Dreams have always fascinated human beings. They have had many varied interpretations over the ages. Some used to consider it a message from GOD, others considered it the future, and there were many kings and rich people who used to call dream interpretations to interpret their dreams since they believed that dreams carry answers to all their quests.

It is amazing what a complicated amazing piece of engineering our body is. And this is depicted through our ability to dream. This ability tells us that there is much more than what we just see through our eyes. It has happened with me multiple times that I got the answers to some of the problems in my dreams. As a kid, I have also figured out the solution to my maths problem in my dream. There have been other times when I kept playing my favourite video game in my dream and figured out some intelligent way of crossing that level. Then I have also seen many nightmares that woke me up in the middle of the night sweating. Other times, in my dream I realized that I was dreaming and could control it.

What really are dreams?

Our brain has only 20% conscious part and there is an 80% part which is called the subconscious. The conscious mind can only remember events, names, experiences for a limited time, but subconscious mind can store the experience of almost everything for an entire lifetime. Every event of our life and our daily activities create imprints in our subconscious mind which are usually not saved by a conscious mind. When we sleep, we go into a natural state of switching off the conscious mind. But the subconscious mind is still working. It shows us the images of whatever it has recorded in our lifetime. Sometimes these are the real images, many times these images are not something that we have seen.

So, there really is no need to be scared of dreams. They are just a projection of what we have perceived from the world. Even the worst nightmares are the projections. We might have seen or imagined those scenes sometime while watching TV or reading books.

The important part is that dreams are not logical. The images that we see do not have any logical connection to each other. We might just see our parents as our boss or our siblings as our colleagues or we could travel to different places in no time or just any random images. This is because logic is controlled by the frontal lobe of our brain which is a part of a conscious mind and is switched off while we are sleeping.

I was once very fascinated by the idea of recording the dreams. The only way to do this is to write them down as soon as you wake up. So I used to keep a diary next to my bed while sleeping and anytime when I would wake up, I would write down whatever it is that is I remember. I write down my feelings, the images, the emotions of other people and anything that I can. When I did this for a long time of 6 to 8 months, I started seeing a pattern. The dreams were interconnected. They were like the episodes of a TV series with jumbled up episodes. It was very interesting to solve those pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. The best part is that I found a lot of solutions to the current issues that I was facing. I also came to know of some things that were stressing me out which I did not realize consciously.

Below are the steps to keep a dream diary.

Keep a diary, pen by your bedside along with a table lamp. Make sure the room and bed are comfortable in all ways. While sleeping, clear your thoughts of daily routines. Close your eyes and relax all your muscles. Keep saying to you “I will remember all that I see and feel”. And then just go into a deep sleep. When you wake up any time during the night or in the morning, switch on the table lamp and write all that is there is your mind. Describe the images that you saw, the objects, the place, and people, also write your feelings at that point of time and write down any noticeable exhibit of feelings or emotions on other people in the dream. Maintain this diary for at least 2-3 months and start reading it. When you try to interpret them you will be able to see the connection between the dreams and whatever it is that your subconscious mind is trying to tell you.

It is quite a fascinating world of dreams. I would suggest everybody to keep a dream diary and follow it like a ritual every night. It works amazingly. It will give you solutions to your problems in a way that nobody else can. There is a saying “Look inside for solutions, not outside”, which is true to the core. Look at your subconscious for solutions, not the outside world. Your brain knows everything and it can do and create anything it wants. Use the unlimited power of this brain and access its energies by interpreting the dreams.


As a child, I used to wonder where people go when they die? When the body is placed in the coffin and the final nail is struck, and all seems to be over, what if the person inside opens his/her eyes again? Won’t the person feel suffocated and afraid of the darkness inside? What if s/he wants to come out? There would be no one to hear his/her cry for help from where s/he is buried deep down in the earth! Such thoughts often scared me.

A child’s mind is not developed enough to fathom the deeper truths of life. Nor can it rise up to the higher levels of cognitive functioning. Hence, my wondering continued to wonder. I was told that when people die, they go to God. But I wasn’t really able to gather this abstract reality much, as a child.

As the truths about life and death sunk deeper into me gradually, I realised how transient earthly life is! And how perpetual the future eternity is!

The concept of eternity still doesn’t mean much to many, especially because it is too abstract to imagine and understand. To explain in simple terms – ‘eternity is endlessness in time’ – no count of years or months or days or hours or minutes. And, eternity is what awaits the human spirit once the earthly stint gets over.

Life on earth is for a few decades at the maximum. Even the person with record-holding life span, ultimately dies. One wise writer writes thus ‘What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. True enough, generations have come and gone by all across the world. No one stays on forever.

So if the earthly life is temporary, and eternity is everlasting, don’t we need to prepare for it? If we decide to holiday out-of-station, how much in advance we prepare and wait with excited anticipation! This involves preparation for a few days or may be for a few months at the maximum. What then ought to be the magnitude of preparation for eternity!

Life on earth is a preparation for what is in store for eternity. Each day each moment of our lives on earth takes us one step closer to eternity. How carefully ought we to live our lives on earth, then!

How do we then, prepare for eternity?

To answer this, we must first be sure of what is in store for us in eternity.

Eternity comprises of eternal life and eternal death. Eternal life is life in the constant presence of God. How blissful! The thought itself excites the mind! And, eternal life (a life that never ends) is in store for all those who confess their sins while on earth, repent for them, seek forgiveness from God and strive to live a life for the glory of God. This is because, if we are to spend eternity with a Holy God, we need to be holy as well. Eternal death, on the other hand, is a total abandonment from the fellowship of God. Those who choose to continue with sinful lives without remorse, regret, repentance or seeking forgiveness from God, those who do not acknowledge the existence of God are banished to eternal death. This is because no one can thrive in the companionship of God without being cleansed from sin.

Eternal death is horrible. That is why, even for a joke’s sake or even for one’s most hated enemy, one never ought to say – ‘Go to hell!’ – which is often considered a casual statement when one is angry or is in a light mood.

Eternal life is what we all ought to strive for and encourage all around us to aspire for. None should be left behind from savouring the eternal bliss to which God invites each of His handmade human beings. The pains, tears, anxieties, sorrows and sickness of this earth will be brought to nought when one enters eternal life. Words cannot do justice to describe what eternal life would be like. To explain the wonders of eternal life, the Bible says – “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived — the things God has prepared for those who love him.”

An eternal life of bliss invites us all. Are we prepared?