Music Or Chair – What’s Your Choice?

“The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round; The wheels on the bus go round and round all through the town” and the music stops and kids fight their way to get a place on the insufficient number of chairs placed in a circular configuration.

And we call it “Musical Chairs”, a fun game we all have seen and been a part of. As the number of chairs decrease the competition gets intense. Some physical dribbles, some sulking faces, few sportive acceptances, few angry stomping – all for that coveted chair of winner 😁😁.

Well that’s all fun but have a close liaison with our life, just need a deeper look, let’s have a look then.

The fight for chairs isn’t just a game in the birthday parties but a reality of our desire driven lives. Comparison with fellow human being is constantly fueling the competitive streak (not always a good spirited one though) in us. Success, position, power – the Chairs we are fighting for and resorting to every tactic we could. These chairs are placed high and have a pyramidal structure beneath them, paving a way to reach them and have two directions for the summit – one a long one and the other obviously the antonym for the previous one.

If hard work, patience, strong will, perseverance, honesty, optimism are the stairs to climb and reach the “High Chair” then deceit & envy are the second direction we were talking about earlier that can place us in a jiffy in the place we are eyeing for (remember the dribble/push/pull in the musical chairs?).

The stairs we take to climb here are surprisingly the raw material for the “Chairs” we long for. While the previous list gives us a durable product with an added perk of Goodwill that aides reconstruction in case of an accident which is a norm of an uncertain life. Success, Position, Power – all might get wiped out but with a great character a human being is always up on his feet and starts head on.

On contrary if a person takes the other route then the termites of fear, ego, greed and arrogance enter the legs of the chair we rest on, corroding it to the core from deep within. When the chair crashes the hurt is deep and probably beyond repair.

A close encounter:  Talking about the choices we make, makes me remember a snack maker from my childhood in our neighbourhood.  When we moved to that particular neighbourhood it wasn’t a busy quarter. Provisions, services were scarcely developed there and slowly evolving. So a snack maker started a small business in that area. He used to make wonderful snacks that we loved to devour. He had a good market in the absence of a stringent competition.  He was comfortable in his “Chair”.  Since change is thy life, slowly other entrepreneurs started making their space in that area. In the wake of losing out market share to them this particular snack maker started the “business” deviating from the path he chose. His quality, quantity of food deteriorated, prices soared (which is still understandable in the wake of market changes and if had been the food was great). His greed to keep the position of a higher market share purported him to take the easy steps to attain the goal. Something close to the game of musical chairs we were discussing, isn’t it?

A recurring question: A strong belief that only losers preach or put it the other way round, preaching is only for the losers. I am no one to question or answer this – a candid confession! But the question that needs to be graced with deep introspection – Are Desires Completely Undesirable/ Unacceptable? Answer is NO. If desires of a person are acting as a fulcrum for his/her upliftment, if they pave a way for greater good and emancipation of many more then they are surely a necessary driving force. BUT ( noticed the emphasis?) if our desires are robbing us of sanity, peace of mind, values and inspire us to stoop to any level to reach the zenith (a mirage), then we better leave the game and enjoy the music instead.

There’s always another party and game to play and music is there anyways, so enjoy on a reclining chair with your hair down, what say 😁.



Albert Einstein, brought up the theory of relativity hinting towards a superpower for the well being of the mankind. But all he had to end up with was, signing a silly paper which was used to develop a bomb later…

Later, in August 1945, two fission bombs were dropped on Japan devastating the country for almost a lifetime.

By 1990, the Internet got the most recognizable form, when computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web or the internet fulfilled everything in regards to the problems of connectivity and it did as a superpower.

Internet pornography is a multi-billion-dollar industry. Every second over 3000 dollars are spent on making these movies and videos. There’s one porn site which reveals certain stats that will blow our mind. It says, “Though the site has only been around for ten years, the site already contains more than 173 years worth of videos“. Mind it – India is the 3rd most Porn Watching Country In The World, Up From 4th Last Year. 

Internet, the superpower with regards to connectivity has been constantly corrupting the minds of adults along with the kids and teens. 

There is the computer, there are mobile phones and there are many other superpowers that have been created or invented by us for the betterment and well-being of humankind as a whole. But all of those powers have led humans towards destruction because of our lack of wisdom for using them. 

The historian Lord Acton expressed his mind in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton in 1887: Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

Let me give you a small example of my own behaviour… 

I tend to behave very well and polite when I am in the midst of an unknown crowd as I can’t do just anything as I wish. When I come to a place where I have some known people, I get a little more scope to open up… so to speak I get little more power on my hands and then I do few things at my will though still, I can’t do just everything that I wish to do. But when I am all alone in my room, I get the feeling of being on my throne with all power bestowed upon me where I tend to do anything and everything as I wish – even something that can sometimes go against my ethics and my health.

The Bible instructs a few people who have power and authority bestowed upon them:

“Fathers, do not exasperate your children, so that they will not lose heart.”

“Do not rob the poor because he is poor, Or crush the afflicted at the gate.”

“You shall not oppress a hired servant who is poor and needy, whether he is one of your countrymen or one of your aliens who is in your land in your towns.”

A father has the authority and power over his children. Thus he has been warned and instructed to not to abuse his power. A master over a servant has also been instructed likewise. And all the above instructions point at one and only one issue – that is, the human nature of misusing and abusing power and authority. 

We wish to have superpowers in our hands, we wish to eradicate this and that from this earth with a gifted superpower but we know and realize that at the end that we always tend to lose our credibility and our character whenever we are allowed a little power and authority.

Then why wish for it? Why seek power? Why can’t we just make use of what we were given or have naturally and rely on God for the rest? 

In the end, I want to finish this article quoting TV Journalist Judd Rose which made me smile…

“With power comes the abuse of power. And where there are bosses, there are crazy bosses. It’s nothing new.”


It’s strange how so many people, including me, keep saying,

“If only I had a little more time…”

Or “I wish I had more time with you…”

Or “I wish I could turn back time…to redo certain things.”

I once went to meet an old and a very dear friend of mine. We spent the whole day together. Laughing, playing, eating and absolutely loved every second of it. But when it was time to part ways, the only thing I said was, “I wish this day would never end.” I wanted more time. And somehow I am a slave to it, having to obey whatever it has to order.

I too fall short of time, all the time. Seems like its playing hide and seek with me. As I juggle between daily routine, phone calls, friends, family, who constantly need my support and attention, I tend to lose track of time. Just then, when it’s too late, I realise that I don’t have some for my own. There’s no ‘me time‘. That’s when I wish I had the power to subsume those extra few hours.

It seems as though people have almost everything they ever wanted but always wishes for ‘a little more time’… 24 hrs is not enough to do a certain thing. Even the most organized people, who are masters in managing this time constraint, too seem to be running out of it.

Where has all these ‘time’ going? In which dark abyss is it lost that one is unable to find it?

So when asked that what super power would I wish to possess, if I ever had the chance to, then it would be to INCORPORATE TIME‘…. like what Dr. Strange does in all those Marvel movies, that kind, but with a twist. I don’t want to possess a power to travel through time. I wouldn’t want to time travel to change the past which in turn will change the course of present and the future.

All I need is a shiny medallion, twisting and turning and voilà all the time one needs in the world!! I know there’s going to be pros and cons, but mind you…I do have the power to control it (It would have been so awesome).

Well I know none of this is justified, but still… I would be endowed with the power to award people the precious gift of time. And with dexterity, solving all possible problems, which is seemingly impossible to do, with lack of TIME.


Power” – having it boosts one’s confidence and when it is “Superpower” it gives an adrenaline rush.  To possess a superpower is everyone’s fantasy and I am not an exception. In fact, I won’t mind the plural form.

There’s a list, in fact, a big one that I dream of, fantasize to have.  Being invisible, peeping into other’s mind so that I don’t have to read between the lines, freezing everyone including moments to a standstill, being able to travel in the blink of an eye from one place to another ( just imagine how much we could save on airfares 😁) and so on. I must confess our movies have contributed a lot in shaping up this list.

But if God is ready to grant me two boons I would choose these two:

  • Ability to time travel on my terms (and conditions not applying to me 😉).
  • A wallet that never says “No ” to me. This is like power in hands, more literal 😁.

Talking about Time Travel we all have innumerable moments in our journey called life – happy and beautiful, embarrassing, painful, bitter and I can go on with many more shades. I too have and I want to revisit those zones again.  To relive the beautiful moments spent with family and friends, to change the course of embarrassing moments that made me duck my face, to avert the painful and heart wrenching situations – I so badly want to have this superpower.  For all those chapters in my life that at present stand with an ending “I wish I could”, I want to change the preface of those chapters so that they have a better ending today. “I wish I could have spent more time with my friends”, “I wish I could have seen my father for the last time”, “I wish I could have chosen a different field of study for better future prospects”, “I wish I could have taken my decisions more independently without fearing the backlash”.  Time is surely a strong medicine as they say to all the heartaches we experience but there’s also a saying “Prevention is better than cure” and this superpower is a measure to prevent many heartaches.

And perhaps how about writing a different history altogether. Imagine how about going back to the pre-independence period, giving then rulers a glimpse of how Britishers are hatching a plan to topple them from power and rule the country would help us save a lot-lot of our wealth from being laundered, many lives from being sacrificed and a lot better future for ourselves.  Just imagine!

*Condition: Current history books will prove handy as it is all about proofs 😁.

Talking about the magical wallet that’s never devoid of cash – sounds too materialistic right?  But can all of you answer these questions?

  •  Are there any instances in your life when you wanted to help someone out of compassion and generosity but had to hold yourself from announcing it just because you have your own budget constraints?
  • Are there any situations when you felt that whatever little you did was way too little and proved futile practically?

I am sure we all have such incidents in life where our heart goes out to reach the needy but pocket warns us “Don’t be holier than thou Pope“.  Let me give you a petty example from my life:

It was a hot summer day (Indian summers are way too much 😥).  I was cooling my heels comfortably at home (I am fortunate enough to have one) and the doorbell rang. A young salesman with his shoulder burdened with sample products, forehead glistening with beads of sweat and a bright grin greeted me. As I reciprocated he started his campaign which I had to cut short soon saying “sorry not interested” as politely as I could. And saw him reaching the neighbour’s door to receive the same answer which he had to accept with the same demeanor which he had in the beginning.  I could see how hard he had to toil to secure a decent commission to make a respectable salary, and I couldn’t accept the deal for several reasons, our own financial constraints being a primary one.

This is just one haphazard example.

At this moment I might sound money minded but I would say this is practicality.  For any help/ charity, in cash or kind, we need cash apart from being just kind.  It’s a hard-hitting fact.

Considering this I believe I am not wrong in fancying something like a “Magic Wallet”, am I?  And few brands in the kitty is not offensive too 😉.



I wish I had more than 24 hours in a day.

I wish I had the power to change a person’s perspective.

I wish I had the power to eradicate poverty from the world.

I wish… O I so wish…

These wishes never end. If all of us had a genie who could fulfill unlimited wishes for each of us, I think that genie would be the most exhausted soul in the world. With all the maturity that I gained through the experience of years – I wish for two superpowers. Probably if I were to write this article a year later, my wishes would be different but today it is so…

The superpower no. 1 – To know the difference between what I can influence and what I cannot

There is a prayer which is my favorite – “Lord, grant me the serenity to accept what I cannot change, grant me the courage to change what I can and wisdom to know the difference between the two.

I have spent a large part of my life wondering what people think of me and how they like me. And if they don’t like me, what can I do to change that? It is horrible but I was deeply influenced by how I am constantly judged by people. Imagine, what happened – disaster. I became my last priority and my first priority was to keep people happy and fulfill their expectations. Well, it took time, a few blows on the face and a lot of pain to realize that I have no control over what people feel for me. I cannot control how they judge me and so I have to stop worrying about it.

What is in my control is what I feel for myself and how I feel about the world. I can choose what to do with my 24 hours a day. I can choose who to be friends with and who to ignore. I can choose a million things in my life. But at the same time – not the whole world is under my control. When we lost my youngest brother in law (husband’s youngest brother), how I wished I could reduce the pain the whole family was going through. All of us wished to go back in time and make things right so that this death would not happen. But life doesn’t work that way. I learnt that Death is the ultimate truth and there is absolutely no influence over it. I realized that I can share the pain of my family but I cannot reduce it. I cannot take the pain away from my husband. He and his parents have to go through it and all that is in my control is to be with them in the journey.

A lot of times we end up running after things that we have no influence over without realizing that we are only wasting our time. All I wish is to have the wisdom to know what I need to accept and what I must struggle to change. Life would be way simpler then.

The superpower no. 2 – Strength to embrace pain

Any human being that I consider successful (in whatever field) is successful because he/she has gone through tremendous pain and struggle to get there. In fact, more the pain better is the outcome. We define success only when we face failures. Our failures define us not our success. A child who is born with all the riches has a completely different definition of success than his father who spent his entire life building up those riches.

Naturally, we all try to avoid pain whether it is emotional or physical. We have the plethora of painkillers to kill the physical pain and we happily take it without seeking the root cause of that pain. To escape the emotional pain we again have a number of killers that differ from person to person. Some people dissolve the pain in alcohol and other forms of abuse, there are people who resort to one night stands and flings, few more who resort to other addictions like shopping, makeovers etc. All this to forget and escape the pain inside. When we try to run away from the pain, we also run away from an opportunity. An opportunity to come out stronger. Feel the pain and cry out the loudest and only then you will get the strength to rise the highest.

I have had my own painkillers and I abused them in various ways which even messed up my life to a large extent. I wish to have the strength so that I never resort to my painkillers. I instead bear the pain, go deeper inside me to figure out the root cause of the pain, understand my pain, live the pain and then eventually emerge a stronger and better person.


I asked my wife – “what kind of super power you need for yourself?” And her answer was – “I should get some power so that I won’t be fearful anymore.

I went on to ask few others… One said he wants the power to have any food items easily and freely. Another said he wants a lot of money. A very close friend said she wants the power to manage her emotions well.

The powers we want for ourselves usually are either our desires or needs centric.

Okay, now let me tell you what powers or super powers I wish to have on my fingertips…

Two days ago, I felt like shouting at the top of my voice when I literally struggled to cope with my whatsapp and other social medias. My biggest problem is that I can’t get away from things that are of serious in nature. For example, when a person is sharing his or her heart I just can’t ask him or her to wait or say will talk later. I usually try to attend each and everyone. While doing so I feel exhausted, worn out and extremely frustrated. And sometime I feel angry and burst at my poor wife… when she shouts back or asks why I am behaving like that then I realise what I am up to.

My empathetic heart loves to listen to the problems of people despite of my own ailments and struggles so I would love to have the energy and superpower and some added hours as a whole package so that I can keep listening to them and understand them on a superfast mode and press the solution button for their good.

I know, I know… that’s not possible.

While thinking about this I remembered Jim Carrey in the movie ‘Bruce Almighty’. He literally struggled to handle the cries of everyone in the world though he tried to take the role of God which was next to impossible.

But he says –

I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.

I am aware of it too.

Someone very close to my heart usually tells me, “Submit everything to God instead of getting hyper and He will lay down the plans beautifully“.

Playing God or wishing for super power always frustrates us whereas depending on Him gives us strength. But I don’t mean that we will just do nothing and ask God to do everything. Instead, it will be wise to do our part and allow Him to do the part which are beyond our abilities.

God says to me –

My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is perfected in your weaknesses.

And that’s the super power I seek when I am troubled in life.

Stay Blessed!


From Marvel to DC comics we have seen it all. We have gaped at Superman spinning Earth anti-clockwise to turn time and we have seen Spiderman saving the world with his webbed hands. We are exposed to all kinda superpowers that leave us amazed and wanting. From Batman to Avengers we have ‘Oohed’ and ‘Aahed’ at our favourite superheroes and Superheroines but in our hearts of hearts, we all secretly want to be one of them. To do those otherworldly things and save the day. I was no different.

My choicest superpowers keep changing with time. Because with time I mature, so do my priorities and my preferences. We get the tag of ‘Major’ at 18, but I don’t think we get matured enough at 18, some of us develop much before that, but in my case, I was still a complete kid at 18. However, considering superpowers, I will tell you my choicest Superpowers and the shift in my choices with age.

As a kid I wanted the Superpower to Teleport. The countries I only saw on silver screen, the places I read about, I wished to see them all. I wanted to disappear from my bedroom and reappear in London, Trafalgar Square or Times Square, New York. I even used to spin around in the same spot at full speed in the hope to see myself disapparate.

Teenage came with the desire to acquire a Superpower that would take me inside the books I read. To fight by the side of Harry like Hermione, to steal diamonds along with Jamie McGregor from Master Of The Game and to be kissed like Maggie from the Mills and Boons novels. I wanted to be the most important female character of every book I read. I guess that was vanity, but It was a lovely phase of my life.

At 18 I wanted to the superpower to be a Computer. Yes! You heard it right.
For a girl who had so much paperwork to read and learn and remember, I wanted my eyes to scan everything I read and store it in my memory. I tried to answer every question thrown at me with lightning speed and precision. There was this urge to be the ace, to be better than Britannica(Wikipedia wasn’t this popular then). To jot down everything faster than a speech recognition typing assistant and make my father proud.

Time passed and with time passed away the most important person in my life, My Father. That time my choicest Superpower would have been to control Time. I wanted to turn it back and stop it right there. I craved to get my father treated in time and save his life if I could travel back in time. What a beautiful place it would be if no one aged. If I never had to live without Papa.

After my fathers’ demise came an extended period of Depression. Back then my choicest Superpower would have been to Mind Control. Yes, so that I can erase my memories and my mothers’ memories as they brought so much pain and hurt with them. I wanted to forget everything good and beautiful about my father so it would stop my heart bleeding.

Then came a time when I yearned for a Superpower to resurrect the dead. What wouldn’t I give to resurrect my Granny who passed away after losing two out of three of her sons? I have read enough books to know that it is a bad idea to summon the dead but the temptation was too strong.

Love knocked at my door in the form of a man, and I was healed with the warmth of his love that melted my frozen heart. The Superpower I sought in that phase of my life was to Siphon all his pain and regrets while loving unconditionally and without judgement. What a beautiful relationship it would be where I could be his anchor, and he could be my launching pad.

Today the Superpowers I seek are to Heal and to have Money in abundance.
You might be thinking that I am asking that out of Greed and Avarice, but that is not the truth. The truth is I have seen so much suffering around me; every soul is in pain, every heart is pining and more often than not the reasons are depravity of money and health. I want to make the lives I touch better for people. No, I don’t want to be a messiah. Nor do I want to be praised or credited for my excellent work; but I know I am a Philanthropist, lover of humankind.

Now I want to tell you one secret. The most coveted secret. Every Superpower I ever desired, I had them all in me. I could Teleport, all I needed was an air ticket and passport. I could Transcend into my books as I read them. While reading them, I lived their lives, and I am happy to have lived that many experiences in one lifetime.I was better than a computer. I could improve my cognizant and comprehensive skills with enough practice and dedication. I could always control time, all I needed was a camera. I could look at the pictures that acted as portals and took me back in that moment where my father was still alive. I could control the mind; I didn’t know it. All I needed was firm resolve and determination to condition my mind to stay happy and confident and exude that aura to my mother and see her smile again, dance again. I did have the power to Siphon pain; I just had to listen with patience and offer words of comfort because it works like magic.

Moreover, last but not the least, I can heal people, and I am the wealthiest person on Earth, and I do it every time I do my bit towards the poor, the hungry and the sick in whatever resources I have at my disposal. I didn’t need a lot; I only needed the inclination which I always had. I couldn’t help all, but I could support that one person to whom it would mean the world.

On a parting note. I am a Superhuman. I am Mythical. I am a Phoenix. I turn to ashes many times, but every time I am at the lowest, I am reborn from my ashes.