Hello Everyone,

Yesterday night I was struggling hard to add Google Adsense on my WordPress site.  Only aim was to monetize my blog site.  But I failed.  Actually possibility of  monetization of blog sites encouraged me to start blogging.  Or let’s say one of the reasons.  And I don’t shy away from admitting so.  I don’t mind if you call me money minded, I really won’t.  Because if desire to be financially independent or make an extra stream of income is being money minded then I am “IT”.   Not only this but I think of money in every possible situation.  For example I wait for months of sale to shop loads because they offer huge discounts, if electricity bills flare up that gives me sense of tension, an unwanted expense that could affect the monthly budget definitely puts me off.  Though I have a comfortable life but this is the way I think, can’t help it.  And I am not alone who thinks this way.  We all are money minded but not greedy, calculative but not misers, there’s a lot of difference.

To start with I used to work before marriage but marriage and relocation rendered me jobless.  And my quest for job as well as for myself started seven years back and still continuing :).  In this materialistic world success stands synonym for worth of a person.  And what measures the success?  More often than not it is “net worth” I mean how much you earn, properties possessed and likewise.  It is a harsh reality whether we have the courage to accept it or simply turn a blind eye towards it.

Let me give you a simple example of how materialistic the world has become.  Even the donations offered in Hundis (donation boxes) are accounted as annual turnover (can check example of Tirupati, pilgrimage destination in India, even the presiding deity is referred to as “richest god”). Actually what brings a sense of relief is that the money collected is channelized for various agendas like free meals, education, shelter for homeless and so on. But my point is when donations are meant to be secret (if your right hand donates your left hand shouldn’t be aware of it) we often come across news of so and so person donating so and so amount, read millions and billions or kind, read precious things such as gold and diamonds.  Why such publicity?  I see two possible reasons behind that:

  • Tax evasion
  • To let know people their net worth and earn respect.

Now coming back to my case as I admitted earlier, I am a money minded person.  I think of making money day and night, my brain churns out possible ideas of feasible employments (guys wish me all the best so that at least one idea hits bull’s eye ) and there is nothing wrong in that.  For a person who have witnessed difficult days in life the desire to earn money by every possible (legal and moral) way can never be wrong and that person could be anyone.  A money minded person is futuristic as always tries to see into and prepare for future – be it their own or family.  And I am sure we all are traveling in the same boat, right?

To conclude there is nothing wrong in being money minded but your heart should be at right place.  I firmly believe that it’s not necessary to be devoid of morals, principles and emotions to earn money and not every money minded person is scrupulous.  Had it been so then all the millionaires and billionaires would have been cheats and not referred to respectfully.  What do you think?


“Empty pockets teach you a million things,” this was said to me by a leading practitioner who happens to be my relative. I was very young then, in no position to understand what he meant. Few years down the line, when he was in his mid-50’s, he was diagnosed with Leukaemia (advanced stage), it came as a blow to us all. His fight against the disease was valiant but short-lived, yet, he left his family with more than enough resources to go on. Time went by, and soon his family was left with little funds, call it bad luck or bad investments, as per my cousin “Our ship sank cause it lost its captain in high tides.” The truth, however, was a bit different and bitter. My uncle worked hard, putting his blood and sweat into making that fortune was betrayed by his kin after his death. His only son, a well-educated boy who was simple at heart was manipulated into helping them out, making investments that wouldn’t earn him a penny, leaving him in a position where it became difficult for him to survive. But luckily he had the courage to start again, from the scratch.

I am reminded by a small chat between friends in a hostel during my higher secondary days. Anand was praying, hands joined, eyes closed when his friend Nitin interrupted.

Nitin – “What is it you are asking God with such diligence” ?

Anand – “Ssshhhh, don’t interrupt, I am praying that he blesses me with a huge mansion, luxury cars, huge bank balance and bricks of gold.”

Nitin – “What will happen when you get them all ?”

Anand – “I will be living happily.”

Nitin – “Then directly ask for happiness no. By the way, aren’t you happy now ? In this hostel room, with your bike, with few hundreds in your Wallet ?”

Anand- “I……….I am”(shocked)

Nitin was right in a way. Anand was happy, but he just thought happiness lies only in gold, cars, and money. In today’s world, it’s tough to imagine a day without money, and it’s very hard to feel satisfied if you have to struggle for your basic needs. Right from birth to cremation you need money, it’s needed to eat a day’s meal, to live, to fight disease, to earn respect, to find a little place for yourself on this earth, to secure your life, to provide your beloved, to gift someone something, but then, how much money can make you happy and satisfied?

If you have a luxurious mansion but all rooms are empty, if you have a Lamborghini but no friends to visit, if you have millions but no one truly to spend for, if you dine in exotic hotels but alone, if you have huge wealth but no one to pass it on or share with, if you have the costliest phone but none to call, then my friend you are the poorest living being on earth.

Dreaming of being rich and making good money isn’t a wrong thing but being rich shouldn’t be our only goal and dream. we must realize that money isn’t a synonym to happiness, It’s just a means to live comfortably. I hope no one is betrayed for money like my cousin, I hope greed hasn’t pickled our hearts that no tenderness lives there. If today was the last day of the entire human race, I am sure making money wouldn’t be on any one’s list and so money isn’t the only thing to live for.