Click . . . click click . . .
Click . . . click click . . .
Went my fingers on the mouse,
As I browsed to select the perfect bunch of roses for my aunt’s house.

A call in the morning to wish her a happy wedding anniversary,
And a bouquet of lovely flowers in the evening to end the day’s story,
Seemed the perfect greeting on my inventory,
In place of climbing up the stairs to their house on the third-storey.

All done, I was waiting for the thank-you call,
And praises for my thoughtfulness from one and all,
The happiness caused by a gesture small,
Would surely me a great deal enthrall!

‘Hello’ . . . said I at the very first ring,
Hoping that my aunt would in joy, dance and sing,
Expressing the pleasure that the flowers did bring,
Striking afresh love’s new melodious string.

Truly joyful were the couple with the bouquet in their hands,
As they resolved to forever with each other stand,
No matter if the days ahead were stormy or bland,
They would rejoice and make their lives a warm love land.

As happy as I was to hear the tinkle in their voices,
I remembered over the years their smart intelligent choices,
And lo came my aunt’s sweet enchanting voice,
‘Your selection was a good choice!

Thrilled we’d have been to see you at our door,
With those lovely flowers in your hand and nothing more,
To see you would have been a loving gesture of care,
That’s all we need in this old age nightmare!’

Stunned was I at the humble revelation,
Crashed down from heights of glory to the rock foundation,
Indeed the warm touch of a human hand,
Means so much more than gifts so grand!


How do you like to be part of Candles Online?

“Great! Feel challenged to stimulate the thought process to write on diverse topics – something I may not have done on my own.”

“Being part of Candles Online has given me a sense of purpose and creative satisfaction.”

“Awesome, especially when I see my name on the top… 😝”


“Has been a part of my existence since 2015.”

“As a family member.”

“It feels good to be part of candles and contributing for articles that may one day make a person ponder over …”

“As much as I love ice cream, cakes and chocolates, which is a lot… 😊 😊 😊 😊”

I am thrilled with these responses from my writer friends, My Angels… Yeah, all of them couldn’t answer in time as they were perplexed with a question all of a sudden from no where… I mean from me. They can still answer it along with all the readers in the comment section under this article. And if I have to answer this question then I would say:

“I feel relieved and stress free by sharing, caring, laughing, crying and smiling all the time.” 

Candles Online completed 2 years today!

Yeah, right… You heard it what I said ;)… It was in 11th July 2015,  I with few of my writer friends started it. And today we have  crossed many boundaries and borders to reach over 150 countries worldwide with 739 articles and poems written by 30 odd writers with 2290 comments on them till now.

I get feedback from people and they enthrall me whenever I receive them.  Candles Online has been such an inspiration to those who were dull and needed a push. It has encouraged the brokenhearted and those who were searching for a meaning of life.  It has not only helped the readers but motivated the writers as well. I don’t just manage it but live in it as a head of the family called Candles Online. 

Don’t forget to answer the question that I asked you all… Keep visiting and keep reading…

Stay Blessed!


I can’t stop praising and thanking my God for making it possible after a difficult 8 years of struggle. My child which I gave birth to have grown. It is my pleasure to announce that “Candles Online” has completed one year on this Online Platform by God’s grace. It was in 11th July 2015   I started this along with my friends and cousins and today one successful year has been passed.
The inspiration behind founding this movement, this webzine was the pain and suffering of people which I felt needed to be addressed.  Above that in the back of my mind was the images of my own life where I could visualize constant feelings of worthlessness which made me fearful, pessimist, irritable, sad, and lonely leading me to weird habits and obsessions. This was enough to fuel the engine of my eager heart where God had already put His vision of transforming people through His strength.
After a struggle of 8 years in the first phase of Candles I gathered all my strength and decided to build a team first when I decided to make it online. The team was built with 6 talented people other than me.
And the last one in the list was me…
We as a team committed ourselves to the cause of writing inspiring and motivating articles and snippets of wholistic nature to touch, impact and transform the lives of our readers. And I believe we have been successful in our mission till now. 
We started to grow in number. Our readership increased. More and more articles were published. We received feedback from more and more people. We as a team also increased as more writers joined their hands with us.
Ruth, Mrs. Gonzalez, Thaddeus, Avinash, Aastha and Kalpana were added to the team and became the channel of inspiration right away. There were few others who had also contributed to the cause momentarily. 
Lastly, I would like to highlight what we have achieved in the past 366 days –
– We had published a total of 367 articles and snippets
– The number of visitors of the site is 9,582
– We have more than 20 writers 
– We have reached more than 75 countries of the world
– We had covered 52 different topics
– There were 396 comments on our articles and snippets

– And our readers have been blessed by the write-ups

We praise God for all our readers and supporters who have been such a support to Candles Online throughout the year. 
Being the Charlie  😉 of all my angels (includes all the gents and the ladies) I wish all –