And like any newly married girl I was getting myself acquainted with the relatives and the relations, an important exercise. And watching TV serials could be a good bonding formula with mother in law. And while exercising that ritual, I let my tongue loose just as the logic in the TV serials and called the actor “Idiot”. My word to word dialogue – “what an idiot he is”, and that was quite loud. And in a fraction of second I realised what blunder I have just committed in my wake to be honest 😁. The actor was my mother in law’s brother (yes he is quite rich to produce and act in his own series). No prizes to guess how tense the room was then. My mother in law didn’t say a word, seemed to be stunned and I could only meekly say “sorry, said out of habit”. And rushed out of the room, tried to avoid interaction at least for few hours. If that wasn’t enough idiotic I confessed to my brother in law that I am really sorry for not realising what I am saying and completely forgot that he is his maternal uncle. “What are you talking about? I haven’t heard anything” he replied and I had my tongue in cheek. Fortunately my mother in law being a gentle and sweet person, would have understood what allergy people of my generation might have watching daily soaps 😜 didn’t drag her feet on the issue and nothing dramatic or drastic happened. And on this date she trusts me and confides in me completely. A happy state to be😊.

This is not the only incident when my tongue behaved like a rogue and my face needed a hideout. From bursting out (read back bitching) about a teacher that too while in notice of his colleagues to calling classmates of a dear friend “dumb” and on confrontation telling that friend that “dumb” means “not trustworthy” (cough cough, excuse me for my excellent vocabulary as I was quite young then) and everything (lot more) in between, embarrassment has been my constant consort.

These incidents seemingly funny now on paper have been good lessons to me : It’s ok to be friendly and let your hair down but not your guard while talking, talking too much, giving away a piece of your heart and mind more than asked for or even not needed could always lead to OOPS moments and troubles too.

Guard that gold (silence) and spend the silver (speech) more wisely. Learn to Shut that chatter box😜.


I had a relative who met an accident and broke his knee. He went through a difficult knee surgery and was in the hospital for almost two weeks. I was shocked when he told me that he didn’t use the bedpan for 11 days. Because he was shy to pass stool in the presence of a nurse or other strangers. So he was holding onto it for such a long time. It was very difficult for an adult to show his nakedness even when he was so helpless or in an emergency case. Just imagine, he was a male adult, for a female it will be all the more difficult for sure.

Why only adults? If we observe a young boy or girl of 5, he or she will surely be ashamed of getting undressed in the presence of a stranger or outsider in the house.

So the bottom-line is whether it is an adult or child no one likes to show his/her nakedness to the other (or a stranger).

The above examples are quite small or lesser in comparison to my experience which were way more pathetic than embarrassing. I remember, in the year 2001, I was lying on a hospital bed with my hospital dresses on. A nurse, a beautiful one, came to me and announced that the barber will come and shave all your hair before the surgery. I nodded and quickly took my shirt off and lay down like a good boy, exercising my advantage of being a male. But when the barber showed up, he blew my mind.

“Sir, take off your pant too… I will shave all the hair of your body.” He said.

“What? Why?” I protested.

The nurse appeared and requested, “Sir, one hair on your body can cause infection, so he will clean shave you. And I won’t be here”. She said and pulled the curtain before leaving the room. The barber was waiting with his sharp weapons in his hand. He didn’t wait for me to push my pajama down but simply pulled it quickly and started shaving me, leaving my head only.

“Urrggghhh” Yeah, that much I could express at that moment of embarrassment. There was only one consolation for me that the barber was a ‘he‘, a male. 

When I found myself alive getting back to my senses after my heart surgery, I heard a lot of noises of children screaming at the top of their voice. I was in Paediatric ICU after the surgery because I am a congenital (from birth) heart patient. When I came back to my full consciousness I realized, I am stark naked underneath the blanket. 

A nurse appeared and smiled at me. I smiled back and asked, why there are only children I can see and hear around me. She explained the reason. I was satisfied and kept quiet. But in the name of dressing and sponge bath when she removed the blanket, I was like, “What are you doing? I want a dress.” 

She smiled and responded, “You are my 25 years old baby, and now it is not right to wear anything as there’s a pipe connected from your wounds to drain out all the waste blood out of your body.” 

I was so vulnerable, exposed, and naked, yet so helpless at that moment. I let her touch or do anything to me as she wanted. Thankfully, the nurse was in her forties and I felt okay afterward. 

The very next day, came a much younger and beautiful to follow the same duty. My whole being was screaming inside me, “Stop watching me naked”. But to my embarrassment, it continued further for the next two or three days till the pipe was taken off my body and I could stand or move around on my own feet.

Now, stop imagining me naked, you guys… 😛

I will never want to feel helpless and embarrassed like that again in my life. But as I was thinking about these events, God gave me two thoughts in my mind to share with you all as lessons from these embarrassing situations. 

Whenever we do a mistake or commit a sin, we always feel ashamed, embarrassed, or scared to face our near and dear ones. Because we fear that a loved one can easily know what we have done. I am completely naked before him or her. We definitely feel uncomfortable being so naked or exposed before our loved ones yet we get corrected. It benefits us. But the flip side of it has a terrible repercussion in our life when we hide our nakedness from our loved ones till we are caught at a moment of no return. It is the same or more dangerous when we try to cover up our nakedness from our Creator.

If the husbands are hiding something from their wives or the wives have any secrets that kill them from within, it is better to get naked in front of each other and sort it out. Yeah, I know there are exceptions but it is always good to come clean to get rid of any infectious disease called, “SIN”. 

The statement like, “… I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid” is fatal. 

That is why even when I feel naked and exposed before God Almighty, I pray as king David prays which is written in the Bible: 

Search me, God, and know my heart;
test me and know my anxious thoughts.
See if there is any offensive way in me,
and lead me in the way everlasting.

I don’t have to say, “Stop watching me naked” when I come to God, but ask Him to see my nakedness and cover it with His love and saving grace so that my life would be restored. 

Stay Blessed!