Hello Everyone,

Well! I guess the title says it all.  And when you are partners in crime secrets are maintained discreetly and that goes without saying.  Don’t you all agree with that?

Walking down the memory lane I vividly remember each and every moment I shared with my brother and sister.  A fight that ensued between  them that damaged an idol breaking an arm of the same; that serious blow to my nose as a result of my brother’s alertness who thought that I would hit him and he made the first move (rather punch 😁); an instance where I was fearing the angst of my mother because of the way I fared in my exam and my brother telling me “don’t try to be holier than Pope, just tell mom that you did well today and let the results come later, who is going to tell her about your bad performance today unless you spill the beans”; that ear biting ushering with my sister about our respective crushes and what not.  Our vacations always used to be filled with such incidents – to be precise days were spent carving moments and nights were spent weaving those moments into memories.  But the crux always lied in concealing our deeds from our elders.  That was innocence then.  Hush the matter between us because once the matter is escalated wrath of that fury will take toll on You and Me equally.   Therefore we had this pact between us – Mutual Understanding of not revealing “Yeh Kisne Kiya?” (Who Did This).  So you see partners in crime never reveal the identity.

Now we are no more children but grown ups.  Married and settled and each one having a family of own to be taken care of.  There are no ugly (then, now sweet nothings) fights but life isn’t that smooth too.  Many things have changed for every one of us but what remained constant is our equation among ourselves.

Every heartache, our struggles, our passions, our flaws as human being, our feelings, our likes and dislikes, approvals and disapproval and everything under the sun that we can’t talk about openly we share with each other and of course without stating “don’t tell this to anyone”.  We are still emotionally on same page.

I know it for sure that I can be what I am with them without the fear being judged, being revealed or exposed for that matter 😉.  Just the way a key once thrown in the sea is lost, a secret between three of us remains between us like forever.

I believe this is a special bond that we cherish till we breathe our last.

Special Mention:  I have a soul sister too (like they say brother from another mother😊) whom I know for 20 years now.  She too knows many a things about me.

The people mentioned above – if they are reading this – you know I am talking about you.  You should know that I love you moon and back and better keep my secrets “Secrets😉.