The flora and fauna around us, stand as the tallest witnesses of the Creator God.

“Through Him all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made.”

A few weeks before as I was enjoying a bowlful of delicious kheer (porridge) prepared by my mother, I took a spoonful into my mouth with half a bay leaf (commonly known as tej patta in India) hidden within. As I removed it from my mouth hoping to enjoy the delicacy without any hindrance, I began thinking of the lack-lustre aromatic bay leaf.

And these are some of the things I learnt from nature, without any technology being involved in the process –


The bay leaves – natural or processed, are stiff. No doubt about it. You can break them only with a crack sound. However, the aroma they impart to the delicacies they are added to, is indisputable.

How many times have we written ourselves or someone else off as being stiff-necked or as hard as a nutshell? The lesson bay leaves teach us is that no matter how stiff you may be, you are capable of imparting fragrance to those around you. Discover your hidden fragrance and help others discover theirs.


After a dish is cooked, the bay leaves added to it are generally removed. The leaves being coarse in texture cannot be eaten. They can neither be chewed, nor swallowed. Hence, they are best removed. Yet the difference that the bay leaves cause to the dish they are added to, is remarkable.

Are you worried that you are often relegated to the background, despite the efforts you put in? Do you feel that it’s not worth being there in the first place and that it wouldn’t matter much after all? Sorry, you are mistaken. You are capable of making a difference by your presence. Bay leaves don’t show any signs of prominence. They just make a difference and step out. And that leaves an impact for the dish!


Bay leaves being hard and stiff, are not affected by the extreme heat and cold temperatures they are exposed to in the process of cooking. In the course of adding their aroma to the dish, at times they turn blackish. But, their properties remain intact.

When faced with extreme circumstances, most of us feel as if we are almost near the edge. As humans blessed with a plethora of feelings and emotions, it is impossible to remain unfazed by our situations. We laugh, weep, rage, plead, become frustrated and rightly so, else we would become robots. However the lesson here is not, to harden oneself in the face of delirious circumstances, rather to strive to keep our basic nature unaltered.


What amazes me is the variety of dishes that these leaves can be added to. They can be added to sweet dishes, to savouries and to spicy dishes as well. And in all these cases, they impart their aroma with equal finesse. Be it briyani, kheer, halwa or some types of soups and stews, their presence is very much needed. Moreover, bay leaves are used in cuisines in many parts of the world – Asian, Mediterranean, Italian, Brazilian, Indonesian and many other cuisines of the world.

Thinking of our multiple roles in this world, a woman maybe a daughter, a sister, a wife, a co-sister, a mother, a sister-in-law, a friend, a job-holder with a particular position. Similarly, a man maybe a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a co-brother, a brother-in-law, a friend, a job-holder with a particular position. Apart from these basic roles, there are times when one has to switch roles. For instance, a single parent has to fulfill the roles of the absent-parent as well, to the best of his/her ability. Parents have to take on the mantle of teachers, nurses, counsellors to their children. In fulfilling all these responsibilities and roles are we able to do justice, just as bay leaves impart their aroma to all types of dishes with equal finesse?


Those of us who prepare and have non-vegetarian dishes, know the importance of bay leaves in those dishes for sure. In order to make the dish palatable and remove any unwanted odour, bay leaves along with certain other condiments are a must. Along with imparting their aroma, bay leaves absorb the repulsive odour that at times accompanies non-vegetarian preparations.

How adept are we to remove negative forces from around us? In the social world that we live in, we are exposed to gossips, back-biting, depressive statements, angry and frustrating words, malicious discussions, and such other things. Are we party to them all or do our aroma, positive words and righteous behaviour absorb these unwanted foul-smells, thus leaving the family or group a better place to be in?


Bay leaves have multiple medicinal properties. One handy tip – Boil a few bay leaves, a few pods of cloves, a few black cardamoms, a few basil leaves in melted rock sugar (commonly known as mishri in India). Strain the solids and have a cup of the concoction once a day, when having a stubborn cold with accumulated phlegm. It works really well. As it warms up the body from within, be sure to keep your stomach cool by having plenty of water and other fluids at room temperature at other times. Bay leaves are also good at detoxifying the body, optimizing digestion, reducing bacterial infections and the many more.

Like the bay leaves, let us strive to be the balms for others during their times of inconvenience. Just being there for a person is the best medicine for his /her difficult time.


Bay leaves cannot be chewed. They are very pungent. Any attempt to eat them would result in immediately spitting them out of our mouths. Yet, they impart a welcome aroma to the dishes they are added.

Life isn’t always fair. At times, events in our life weigh us down. I met a lady some time back, whose company no one wanted. When I got to speak to her, she confided how life situations and difficult people in her life had made her that way. She sighed very sadly, “I used to be a chirpy, happy-go-lucky person, full of positivity – but, I have lost all those traits now. I have become hard to myself and to others.” It is never easy to be sweet to others and self, when the heart is breaking within. Yet, it’s not impossible. Bay leaves teach us that.

How do the bay leaves teach us so many things?

Had God not blessed the bay leaves with such extravagant qualities, it wouldn’t have been possible for them to impart those. I marvelled at God’s creation! These leaves that are found in almost every house, possessing such culinary and medicinal properties have so much to teach us. Praise be to the Creator who has designed these leaves this way.

God has endowed each of us with multifarious potentials of the head and the heart – definitely much more than the bay leaves. Let us not keep our aroma hidden. Let’s add flavour to the world around us.


Out of all the pleasures in the universe, there is a pleasure that stirs up my senses, refreshes my insides and satiates the hunger bubbling in me literally. The pleasure that is derived from the joy of cooking and primarily the love for food found its way into my heart a very long time ago when I was just stepping into the shoes of my teenage self. That I was a big-time foodie was known to me much longer than ever but I became a food addict when I discovered that the path to food heaven lay in learning the tricks of the trade of cooking. Initially I was of this thought that I would cook only to fill my belly but gradually I just couldn’t figure how this guilty pleasure became a passion. I would call this definitely a hidden talent as not many people are aware of it except a few of those who have got a taste of my handiwork.

Years ago my first cooking stint began in my kitchen where I was preparing for my final Home Science practical examinations, the final accomplishment of which I am still proud of. I passed with flying colours and praises alike thus giving me a boost to explore the possibilities in the world of food if at least at home. I started with collecting recipes for all kinds of cuisines and dishes and there were times when my dear mother brought out my talent in front of people visiting our house by entrusting me with responsibility of the kitchen along with my sister. There were innumerable things that I didn’t know about and which were impossible to learn just by looking up recipes. I learnt a great deal from my sister including the cooking time, standing time, and which ingredient goes with what, and the art of making the perfect round chapatis and a lot more. The basic knowledge is always an igniting factor which stays inherent even if you experiment with your cooking.

The art of cooking is not easy to master. One needs to be aware of the texture, the palate and the technique of cooking to be a forerunner. Lately I have shifted my focus towards baking which is again a higher form of art. I feel mesmerized by the smell of baked goods and therefore the venturing into this field. Again it involves science, perfect measurement of ingredients and time. Well, there can never be a perfect baking or cooking if there is no love involved. To me, cooking is an expression of love. The cook brings soul to the recipe and that is how it transforms into a piece of art. Learning about different styles of cooking, different cuisines and ingredients has really helped to create praiseworthy dishes. I get high just by seeing the food in my pan change its colour and exhibiting the fascinating aroma. The joy that I see in people when they bite into the dish that has been made gives me a delight that has no bounds.

However I have not been able to channelize my energy in this direction because of professional pursuits and there is a dire urge in me to go forward with what I love more than what is ideal. I nourish this dream to serve happiness, love and peace in bowls and platters but I still need to prepare and learn a lot to make that happen.

I believe in this statement that no one is born a great cook but is made by doing. You may burn yourself, cut yourself … yes that has happened to me several times but it is by failing miserably that you learn to rise up. Cooking to me is more than ingredients, recipes and cooking it is more about harnessing imagination, empowerment and above all creativity. Well I would like to thank my forefathers for discovering fire which is indeed one of the best things ever discovered. It has made my life worth enjoying! But besides playing with fire I am learning the freezing technique as well. A time arrives when all you want to do is what you are mostly interested in. Finding out what you are passionate about and tremendously staying interested in it is what makes you a go-getter. You truly need some TLC for yourself if you need to contribute the same amount to the masses. Let not your talents stay put in your closets and as far as budding chefs and cooks like me are concerned I would leave you with this dialogue from the movie RATATOUILLE, “Anybody can cook, but only the fearless can be great”. Bring it on!