Artist: Anukta Dey Sahu is a homemaker, a proud mother of a cutie pie and utilizes her spare time well by working on her hobbies. 



Expecting a return

Remains uncertain

I cleave to few things now

Others are forgotten…

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Every time we attend a corporate training, the trainer puts forward this question – “What is your expectation out of this training ?” – I find this question interesting because, the return may be different than what I am expecting… Is my expectation even valid ? That is exactly what the trainer is doing, trying to validate my expectation, and bring me on to the the right page for the return I can expect. 

Do you see the difference ?? Expectations vs returns – Often they don’t match, which is a well-known truth…

When you’re giving/doing something for someone,  you know they will need and enjoy, it’s because you’re essentially trying to build a relationship that could some day mean something, right? A trustworthy relationship or business opportunity or dinner or a new job?

Well, eventually all relationships need to be a two way street to be functional. But really, before that happens: you need to start with zero expectation of return.

Now, this is where it gets tougher.  A lot of people start with the first thought of “What would I get out of this ??”. Initially what ever we start, the returns would be absolutely zero.

Remember your first crush ? There was not even a glance from the person you were interested in on the first day 🙂 . Naah, but we don’t give up …

Same should be the case with what ever we take up, be it a business or work or a new acquaintance. Giving without expectation of return is the satisfaction that cannot be expressed in words, its a blessing to be able to be selfless in everything we do and not everyone has it. We can always cultivate the habit of being expectation less, but returns would follow. 

If you are not seeing any returns after a certain period of time you can be sure that, either its the wrong investment or a wrong firm/person.

What we give comes back, irrespective of whether we expect or not. Returns exist in every right investment, be patient. 


We all have bank accounts wherein we deposit money (in terms of salary, savings etc.) and we withdraw that money when we need to use it. We have access to our bank statements which show us exactly how much we have deposited and how much we withdrew. It is all black and white. You cannot withdraw more than you have deposited. Even when bank allows you to use the money that you don’t have through credit cards and loans – you have pay it back in time or pay hefty penalties in terms of interest.

We are all aware of these banking rules. It is after all money which is extremely important. But why am I telling you all about the banks and finances when we already know it? Because I am going to make an analogy of the well knowing banking system with emotions and relationships – I call it Emotional banking.

unnamed-1In every relationship, we have emotional accounts wherein we need to make regular deposits. What does that mean? Playing games with your child, spending time with old parents, going for coffee or movies with friends, helping your sibling in times of distress, giving meaningful gifts on occasion, taking care of your people when they are sick etc. are all examples of making emotional deposits in relationships. It is very vital to make these deposits because someday you will also need to withdraw from these emotional accounts.

What are the examples of emotional withdrawal – scolding the child for doing something wrong, falling sick yourself, going through a tough time where you need support of family and friends, asking for money, asking for favors etc.  When your emotional account with a particular person is empty and you try to make a withdrawal – you might get into trouble even lose the relationship with that person. When your emotional account with a person only gets the deposits from your end and withdrawals from the other – the relationship won’t last. When your emotional account with a person is full of positive emotions but you do make withdrawals from time to time – it is an optimal relationship.

I have seen parents who are just too busy to spend time with their kids and yet they are always scolding the child when s/he does something wrong – that is a perfect example of withdrawals exceeding the deposits. In such a case, the emotional account with the child will soon be in a deficit and parent will lose the emotional connect with the child.

Always remember to keep making deposits from time to time for all the emotional accounts you have with the people you love and care for. And this need not be a conscious effort – it comes naturally when you are flowing with love for these people. When you love somebody whole-heartedly – the deposits are made automatically (just like our salaries) because our love shows; when you don’t love somebody, that is when making deposits becomes an effort.

So observe your emotional accounts with people. Instead of thinking about the returns  think how much are you depositing?


‘Return’ is a word that attracts everybody. Who doesn’t want a return? Sometimes I feel we humans live to get returns only.

A man invests his labor and energy at work to get a return at the end of the month so that he can rear his family.

A woman invests her time and labor at home all day to get the return in the form of appreciation and love from her family members.

Parents sacrifice everything and wait for a return when they are old and weak.

Children look up to their parents all the time for a return. They do everything possible to get something from their dad or mom.

A beggar sitting on the road invests his/her time, energy and self-respect to get a return. 

The police man spends whole day on the road catching this biker, that car and invests his power to get a return. 

A TTC in the train invests his authorities and tries to get a return. 

People try to get a Caste certificate to get some concession, some return investing all their contacts and influences, even money.

The list can be as long as I can think and write…

Expecting a return never ends for any individual till he/she leaves this earth… Some returns are duly expected and received. Some are attained through undue means and ways. It is really essential to distinguish the attitudes behind the attainment of a particular return. And follow the right one… 

The means and the ways are needed to be decided well with proper discernment because one scripture portion always scares me:

“There is a way that appears to be right, but in the end it leads to death.”

Be safe and keep reading…

Stay Blessed!!!


When I receive calls from bank personnel talking about my investments and returns, it does excite me a bit to learn on the returns. It’s obvious.. This money is earned by my blood and sweat in a hard way and I want to make smart investments to get good returns.

Return on Investment (ROI) – is a strict finance term, which would be an equation on how we could arrive at a possible return based on various factors. I am not a very finance person, so I would stop here on defining ROI.

Return: this word really puts us on. Who doesn’t want a return ?? It’s all good as long as we are thinking of buying a house, doing a business or making an investment. In a way, human relationships have also become investments. Politics – huge investment. 

We start by making very small investments.. One of my colleague was saying few days ago, “Yaar, me and my wife have to rush to work in the morning. Feeding my son is the biggest problem, so, we play rhymes for him in the tablet, and he eats without making us run around “. I immediately expressed my concern that watching such high quality moving objects is not good for his eyes, and it may effect his eye sight. Guess what ? He knew it.

As a parent are you making your life better by making them suffer ?? by bribing ?

I hail from India, and do you know what is the huge investment ‘we as Indians’ in the history of India made ?? OURSELVES. Do you know what we got in return – we lost our freedom.

“Britishers conquered India” – As kids we were taught this as the first lesson of history. I always used to think about this in a different way.. There were other questions I needed answers for: 

  • Why did the British choose India? why not any other country ?
  • Was the choice very obvious, or they realised they hit a jackpot after they started trading with us ?
  • When we were being looted, why did’t we counter act ?

The history books have more answers, you can find them yourself. But for me it’s one simple sentence. “Indians cannot see the big picture” – yes, we don’t ..

Even today after 6 decades of having freedom we haven’t learnt any lessons,  not got smarter. If Britishers try to conquer us even today, they easily can.

Take Indian politics, they are the worst. There is corruption all around. Everyone is more concerned about what they get as a return on investment into politics than what India would get. I don’t know why it is so difficult to understand that no matter how much money I have, me being rich or poor depends on the Indian economy.

“The more I play with the economy, I am degrading the value of our Indian Rupee in the world economy” – I wish politicians understand this sooner. 

Next comes the media – I hate this term “paid media”. Some channels boost some candidates no matter how good or bad the candidate is. Politicians bribe them to keep their mouths  shut. Isn’t journalism meant to bring out the truth and make it evident to common man ? The true facts put in a right way to empower people ?

I cannot blame people too much here, we don’t have too much of choice. We are voting to choose the best out of the worst.When one tries to stand against the politics, there would be a sinusoidal wave of emotions among-st people, few support and few oppose and after sometime, the equilibrium is reached. Everything gets back to normal, nobody talks about it.

As I am writing I am getting more and more agitated from within. It gets tougher to stay calm when something needs a change, that has to be immediate, but nothing can be done. Everyday I find myself getting more and more helpless.

British adopted Indian culture into them in a beautiful way. ‘Chiken tikka masala‘ is their national dish and that makes me happy sometimes.. The nation that conquered us back then now has an acceptance of our culture and food.

It’s not fault of British or any other nation. There are too many differentiating factors among-st ourselves as humans that we are reaping. These differences are killing us from inside and there will surely be a day when we realize our mistake. We are investing in wrong things and we want returns. 

Returns that are not long standing. Returns that are not factually returns but are an illusion. We shall not be satisfied with immediate returns, we need to cultivate long standing relationships between us as nations and even within.

Invest smart, invest in making yourself more wise, take risks, learn from mistakes. Never degrade your self worth or choose not so good ways to get returns.