The most difficult task
to lift yourself and start;
start that journey
where as hurdles, you’ll come across
numerous potholes.
For, this is not an ordinary journey,
but a journey of courage
you take,
for the dream you’ve always held
closest to your heart.

Alone, you’ll have to scale the mountains,
swim the sea,
cross the bridge,
to reach there, where you’d always wanted to be
for, you’re the only one who can take yourself there, come what may.
Count your blessings
On the way you go
Unknown the road
Rough the weather
And countless storms that beats you
Gentle reminder, though
Everything is worth it because its your dream you’re striving for!!


Which one is the right way to go?

Which door to open and go through?

As soon as we take birth on this earth we face dilemma of choosing either this or that. Yeah, our parents do that part on our behalf till we are in a position to take decisions on our own. But to a certain period of our life our choices are very predictable and routined but once we are at a stage when we choose our careers, then job, then a place to stay and then choosing a life partner we start exercising courage every now and then.

Choices in life are always difficult and need courage to attempt and move forward with it. But sadly, we don’t have an option of not choosing anything.

Our choices not only need courage but they need discernment as well because the Bible says,

“Good judgment wins favor, but the way of the unfaithful leads to their destruction. All who are prudent act with knowledge, but fools expose their folly.”

And discernment comes from the Lord almighty.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

In my life, I have always tried to trust in the Lord before taking any sort of decisions.

How do you make your choices?

Keep reading and keep thinking,

Stay blessed!


A story of courage that I had read and heard in my childhood, has stayed with me over the years and continues to inspire me even today is the account of David and Goliath. Call it a slice from Israel’s history or a portion of literature, a shepherd boy without formal training in warfare or the weaponry daring to fight a well-equipped giant and defeating him has always been an awe inspiring narrative for me.

It was during one of those times when the Philistines used to attack Israel intermittently, that a giant from the Philistine side came out to openly threaten the Israelite army. It was quite natural for the valiant of all Israelite soldiers to quiver in fear at the sight of a well-equipped more than nine-feet tall giant. No one dared to venture out to face the champion of the Philistines because a defeat was imminent. Day after day the Philistine army led by Goliath continued to threaten the Israelite army. It was at this juncture that David, a shepherd boy who had gone to the Israelite army camp to enquire of the welfare of his brothers who were in the army, got to know the details of what was going on.

David dared to do a few things.

Firstly, David dared to take the decision to fight Goliath.

Secondly, David dared to go before the king and declare that he desired to face the enemy army whom the king’s warriors hadn’t been able to.

Thirdly, being a non-army man he was uncomfortable with the weapons of warfare and the attire that the king asked his men to equip David with and so dared to venture out to the war zone in his shepherd’s clothes.

Fourthly, dared to trust God to be his power-giver.

Finally, David dared to proclaim victory on the face of the giant even before fighting him.

This isn’t merely a story of exemplary courage. On the face of it, it may seem unwise or cowardly for an unarmed lay man to be daring enough to face an equipped army. But, what makes the difference here is the source of David’s courage. David’s courage did not arise from his extraordinary abilities or expertise at warfare or a profound sense of confidence or an adrenaline rush. But, his source of courage came from his deep faith in God who he knew would ensure him victory in this venture.

The account of David and Goliath is a constant reminder that no matter how tall the giants in our lives may be and no matter how ill-equipped to face those giants we may be, with God’s power, we can have the courage to put them flat on the ground and lead victorious lives.


Courage often originates from emergency situations. When we have an emergency situation we don’t see anything that binds us or restricts but we just act to get out of that situation. I have two very interesting and funny events that will prove what I am saying.

A few days ago on a Sunday morning, I saw my former office boy carrying something in one paper carton. I asked what it was. He smiled saying the box was filled with newborn kittens. Three boys used to stay in the office room and the mother cat entered inside to deliver all her kittens.

I was wondering how come those guys didn’t see her entering the room and deliver her babies without they all being aware of it? They had no clue.

This mother cat was always driven away by these three guys yet it chose their room for delivering her babies.

I remember a similar event that happened with me too three years ago. Asmita went to see my Nanny as she was suffering from cancer and I was alone. When I stay alone in my house I always keep busy with my gadgets and rarely care about what goes on around. But this thing was unique.

One evening after office, I came back home and was relaxing. After sometime I was about to take off my shirt and hang it on the hanger when I saw one pair of glowing green eyes below where my clothes were hanging. I took five seconds to realize that it was a cat sitting there and watching me with her eyes fixed on me as if she will pounce on me.

I stepped back and called in one of my office boys to help. When he came the cat ran away and hid itself in another corner of the house but didn’t leave the house. We were wondering why was it not going out of the open door and then our eyes fell on those adorable little squirmy pink kittens in that corner where I had seen the cat first.

The mother cat could have harmed us for holding her babies. So we had to drive her away from our house first and then take the babies out of my house on a piece of cloth. The boy kept the babies in a corner of the complex and the mother cat couldn’t find them. She kept on meowing looking at me. I closed my door but she came and kept scratching at my door crying for her babies. Though later she was shown her babies and she stopped getting upset with me.

This stray cats are small and tiny before us, humans. They are scared of our shouts and even just the tapping noise of our foot steps unless they are our pets but when there’s an emergency situation they don’t care who we are. They simply invade a place suitable for them to deliver their future.

Awesome!!! Isn’t it?

A state of emergency always creates an antibody of courage within us to fight against all the dangers and fears of this earth. And the above events confirm what I am saying.

By the way, the cat who delivered her babies in my house was long gone. But the cat who delivered recently in the room of those boys is still there. I had captured it having a nap on a wasted sofa and have posted that image for this article. I hope you all will enjoy witnessing the example of Courage.

Stay blessed!!!


“Courage is not about being fearless,
It’s about winning over your fears”

We all have grown up listening to fables, bed-time stories and fairy tales. These stories were not just meant to be for entertainment, but conveyed deep messages. Courage is what most of these stories have in common in some or the other way. There is this one character who demonstrates courage and exemplary skills of heroism.

I too had a big hardcover book of bed-time stories that I used to read before dozing off to sleep. Not because I didn’t have time during the day, but because I was so dumb (read naïve) as a child that since it’s cover boldly mentioned ‘Children’s Bedtime Stories’, I dared not read it until it was bedtime!

So, my favourite stories were many, but I really liked The Little Red Riding Hood the most. I admire the cute little girl in red cloak as she had the courage to go alone, through the dangerous forest, to her grandmother’s house. On realizing that the grandma she met was actually a wolf in disguise, she didn’t fret and bravely called out for help. Though she was scared, she overcame the challenges by showing courage. 

In any grim situation, it’s courage which helps us beat the odds and emerge as winners. Though Little Red Riding Hood was a little adventurous, as she didn’t follow her mother’s strict instructions of not wandering off the path and not talking to anyone in the woods, it takes courage to have adventure in real life as well. Isn’t it?


Act of courage need not be something monumental that you did. It also means the small but meaningful acts that we do every day. Like owning up our mistakes and saying sorry, standing up to someone who is bullying you or just saying a firm no.

Recently I came across the story of my colleague’s daughter who is in grade 5 and is being bullied by her so-called best friend in school.

Yes, even I was surprised to hear that. In today’s day of online classes, even when they don’t physically meet, she is able to bully her.

Let’s call her Annie and her friend Rachel. Rachel was a topper in the class and a favourite of her teachers. When Annie joins the same school and becomes her classmate, she becomes direct competition to her. Annie starts bagging the prizes which Rachel used to get. Annie is at the top of her class now.

Rachel is so consumed with jealously. She uses technology as her tool. Whenever Annie replies to any question in the class Rachel writes snide remarks in the chat box. Wonder how her teacher misses it. Then in the evening Rachel has set up a zoom meeting everyday to do homework. The rule of the meeting is that Annie will finish all her homework before that zoom call and share it with her friends in the zoom meeting.

Poor Annie thinks she is doing it for her friend. Her innocent brain does not comprehend that she is being used. Another instance of bullying is that Rachel tells Annie ‘You are an only child because your parents got so fed-up taking care of you that they decided they didn’t want any more children.’ ‘Look at me I have two other siblings to love me.’ With both parents working and she staying with her grand parents for almost the whole day Annie didn’t tell anyone about all this and was on the verge of a breakdown.

Constant messaging on WhatsApp that you are good for nothing. Your mother does all work for you. Really brought Annie’s self-worth down and she really started believing it herself. All along Rachel kept telling her that I am your only friend and no one else wants to be your friend. Friends do get angry with each other but then its OK to be angry.

Annie got so traumatized with the whole thing. On one hand she kept getting critiqued by her ‘Best Friend’ on the other hand she was scared to lose her only friend. Annie got fever and finally she broke down in front of her mom and told her the whole story.

My colleague was so worried about her daughter. Both the parents counseled her a lot. After a few days of explaining and counseling, my friend told me today that finally Annie got the courage to call that girl and tell her that she is blocking her on WhatsApp and she does not want to talk to her anymore whatever the consequences. A formal complain was also lodged with the Principal. Now that is an act of courage! Specially from a 10-year-old girl. She must have gone through a lot of emotional stress. May God give her more strength! She will bounce back I am sure, as children always do.

Standing up for oneself and being able to say no to things we don’t want to do, whatever the circumstances, not letting someone take advantage of you these are our day to day acts of courage.


It was a normal routine trip to the nearby market in Dwarka, Delhi. I was on my Scooterette and was going back home. As soon as I turned on the ignition and accelerated, a bike rapidly came from behind and the guy on it gave a little jolt near me and said something. We both were wearing helmets and so, I could not hear what he actually said, but I actually was shocked and it took me some time to gather myself. It felt as if he tried to scare me or rather teased me. Eve-teasing during those times was very common. With a flick, he raced his bike and sped away. My heartbeat was racing too, in anger. I didn’t know what to do.

In all this commotion, I forgot to look at the number plate of the bike. I was so shaken and angry that I took out my mobile phone and dialled 100. My call was responded to immediately, but due to lack of details, I was told that they won’t be able to help me. I asked if they could let me know if there’s any PCR van nearby. They refused. I guess GPS tracking wasn’t popular then! Anyways, I wanted to teach the guy a lesson, so I decided to chase him. I saw him taking a turn, so I also followed him. But the distance between us was so much that I lost his track. I kept on going further until I realized that won’t be of any help and I was wasting my time.

A moment later, when I returned back home, I thought it was stupid of me for not noticing the number plate of that bike. However, I felt good that I had the courage to follow him! Courage, that was fuelled by anger. From that day, I have started being more observant and now I do glance at the number plates of the vehicles around me.