Getting panicked easily, worrying too much, getting nervous quickly…

Yes, the above-mentioned traits have been a part of me. I have been really trying hard not to get scared and face the situation bravely.

Recently, when I had covid, along with other members of the family, I was the most drained out of energy, too feeble to stand for long. As a protocol, we were checking our oxygen levels regularly. It ranged from 96- 99. There came a time when during one night, my level went down to 95. Even after deep breathing exercises, it didn’t increase. I got scared, but didn’t bother to wake anyone and tell. Instead, I kept on telling myself that I couldn’t let this virus overpower me. Just as in the image, the lion was a virus and the fighter was me. I kept on meditating and after 2 hours, oxygen saturation reached 97. ‘‘I did it’’, I said to myself.

I am a fighterYes I amI keep telling myself
Until all worries shun
I can fight
If I try
I can win too
Then why should I cry
Overcome your fears
Don’t distress
There’s a fighter in each of us.


The other day I was having a casual talk with my daughter. She asked me what I want to be when I grow up. That was a legit question I think, probably the deeper meaning which she didn’t realize was – we should never stop dreaming, desiring, aspiring or being ambitious. Or might be just a counter question to the regular question hovered over them by parents – What do you want to be?

Well whatever the idea was I paused a bit and said ” I want to be a writer but not sure if people will like my work or not. I am skeptical.” And the statement she made after my “hmms & huhs” simply blown me away and made me ponder “does she know what impact and sense she makes with her rather seemingly casual statements. Is it really a child’s play to be mature?”. She said “Mom it’s you who need to like whatever you do (she meant whatever I write) at first place. People may sometimes like it and sometimes not, what’s the big deal”.

My perception of those words: It takes a lot of courage to convince one self to break free from the preconceived notion of “what they might think“. The shackles of societal norms, thought of likes and dislikes of everyone else other than ourselves are pretty strong that impedes our growth be it professionally or personally. And as the nature has it every action has equal and opposite reaction, the suppression of every trivial desire, negating own decisions just to fall in line or say just to be safe, an overtly exertion on oneself to be PERFECT for everyone we are only letting resentment build up inside that forces an outburst of ugly nature most often . The constant tug of war between following a set path and what we want or believe is meant for us leaves us torn from within. And suppression on any level – be it within or on a world stage, has always (more or less) left a gory and thorny trail, isn’t it?

So breaking from preconceived notions needs courage. Taking the first step is always the difficult one but the most important one. Change can be within or around but our inner self has to be convinced that it is needed or it is right at first place. That is the prerequisite of happiness.

P.S : And yes if you think you need to warm up to muster courage to bring upon a change, doesn’t matter how miniscule it is, doesn’t matter in which regard it is start with your haircut 😂, yes go for that funky haircut you always wanted to have shedding the preconceived notion of “what they might think”😉. Remember half of the so-called people/ society have their own businesses to take care of and the rest who don’t have doesn’t qualify to be the judges passing judgements on your life as they are like the empty vessels making only noise.


Look at the picture above and tell me what you see? I see the nudge or the push that mother elephant is giving to her baby to go on her own into the water. The little one is scared to move ahead on her own but the mother knows she is ready for the world. Similarly, we have heard stories about birds who push their young ones out of the nest. That is their way to make them fly. They know the little one is ready to fly and explore even though he is scared. Hence the push is required, it’s a necessity.

Do we humans also do the same? I guess not.. We hold on to our children for a long time. At least I can speak for the parents in India. We want to keep the children with us as long as we can. First because we think they need us and then we need them.

As a small child it is important that we protect our children from the harsh realities of the world. But there is a time when we should let the child explore on his or her own. When is the right time to let go of the umbilical cord is debatable but I guess it generally happens in phases. The boundaries of the child keep increasing as they grow up and then one fine day they grow up into young men and women ready to take on the world.
I have two almost adult boys who want me to leave them alone and let them decide on their own about everything. We have a tussle deciding the boundaries every day.

The other day my younger son was playing in an online chess tournament. He was having a tough match I could hear his frustrated comments in the other room. I so much wanted to walk into his room and hold his hand and calm him down. Tell him its ok. Relax… You are doing well… But no, I couldn’t. Firstly, because the camera was on and it would tantamount to cheating but also because he has to go through these emotions on his own and learn to control himself if he has to win the tournament.

I keep telling myself they are prepared. For their personalities to shape up they need to explore on their own. Even if they stumble and fall… they need to learn to get up and dust themselves and move on… not wait for help from Mumma… So, learning a lesson from the animal kingdom today… Something I knew but many a times forgot to put into effect. It requires courage on both the side. The parents who have been the protectors for so long need to courage to let go and the child who has to venture out on his own requires courage to do so.

Sometimes a nudge or a push is the right thing to do.


 The most difficult task
to lift yourself and start;
start that journey
where as hurdles, you’ll come across
numerous potholes.
For, this is not an ordinary journey,
but a journey of courage
you take,
for the dream you’ve always held
closest to your heart.

Alone, you’ll have to scale the mountains,
swim the sea,
cross the bridge,
to reach there, where you’d always wanted to be
for, you’re the only one who can take yourself there, come what may.
Count your blessings
On the way you go
Unknown the road
Rough the weather
And countless storms that beats you
Gentle reminder, though
Everything is worth it because its your dream you’re striving for!!


Hachiko was a Japanese dog (breed: Akita) who waited for his master’s return for 9 years at the train station. His master died while he was at work and Hachiko tried his best to stop him from going to work that day because he could sense that something might happen to his master. Today, there is a statue of Hachiko at the train station as a tribute to his utmost loyalty to his master.

God bless these amazing creatures who are called “Man’s best friend” because they are the most loyal companions to us.

The poem below is dedicated to Hachiko and all the dogs who demonstrate remarkable loyalty to us and tremendous courage for our safety.

I run and I run coz I know my master is going to be in pain, 
I need to somehow stop him from getting on the train, 
He looks at me and finally stops driving, 
He pats me, kisses me and gives me a bone for licking. 

Bone is not what I want, 
My master’s safety is all I want. 
He doesn’t understand my tone, 
Even when I cry and howl. 

They say I am being naughty, 
But they can’t see I am doing my utmost duty, 
My master is my God, 
Even though I am just his Dog. 

He never returns, but I wait. 
It has been days and weeks, but I wait. 
It has been seasons and years, but I wait. 

They try to take me to a new home, 
But my master who gave me all the love is my only hope. 
I don’t need a new family, 
I am just content to be lonely. 

I wait for my master’s return till my last breath, 
Finally I unite with him after my own death. 

My master is my God, 
Even though I am just his Dog. 


Which one is the right way to go?

Which door to open and go through?

As soon as we take birth on this earth we face dilemma of choosing either this or that. Yeah, our parents do that part on our behalf till we are in a position to take decisions on our own. But to a certain period of our life our choices are very predictable and routined but once we are at a stage when we choose our careers, then job, then a place to stay and then choosing a life partner we start exercising courage every now and then.

Choices in life are always difficult and need courage to attempt and move forward with it. But sadly, we don’t have an option of not choosing anything.

Our choices not only need courage but they need discernment as well because the Bible says,

“Good judgment wins favor, but the way of the unfaithful leads to their destruction. All who are prudent act with knowledge, but fools expose their folly.”

And discernment comes from the Lord almighty.

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

In my life, I have always tried to trust in the Lord before taking any sort of decisions.

How do you make your choices?

Keep reading and keep thinking,

Stay blessed!