#Mischievous acts #Classroom bunks! 

#Own Cricket rules! #Bicycle stunts! 

#Story telling! #Friends’ fan following! 

#Stealing sweets #Shaktiman Sunday Series…. 

Oh…how fast I grew up, those tiny shoes I threw up! These are the taglines of my childhood memory lane…

Being one of the youngest sons of the family, throughout my childhood I had to tolerate my elder brothers and sisters – their monarchical rules, their CIA spying to my parents, especially my Di (Elder Sister). I am still confused as to what fun she got whenever my father punished me in the past.

Somehow she was also right because I was behaving like an angel at home and church but was a spoilt-brat outside. I can never forget those punishments from Papa but the best part of the punishment was – every time Papa will punish us, he will take us (mostly me and my younger brother) to the sweets stall and used to give us lots of sweets to eat. Whenever Papa punishes us we were sure that we will have delicious sweets outside. 

When we were in primary schools, Papa used to give tuition to his friend’s son at our home every evening. He was quite older to us but was very loving and generous to all 3 of us (Di, I and my younger brother) as we were his teacher’s kids. But he had a very bad habit, he never used to do his homework and everyday he used to be punished an extra 30 minutes to finish his homework. Then, there were only 2 national channels on Indian Television – Doordarshan and DD2. I used to dislike DD2 because it was mostly a news channel but every Saturday night we were too happy because we were allowed to watch movies along with our parents in late evening hours. It was one Saturday evening, my father’s student (friend’s son) was punished to sit till he finishes his homework and it was about 10 PM in the night. The movie was already on but because he was still studying we were not allowed to switch on our television. Out of anger I and my elder sister punctured his bicycle Tyre. As Papa knew that it was done by us, we were punished to sleep empty stomach and were not allowed to watch the movie. And above all the very next day we had to apologize to that brother.

Then punishments were hard for me and at times I used to think I was under British colonial rule, but NOW I am thankful to my Papa and Mumma though they didn’t feel great punishing us yet they never stopped disciplining us in the hardest ways.

“Don’t fail to discipline your children.

They won’t die if you spank them.”

(The Bible)

Today, it is quite difficult for me to jot down my childhood memories…it needs time to recall, it is past, history, so on and so forth but the impact they made, the lessons taught then, are still working in shaping – instructing – living a good moral life based on godly standards. As I grew older I treasure them in my heart just to build my future family based on the principles I was nourished.

“It’s the time that passes by

but the treasures of childhood never passes by…”


As a child, I remember spending many evenings on the terrace trying to count the stars in the sky. (I’m sure many of you would have tested yourselves with this as well!) It was always a challenge to keep a mental note of the stars that I’d already counted so that I didn’t end up counting them twice. The seven bright stars of Ursa Major or the Great Bear (also known as Saptarshi in India) were often the easiest to count. And what an achievement it was to be able to trace all the seven stars of that constellation!

School lessons of Science and Social Studies taught me that all planets in our galaxy revolve around the sun in their respective orbits. It was easy to draw elliptical orbits and mark the planets therein. But as my sense of understanding developed, I realized that orbits are simply imaginary lines and not real tracks as in case of rail or metro tracks. This realization simply amazed me and still continues to.

What if the stars and planets deviated from their paths? What if our own planet earth moved an inch away or nearer to the sun each day? A mega cosmic disaster would result out of it, for sure!

I draw the inspirational message of ‘discipline’ from these starry hosts. It is absolutely amazing each time I think about it all.

The rotation of planet earth on its axis causes day and night while, the revolution of the earth is one of the reasons for seasons. And how meticulously does summer follow spring and winter follows autumn! How amazingly does the dusk set in after every sunset and the crack of dawn announces the approaching day! That’s how the seasonal cycle occurs for most regions on the face of the earth.

The sun, moon, stars, in fact all of nature follows a certain discipline laid down by their Creator. The Bible says, “He counts the number of the stars; He gives names to all of them.” Well, thats something which no finite human can ever do. But yes, you and I could learn the inspirational lesson of discipline from these celestial bodies.

How many times do we give excuses for being late for our appointments! How often do we deliberately laze around! How often do we thrust our responsibilities on others when we ourselves are well-equipped to carry them out! Each time I find myself guilty of all the above, I try to go back to my lesson from the heavenly hosts and tweak my life back to a disciplined routine.