Love is in the air,

Shout out if you dare,

In the open where all glare,

And foes look out to lay a snare.

Don’t simply blow a kiss away,

Or stumble into someone’s way,

Don’t let the wind give you a sway,

Go slow – watch and pray!

It’s not a sin to be in love,

Rise up with wings of a dove,

Unwanted notions strongly shove,

Bask in the sweetness of moments thereof.

Celebration sure needn’t await a day,

But if it does, don’t say ‘Nay’,

Go out to the beach or the bay,

And in your love’s arms happily lay.

Love’s continual expressions,

Be it petty little obsessions,

Or mind-boggling confessions,

Are the roadways to long-lasting attractions.

Chocolates and roses,

With cute selfie poses,

Are not the lone clauses,

To find love’s pure embraces.

Love all the day,

Love in everyway,

Love till your hair turns grey,

Don’t to sarcasms fall an easy prey.

Be careful to never in love betray,

Your trueness always do portray,

Some life’s lessons are learned the hard way,

Still choose to persevere and not to waste away. 

As you sing your love song,

Remember those who have no one to go along,

Give them a hug and make them feel strong,

As you continue to ring love’s resounding gong.

❤ ❤ ❤


I was in Love, such beautiful feeling. All girls want that, a Valentines with your Someone Special. The one where you give Roses, Cards, Teddy’s, Chocolates and what not to tell that one person how much they mean to you.

I thought what is the one thing I shall do for him that none has done till now is. You know, that urge to be memorable and unique. Now the problem with die-hard romantics is they expect a lot too. So now what I did was like ultimate as far as I saw it. I decorated his doorstep on the inside with Rangoli, I wrote an “I” with colours. Next, I made a Heart of Diyas on his centre table, and lastly a big “YOU” with white Mogra flowers on his bed(don’t get ideas, he had just 1BHK to himself! I couldn’t find another good spot). I hid his present in his cupboard, he was bound to find it when he went to change.

Now I can’t cook so spent an enormous amount to get awesome food and laid the makeshift table, all in all, I did all one can do to make things look Perfecto. Now I was waiting for him to come and be surprised. Imagined how he would just go mad. How he would tell me it was his dream day. There was the turn of the key, and I hid inside, the first thing he did was to step right into my Rangoli, I cringed in hurt, next he opened the fan, and there went all Diyas as they were all extinguished. By now I couldn’t keep quiet and screamed at him. He didn’t know what wrong he did, till he saw all the things I did and realised that it is Valentines. The next thing I did was to pull the sheets of his bed and ruin the flower arrangement. He tried to calm me down, but I could think nothing except the ruined perfection. The gift was forgotten.

I left his house without eating the dinner and cried all night. It was a ruined Valentine. He couldn’t eat it alone and kept calling me. I switched the phone off…gone was my perfect Valentines. Next morning I got up, got dressed and went out like usual. He was there at the corner of my street. I saw him and went to him. He told me “today is our Valentines”, I shouted at him “It is ruined”.

He said he deserves one chance to prove that today was Valentine’s. He took me to my favourite Chat stall, we ate till we could burst, then we went to a movie, my favourite Hero movie, and then he took me Chattarpur Mandir, we stood in long line and talked and talked and got tired, our feet ached and legs felt sore after standing in line for hours. Then we went to India Gate and ate Ice Cream, Papads, Bhel Puri and all the stuff that was being sold by vendors, he even got me Gajra(made of Mogra flowers). Next, he took me boating to the boathouse we ended the day with a cold drink we shared on our way back home in an auto rickshaw. It was the Perfect day. He did everything I loved.

Just before saying Bye, he gave me my gift back. It was a Guess Watch. I looked up at him in confusion, and he told me he finds wrist watches very uncomfortable. I smiled and kept it back in my bag. He asked me what I wanted as a gift as he bought nothing. I requested the thing I loved most, a poem written by him. Cause by now I knew that it was not needed to spend money to be happy.

I learned one imperative Life’s lessons

  1. There is no set rule to making a day Perfect
  2. I don’t need someone to spend hundreds of Rs on gifts and items to prove his or her worth
  3. I don’t need people to shower me with love and affection for me to know they love me
  4. There are 365 days of Love
  5. Just because all are doing it, it doesn’t mean I have to do it too. 

Love me for a reason, and let the reason be Love!


Based on true story

Hi Everyone,

House in a mess and she decided to clean it up. Confused where she shall begin from. “Let’s  clean up the cupboards first” she thought. She rolled up her sleeves and started her work. And when she was in the middle of her tryst with dirt and mess memories tumbledown from the upper racks of cupboard.  Photographs!  She took a pause to take a look at them.  Time just rallied to past in front of her eyes.  Though photographs were dull in colour but freshness of memories tapped in them is still intact. Fancy dress competition in school, Shimla trip in college, marriage, her son’s first birthday, summer holidays with cousins and as the sheets of the album rattled against each other her gaze was locked by one photo perhaps one face.  It was college fresher’s day picture dated 20th July, 2003.  How different everyone looked in this picture she thought and soon her thoughts raced back in time, opening up yet another chapter of her life – her first love.

It was not love at first sight for her for they were just acquaintances who exchanged pleasantries every time they met, nothing serious and special about it. But after college fresher’s day days were never the same for her. It was during the Jam session that she sprained her ankle and among the crowd it was only he who held her hand, made her comfortable,  cheered her up and made a mark on her thoughts that followed after that day. She was swept off her feet by his gesture and could think of nothing and no one but him.

A week later he came to her and softly said to her “you look good in Indian attire than western”. She couldn’t believe that she actually got a compliment from a guy and that’s him. She started paying attention on the way she looked as this was  the first time in her life that her appearance was in eye of someone. Now everyday was marked with a sense of eagerness – eagerness to see him, to talk and to be noticed by him. As days were passing she was still unsure if she could define her feelings as “Love” or not?  Whether it’s just attraction or infatuation?  If it is mutual or not?   What she felt was evident if not to everyone but to her friends but his feelings were never signalled.

She slowly started giving up all hopes of being reciprocated and one day she had to quit college with one year pending. But her feelings for him never quit her heart.  She still longed to hear from him and it did happen one day when she visited college for some documentation work.  She saw him but ignored fearing a probable ignore from him. But suddenly he called her, greeted her, gave his contact number to her and the chats began.

“What’s that one secret about you that no one knows” she asked him.  “I started liking you” he said with his eyes locked with hers.

Soon it dawned upon her that he had same feelings for her, it was Love to be precise. They were in relationship, finally!   Days turned to years.  They were unusual as a couple.  No long chats, no gifts exchanged,  no Valentines day, nothing that couples usually do but what they had between them was the understanding of a different level.

And one day the boy called it “quits” out of nowhere. Reason:  “Our relationship have no future as we belong to different religions. I knew it earlier that’s why tried to avoid you but couldn’t stop myself  from falling for you” and it was over.   She felt a try must be given but as they had an understanding of different level she didn’t pester him. And their ways parted.

It’s been over a decade now, they are still on friend lists of each other and happily married to their partners. But the question still lingers on her mind “what if they had tried at least once, had they given up easily, could there have been a different ending to thier story?”

She closed the album as clock was ticking.

Love is the most beautiful emotion on earth. College love stories the most beautiful chapters of one’s autobiography but not every love story meets it destination and not necessarily every such ending is sad.  Happy or Sad first love never leaves heart, it is there to stay Forever😊.


He called up his brother at 11:30 pm. He sounded scared and was talking very silently – “Bhaiya, I am stuck at Jeny’s place. There are few people from one of the political parties who are hounding outside her house. They are swearing to kill us.”

It was 14th Feb, few years back and Pramod and Jeny were very happily celebrating Valentine’s Day with a candle light dinner at a fancy restaurant. Then they decided to go to Jeny’s place. As soon as they reached her place, they noticed some boys started following there two-wheeler. They entered the house and 15 minutes later there were loud knocks on the door. Those boys were ready with hockey sticks outside her place to beat up Pramod. Why? Because it is believed by many in this country that celebrating Valentine ’s Day is against the Indian culture and young unmarried boys and girls should never be roaming around openly celebrating their relationship. Huh!

Somehow Pramod and Jeny managed to escape the situation safely. But every year after year, there are so many cases across the country where young boys and girls are harassed to questionable limits for celebrating the V-day.

Well, I personally am quite fond of Valentine’s Day. It gives a brilliant opportunity to celebrate love and relationship by getting outside the regular routine of doing things. Why politicize it?

This is my question to all the people who believe celebrating love is against our culture – since when Love is not part of our culture? What kind of culture is this that encourages killing and harassing people who are full of showing love for each other? Yes, I understand that teenagers get too excited with Valentine’s Day culture which sometimes needs to be watched over. But that is the job of the parents – not some strangers who decide to take law in their hands in the name of Indian culture. And moreover what is the problem when full grown adults like Pramod and Jeny who are living independently are celebrating V-day? And most importantly where is it written in our constitution that only married couples are supposed to celebrate an event like Valentine’s Day?

Well, all this just makes me too sad. Whatever you do, please do not politicize something as pure as love.


Why don’t you join us?” They asked her for the hundredth time. She was exhausted from having to reject their pleas. Her friends were never tired though. “It’s just one night. It couldn’t hurt, right? Besides, just think , you might meet someone really cute.” Her best friend winked at her. She never felt the need to have male company; a man couldn’t complete her.

What would you do, shut in the house?” She didn’t see the need to answer that. They didn’t know her plan. Her Valentine’s Day ritual!

She woke up with the alarm clock ticking on the bed-stand. 4 years ago, she wouldn’t have been the only one to wake up. He was the one to wake up before her. She would stir in her sleep with him next to her. His playful and cheery self would bring him even closer to her, so she could feel his breath on her skin. Smiling, she would hug him as he’d nuzzle her cheek. 

But today, on the morning of 14th February, 4 years later, she woke up with a struggle. Lifted aside the blankets and stepped in her slippers.

What would you do, shut in the house? The thought echoed in her mind.

None of her friends were let in to share the secret – her Valentine’s Day ritual. She feared they would judge her, think that loneliness had turned her mind somehow. She will never be ready to tell them. They will never understand.

She got dressed in her black dress; the one that even today carried his smell. It was perfectly fit for the day. To some, it would seem she was out on a date, only it wasn’t so.

On the way, she bought the flowers he so loved – white daisies. And a bar of Mars, the only crunchy treat that got him out of a fit of rage or sadness. Just over a mile, she turned around the corner and walked past the gate. This was where they first met 9 years ago. This was where they always met for the past 4 years.

1st row, 2nd and 3rd… There!

“My heart is your home & there you’ll live forever!”

In loving memory of,


The Dog who still lives…

The headstone read.

Two great drops of tears washed away the dust settled on the ground where she laid the daisies and the bar of Mars. She felt the paw prints engraved on the stone. He was her friend, her companion, her love, her life. How could any man replace him?  She got up, turned and left the graveyard.

For her, this was customary. For her, this was Valentine’s Day.


I lost my pet German Shephard ‘Dollar’ many years ago.
But there’s not one day I don’t miss him.
I believe,

Valentine’s Day is about appreciating them
who make your life better, happier, worthwhile.
And that’s not just humans.

This post is my tribute to all our furred friends, to Dollar. ❤

That’s my idea of celebrating St. Valentine’s Day. What’s your idea?


©Asha Seth


Ever since I was a little girl, I had a love affair with Valentine’s day and it would continue forever. I really like the entire Valentine’s month. Everything surrounding is painted red, love is all in the air, the couple romances, single dates, the roses, shining exteriors of malls, it just screams lot of happiness. I don’t miss taking a stroll  at-least to a couple of places to enjoy the decor for Valentine’s.  A lot of people eagerly wait for this time of the year,  where as others are just casual about it.

After I grew up, in my late teens, I used to encourage my parents to celebrate this day, doing something special which can be as small as having a coffee together at their favorite coffee shop. 

I am not silly, but it’s important to break the monotony of life. We love to ask, “Why do we need a designated day to celebrate love? Shouldn’t we love each other every day?” Here’s the thing, though:

We are creatures of habit. As working professionals, as homemakers, it’s so easy to get caught up in a daily routine. We wake up, make coffee, get dressed, walk outside, get on the subway, go to work. Time moves quickly, and before we know it, weeks would have blurred into months and we’re marveling at the passing of another year. We’re aware of this, of course. We are constantly acknowledging that we need to appreciate the moment, that we should try to “unplug” more often and embrace the idea of being present.

Valentine’s Day gives us an excuse to do that, regardless of our relationship status. It can be celebrated with a significant other, a friend or even by yourself. I have always loved Valentine’s Day for that reason. I wish each and every person I love this very day. I am sure would have told them that I love them many times, but I don’t shy away from saying the same on Valentine’s day and a little surprise would await them which might bring a smile. 

Life has no meaning without love and celebrating love isn’t wrong, whether it’s on Valentine’s or any other day you prefer. Romantic love is not the only form of love and we are very much aware of it. Celebrate love with all your loved one’s this Valentine’s, re-iterate once more how precious they are and what they mean to you …


Yesterday, I visited a mall and there was Valentine decor everywhere. Huge plush hearts were hanging from the ceiling all over. Gift shops displayed larger than life teddy bears (I wondered how would one carry it)! In one corner, there was a beautiful set up in all pinks and reds, with big letters LOVE on one side. There was a couple standing there and I could see the girl coaxing her guy to click a picture (for the WhatsApp and Facebook ritual), but the guy was feeling too embarrassed and wanted to move away from there. Another newly married couple was busy clicking selfies. I was appreciating the lovely ornamentation of the mall with my husband, while my 5 year old ran to that corner and asked us to capture his pose. We laughed at his innocence. 

Yes, it is that time of the year! My husband and I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day. No, not even when we used to date each other. We believe that love doesn’t need a specific day to be celebrated. Right? Rather, it should be celebrated all the year round, that is what every relationship requires.


Come Valentine’s Day and the town (read shops) is painted red. I only knew about Valentine’s Day and was completely unaware of this, until recently, that the celebrations begin a week ahead and the days are named as:

8th February- Rose Day, 

9th February- Propose Day, 

10th February- Chocolate Day, 

11th February- Teddy Day, 

12th February- Hug Day

13th February- Kiss Day

And finally the 14th February – V day! Some calendars even have Promise Day!

The first time I saw the Valentine’s week calendar, I broke into laughter. I mean how creative can people get, inventing unique days. So basically, does that mean that these specific days need one particular day of the year? Is it like you can only hug your beloved on the Hug Day? Obviously not. What I feel is that these celebrations are purely a marketing weapon for various brands and there is no harm in it. Besides, it is only during this period, in which their sales shoot up like anything.

Valentine’s Day is an official ticket for the teenagers and college-goers to woo their adored. I am mentioning teenagers, because it is that period when the first crushes bloom and infatuations soar up high. I remember when I was in high school, we used to keep an eye on our classmates (essentially girls), whosoever had a rose, guessing which boy was behind the contribution and it was so much fun. Once you get older and wiser, you don’t believe in monetary gifts, but yearn for lifetime commitment and an ever- lasting relationship.

There’s no harm in celebrating V-Day, it utterly depends on your convenience. If you want to, go ahead, else, just enjoy the entertainment it brings in.  It’s a delight for your senses to see teddy bears, hearts and romantic gifts everywhere. Not to forget the exotic fragrance of delicate roses cuddled up in bunches. Ah! It is indeed a visual treat!

So, in case you are celebrating the Valentine’s Day, just thank martyr St. Valentine for giving you the day of love. For all those, like me, enjoy the Valentine atmosphere and for the rest, who are single, I would like to quote one of the jokes I came across on WhatsApp – Happy Independence Day!