I can’t believe Khristina thought exactly what I was thinking about the prized possession, “Life.”

Who can understand the value of life than me who had gone down to the wire of death and got back to life again?

One of my closest of friends thinks that I should not remember the day when I was operated because it was a bad day of my life. But my answer to her was that it was the day when I got back my life again and how can I forget it.

I am sure everybody will agree to the fact that life is everybody’s prized possession. Nobody will ever have the wish to give up that possession at any cost. Everybody is selfish about it. They always try to make it better and better.

But have you ever thought about it what happens when we die? We all live for our body… we shout, scheme, plan and even kill to safeguard our body. Have we ever thought about our soul?

The Scripture makes us to think by posing a question for us:

“For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and loses his own soul?”

Sometime I just pause and think about it… What is really going to happen when I will die? Where will my spirit go? Will I be able to feel anything? Does the life on earth determine the destination of my soul or I have some other ways?

As far as my knowledge is concerned I know that the complete dependence on God’s salvation plan and full faith on His actions are my guide to the destination of my soul.

If my soul is eternal, my life is eternal; I am an eternal being… Life or Soul that runs my body is my most prized possession for which I need to be selfish to keep it safe and secured eternally.

Are you thinking about it?

Keep pondering…

Stay blessed!!!   


Well, I am a new mommy of a 16 month old boy. And today he is the most precious being in my life. When we were planning to have a baby, I often used to wonder how the hell will I manage a baby with my busy schedule. I have a more than a full time job, multiple other hobbies/passions that I want to follow and there are just so many unfulfilled ambitions that are so dear to me. Amongst all of this – a baby; it felt like a mission impossible.

Once I conceived him, my world changed. He became the center of my life and everything else revolved around him – my hobbies/passions, my ambitions, my job etc. Surprisingly, I am much more active and achieve a lot more than what I could do before I had him. I did not know that I could work so much without getting tired and live on just 5 hours sleep almost every night. But it is possible and best part is that I am happy.

This feeling of motherhood felt familiar to me even though my son is my first child. It felt familiar because I am also pet parent – I have a female dog who is 4 years old. When she came into my life, I was going through one of the lowest lows and she got the much needed positivity and vibrancy in my life. Having her gave me the strength and courage to carry on and not give up on life.

My feelings for my son and my dog are not very different; of course, I respect the difference between raising a boy and raising a dog. I cannot allow my dog to sleep with me, I don’t have to worry about arranging finances for her education, I cannot feed her with my own hands, I cannot take her in malls and other hanging out places etc. But the very deep feeling of motherhood is same towards both of them.

They are most precious to me because they depend on me for their life. How they both grow up to be depends highly on how I manage to raise them. My most prized possessions make me live each day with a new enthusiasm.

I absolutely love my babies.


For the last two days I have been thinking hard about what shall be my post addressing this week’s topic.  Suddenly I remembered my school days and a story that I read when I was in class 10th came to my mind.  It was Charles Dickens’ “Christmas Carol” and I found my prized possession- love and friendship.

The story I am talking about is about a very rich, miser and rude old man who on a Christmas eve happens to meet three angels of past, present and future in his dreams.  Each one of the angel takes him and shows his own life; his actions;  what his relatives, friends and employees think of him and how the news of his death was taken and funeral fared thereon.  In his past he left his lady-love to amass fortunes; in present he was distancing everyone just to protect his riches and in future his dead body was lying unattended and not even a single person was mouthing pleasant words for him.

Reading this story gave me one of the important moral of my life- rich or poor in actual sense is not determined by the amount of wealth one has but whether there is love in his/ her life or not;  Whether there are people who care and support in every phase of life.  It’s really important to have a pair of praying lips and helping hands in our life then just working hands in exchange of favours.  Earning money is not a difficult task as such as it is shown to be but earning valuable friends and loving family is of utmost importance.

A person might be having the most expensive quilt but what really matters are the hands that wrap that around in sickness.  

No matter how much bogged down we may be in life but words uttered with love and those warm pats on back make us bounce back rejuvenated.  And in absence of such loving atmosphere no amount of success can give us happiness.

I am sure there are such wonderful people in all of our lives whose love, care and friendship matters to us.  We shall never let them go- not for money, not for ego and not for anything.  After all love and friendship are prized possessions.



God brings few people into our life, who truly love us and we also love them like that. Among few such kind of people in my life are my Uncle Susanta and Aunty Asangla. We came to know each other more closely after August’ 2014. I am not their family member but the love, care and teachings both of them have shown on me is truly a great blessing, in other words “a great treasure” for me! I feel blessed to have such kind of loving people in my life.

Even though I stay alone in Kolkata away from my family, every morning when I meet this old couple and few other guys of National Fellowship family, all my loneliness goes away. I feel like my family and people like “my father and mother” are with me. Even though God has kept me in such loving and caring environment but till last February there was very silly and crazy question going on in my mind, which I believe most of you have also faced sometime in your life. That is – “Why these people love me so much?”; especially when it comes about Uncle.

God gave me this answer through one of my mistake. Last February while organizing a special program I did a mistake that my uncle noticed. He immediately scolded me and started counseling. During his counseling he quotes a line which was the direct answer to my question. Uncle said, “I love you because you are a ‘PEOPLE–CENTERED’ person. This small line still acts like a Power-booster in my way of working.

In my 27 years of life, I have been rejected by many people. There was a day I felt I am a scum in this world. For me, worth is death than to live. But when God changed my heart and made me a new Avinash, I started loving people. For me relationship matters! I believe in one thing that, every human being is our relative. You might question – HOW? My answer is, you are created by God and the person standing next to you in your office, in your bus, in your cafeteria is also created by God. The person might not be your family member; might not be your blood relation; might not be your friend but still he is your relative because our Creator is ONE. Loving every person on earth irrespective of caste, creed, color, language  etc is our responsibility.

When we love people they may not love us in return. The definition of love is not “Love me then I will love you”, rather it is “You may love me or not, still I love you”. So, continue to keep loving and caring.

There might be uncountable Prized Possessions in this world. But trust me when it comes to PEOPLE’s Heart rest becomes else! God has given us one life not to live it for our own sake but to burn like a Candle everyday in order to lighten someone’s darkness. TOUCH A SOUL EVERYDAY for GOD………………

“Love PEOPLE, Carry your Candle of LOVE & lighten their darkness”

Be in touch.


As I was about to start writing this article, I received a call that my paternal uncle passed away this afternoon. I didn’t have a chance to see him for the last time. He is already cremated as suggested by doctors. I could not control my tears when I glanced at the puppy dog toy he gifted me. 

My uncle was very much fond of dogs. They had 5 dogs in their home. When I was 13,  I had been there for a summer vacation. I was very afraid of dogs. Literally, so scared that I would never even think of a dog. He took my hand into his and said  “Dear, I want you to meet the newer addition to our family, Bullet. He is very loving and would be glad to meet you. Would you come with me?” Though my heart beat picked up, I followed him to the room where dogs are kept.  

After seeing him I knew why his name is Bullet. He was 4 feet tall, jet black, looking very big. I was instantly sweating. Bullet came running to me wagging his tail,  I hid myself behind my uncle… Bullet made three rounds around us and sat beside me. My uncle made me pat his back and then bullet grew seamlessly friendly with me. That was my first close encounter with a dog.  

My heart is taking me back to so many memories… If I continue to write, I would end up writing a lot. I can no more talk with my uncle, but I have tons of memories that I can recollect anytime. Memories, which can never be stolen or erased…

Even before starting this article, I gave a lot of thought as to what my prized possessions are. There are a lot of things that I am very attached to, mostly of my close friends and family –  some books, picture frames, signed greeting cards, antique collection of my grandfather. Those objects remind me of them at times. But, if you ask me,  if I need those articles to be reminded of them? Absolutely not. Possessions may come and go, but often the emotional attachment associated with them remains eternal.

Memories, memories, memories.. Memories are my prized possessions.

When I travel away from my family and friends or when I am alone, I take a stroll through the memory lane. I re-read many mails, browse through pictures. If someone were to offer me all the money in the world in exchange for my memories, I would decline it in an instant.

We are blessed to be living in this era, where technology has made it possible to store our memories with a single click.Smart phones, laptops enable us to store memories in digital form. It’s also easy to take our memories along with us when we move to a different city or country…

Our memories are like diamonds in the rough. They keep us moving in tough times. We brought nothing when we are born and would take nothing when we leave this world, all we have are the experiences. Instead of focusing on material pleasures, if we make emotional bonding with people around us, we would  make a lot of memories. To feel happy and fulfilled, we need to make the best out of our life, which is a one time gift.

Memories are priceless treasures. Let’s try to make every moment of life a memory. 


I always laugh whenever I hear anyone talking about the Big Bang Theory.  Apparently, in the beginning, there was nothing – and then it exploded. The “nothing”, that is.

If we talk about creation, there is a creator, if we talk about life, we must talk about a life-giver.

So what is my post precious possession? It is the life I have. This is not a chance mixing of DNA when I was conceived – not a cosmic soup of protons and neutrons that formed me by coming together in a random manner.

I know that I am “amazingly and miraculously made.” I know that someone “made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

The awe and wonder that is filled in life itself cannot be explained.

Do you know that there is a lizard species called the stone dragon? This lizard has an amazing way of drinking water. All it needs to do is put one of its feet in a water source, and a capillary action soaks up the water through the entire length of its body until the water reaches its face and mouth – and that too, against gravity! How amazing is that?

Life is beautiful, and the day we understand that – despite all the pain and suffering all around us – we will see that there is a meaning to it after all.

Here are four reasons why LIFE should be everyone’s most prized possession:

My life is purposeful and precious: Since my life is the work of a Creator, it has purpose and meaning.  I now know that “many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is my Creator’s purpose that prevails.”

No matter what pain and suffering I have gone through in my life, I know that my life is precious because my Creator has a grand plan that is already in motion as we speak. All the levers and pulleys of my life are inching its way to the ultimate reality, the reality of ‘who am I’ and ‘what am I doing here.’

The other day my husband and were drinking our evening tea and talking. We were discussing a certain turn of events that happened recently. Suddenly, I had a huge realization! Years earlier, a situation happened in our life that was so strange and uncomfortable that we wondered why it happened. And now suddenly, like a huge relief, I realized why I had to go through that uncomfortable experience – it all happened in order to experience the joy of our recent happenings.

This is just one small thing. Can you imagine the number of tiny situations that are all working together for good? Yes, for good. That is a precious life lived with purpose.

My life has a responsibility attached to it:  My life is not a lah-dee-dah scenario, when all I do is live it to the fullest and then leave this world. I have some responsibilities and some standards I have to live up to. My Creator has sent me to this world for a purpose, and my responsibility is to find out what my purpose is and then fulfill it. I also have responsibilities to the people who brought me into this world, my parents — and the person my Creator has appointed to be my life-partner.

I am also responsible for all the things that my Creator has put me in charge of. That includes what I own, and the rest of his creation – nature and all other living beings.

In the end, my Creator will ask me for an account of all these responsibilities I was assigned to, and I always want to be in the good books.

My life is joy overflowing : It is hard to explain – this joy! It is not something that everyone has, unfortunately, but it is certainly the kind of joy anyone can get, only if they look in the right place.

I am not talking about the LOL kind of joy – I am talking about the joy that comes from the inside. Most joy we experience and see others experiencing is based on a causality factor. I bought a new TV, so I am happy, I ate good food, so I am happy, I got a mobile phone as a gift, so I am happy. If we remove this causality factor, will the joy still be there?

The joy I am talking about is different – it is joy that bubbles out of my soul, even though I am sick, or suffering, or sad. It is not based on material gratification nor a partner’s reciprocation. It is the power to smile in the midst of my worries and sorrows. What a thrill to experience this kind of joy.

My life is eternal : And lastly, my LIFE is important because it is not temporary, it is permanent, it is eternal.

My Creator did not place me here on this earth, just to exist for about 60-70 years and then sink into oblivion, no way! My existence is beyond space and time. It may be outside the fabric of my understanding for now, but that is only temporary.  There will come a time when the secrets of this universe will made known to all, depending on which side of the fence you are in.

Value life, treasure life, honour life – this is a gift and a responsibility from your Creator. Will you live it to its utmost potential?