“Money is the lifeblood of business.”

That’s what we have studied from the very beginning of our commerce classes from 11th standard. Money, in some form, has been part of human history for at least the last 3,000 years. Before that time, it is assumed that a system of bartering was likely used. But slowly as human brain developed the system became of exchanging goods developed and became complicated.

Money was introduced first in some 3000 years ago which was not even known by the scholars exactly. But this instrument has the most talked about, most desired, most needed, most essential one of all things. MONEY MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND!

But we all know that money has been the cause of a new character that popped up inside the human being… And that is GREED. So it is better to be going through a self-examining the process by asking a question ARE WE GROOMING OURSELVES TO BE MONEY-MINDED?” or “MINDFUL ABOUT MONEY OR MONEY MINDED?”

And there will be a startling fact revealed when we introspect when we understand money is actually what we don’t require but we needed something else. Because WEALTHY ISN’T PROSPERITY which we misunderstood previously.

Sometimes our laziness makes us give an excuse that I am not money minded but we need to be practical and need to be money minded when it comes to taking responsibility. At those moments we might repeat in our minds, “I CONFESS – I AM MONEY MINDED.” 

The bottom line is we should always understand that the SUPERNAL GLEE is THE HEART’S PLEA when we are conscious. 

I had never craved for money in life. I can be considered as lazy or idle sometimes but it is a sense in my heart that makes me feel that money really can’t make me happy and it will come definitely from any source when we really need it in life.

I work in a donation based organization which is solely dependent on donation. If it stops flowing in we will close down. But the amazing fact is donors are very keen on the intention behind our projects. They agree right away when they are convinced of our intentions towards the project which we present to them.

You might ask why I am talking about all this…!!!

I am sharing all these just to convey that money comes when our intentions are right. So I really don’t care about how much money I have. But who said I am not money minded p??? :p

Money has a bad reputation with people who don’t have it.

It has been blamed for everything from wars to infidelity, from destroying friendships to wrecking families. In the minds of the masses, the more ways they can demonize money, the more validated they feel for not seeking their own fortunes.

Instead of seeing the positive ways that money can enhance the most important things in life like our health, family relationships, and friendships, most people would rather scorn money and tell you how it can destroy the things we hold closest to our hearts.

We all are money minded but may be the degree is different.

Don’t be greedy, good night and stay blessed!


The jingle of coins brings a twinkle in the eyes,

The rustle of notes springs a bustle in mind.

With pockets full, the heart is at ease,

Oh! When else can a man find so much peace?

Money for labour is so sweet to savour,

It is after all no man’s unmerited favour!

The sweat of the brow and the toil of the bones,

Earns the wages which none ever condones.

Meeting the needs and satisfying wants,

Is what the common man usually plans.

Riches are blessings,

But, greed for riches utter distressings.

To gain by usury and amass luxury,

Ultimately leads to grievous penury.

Little joys of life cannot be with money bought,

They are the ones which are so often sought.

Lavish celebrations and wild revelries,

Fun, partying and mindless orgies,

Never lead to eternal glories,

Rather give rise to endless worries.

Love of money – the root of all evil is,

Causes many to wander towards things that easily fizz,

Till they find everything amiss,

And strive to gather the remaining dribs.

Pleasures can money buy, but joys it cannot,

Luxuries can it surely provide, but enjoyment it cannot,

A healthy body it can train up, a clean soul it cannot,

A job it can secure, but success it cannot.

Enslave your money then,

So you will have less pain.

Over it lord and will it never boss you over,

This is how you will always have your security cover.

Store not for yourselves treasures on earth,

Seek ye the higher riches which no vermin does maraud.

Rich in virtues and integrity be,

Then will you spend your days forever in supernal glee.


Hello Everyone,

Yesterday night I was struggling hard to add Google Adsense on my WordPress site.  Only aim was to monetize my blog site.  But I failed.  Actually possibility of  monetization of blog sites encouraged me to start blogging.  Or let’s say one of the reasons.  And I don’t shy away from admitting so.  I don’t mind if you call me money minded, I really won’t.  Because if desire to be financially independent or make an extra stream of income is being money minded then I am “IT”.   Not only this but I think of money in every possible situation.  For example I wait for months of sale to shop loads because they offer huge discounts, if electricity bills flare up that gives me sense of tension, an unwanted expense that could affect the monthly budget definitely puts me off.  Though I have a comfortable life but this is the way I think, can’t help it.  And I am not alone who thinks this way.  We all are money minded but not greedy, calculative but not misers, there’s a lot of difference.

To start with I used to work before marriage but marriage and relocation rendered me jobless.  And my quest for job as well as for myself started seven years back and still continuing :).  In this materialistic world success stands synonym for worth of a person.  And what measures the success?  More often than not it is “net worth” I mean how much you earn, properties possessed and likewise.  It is a harsh reality whether we have the courage to accept it or simply turn a blind eye towards it.

Let me give you a simple example of how materialistic the world has become.  Even the donations offered in Hundis (donation boxes) are accounted as annual turnover (can check example of Tirupati, pilgrimage destination in India, even the presiding deity is referred to as “richest god”). Actually what brings a sense of relief is that the money collected is channelized for various agendas like free meals, education, shelter for homeless and so on. But my point is when donations are meant to be secret (if your right hand donates your left hand shouldn’t be aware of it) we often come across news of so and so person donating so and so amount, read millions and billions or kind, read precious things such as gold and diamonds.  Why such publicity?  I see two possible reasons behind that:

  • Tax evasion
  • To let know people their net worth and earn respect.

Now coming back to my case as I admitted earlier, I am a money minded person.  I think of making money day and night, my brain churns out possible ideas of feasible employments (guys wish me all the best so that at least one idea hits bull’s eye ) and there is nothing wrong in that.  For a person who have witnessed difficult days in life the desire to earn money by every possible (legal and moral) way can never be wrong and that person could be anyone.  A money minded person is futuristic as always tries to see into and prepare for future – be it their own or family.  And I am sure we all are traveling in the same boat, right?

To conclude there is nothing wrong in being money minded but your heart should be at right place.  I firmly believe that it’s not necessary to be devoid of morals, principles and emotions to earn money and not every money minded person is scrupulous.  Had it been so then all the millionaires and billionaires would have been cheats and not referred to respectfully.  What do you think?


“Empty pockets teach you a million things,” this was said to me by a leading practitioner who happens to be my relative. I was very young then, in no position to understand what he meant. Few years down the line, when he was in his mid-50’s, he was diagnosed with Leukaemia (advanced stage), it came as a blow to us all. His fight against the disease was valiant but short-lived, yet, he left his family with more than enough resources to go on. Time went by, and soon his family was left with little funds, call it bad luck or bad investments, as per my cousin “Our ship sank cause it lost its captain in high tides.” The truth, however, was a bit different and bitter. My uncle worked hard, putting his blood and sweat into making that fortune was betrayed by his kin after his death. His only son, a well-educated boy who was simple at heart was manipulated into helping them out, making investments that wouldn’t earn him a penny, leaving him in a position where it became difficult for him to survive. But luckily he had the courage to start again, from the scratch.

I am reminded by a small chat between friends in a hostel during my higher secondary days. Anand was praying, hands joined, eyes closed when his friend Nitin interrupted.

Nitin – “What is it you are asking God with such diligence” ?

Anand – “Ssshhhh, don’t interrupt, I am praying that he blesses me with a huge mansion, luxury cars, huge bank balance and bricks of gold.”

Nitin – “What will happen when you get them all ?”

Anand – “I will be living happily.”

Nitin – “Then directly ask for happiness no. By the way, aren’t you happy now ? In this hostel room, with your bike, with few hundreds in your Wallet ?”

Anand- “I……….I am”(shocked)

Nitin was right in a way. Anand was happy, but he just thought happiness lies only in gold, cars, and money. In today’s world, it’s tough to imagine a day without money, and it’s very hard to feel satisfied if you have to struggle for your basic needs. Right from birth to cremation you need money, it’s needed to eat a day’s meal, to live, to fight disease, to earn respect, to find a little place for yourself on this earth, to secure your life, to provide your beloved, to gift someone something, but then, how much money can make you happy and satisfied?

If you have a luxurious mansion but all rooms are empty, if you have a Lamborghini but no friends to visit, if you have millions but no one truly to spend for, if you dine in exotic hotels but alone, if you have huge wealth but no one to pass it on or share with, if you have the costliest phone but none to call, then my friend you are the poorest living being on earth.

Dreaming of being rich and making good money isn’t a wrong thing but being rich shouldn’t be our only goal and dream. we must realize that money isn’t a synonym to happiness, It’s just a means to live comfortably. I hope no one is betrayed for money like my cousin, I hope greed hasn’t pickled our hearts that no tenderness lives there. If today was the last day of the entire human race, I am sure making money wouldn’t be on any one’s list and so money isn’t the only thing to live for.


“Yes ! Money is the thing that’s making our worlds spin”, this was a quote taught to me by my father as a child. I never completely was able to realize its real power until I myself experienced the difference it makes in my life and those around me.

A few years ago, I was respected, adored, appreciated, loved, sought and pampered by everyone who worked for me directly or indirectly. The street guard would give a stiff salute upon seeing me, he would say Namaste and ask about my wellbeing, how humble I thought. A masseur came for papa, all the way from Birla Mandir, he would daily bring flowers and Prasad from the temple, and tell me how good and beautiful I am, and made me laugh till my belly hurt by reciting anecdotes from temple life. The wait staff at hotels would come running on the nod of the head, they would hover around ready to serve, refilling my glass with a turn of my wrist. They all left me believing that I am real good, that they are most humble.

A few months after my father passed and I tried to gather my wits and start interacting with people again, I noticed a sudden shift in their conduct towards me. The guard kept chewing tobacco when he saw me, gone was the respect, the masseur uncle would no longer bring flowers, the fatherly affection he showered on me had vanished, the waiters wouldn’t come to the table until I asked for them several times, gone was the pampering.

I wondered what wrong I did, self-analysing myself and then I came to know the harsh truth. My father used to tip them all heavily, and money was the driving power that was making them suck up to me, to please him ultimately. It was both exhilarating and distressing. It certainly helped me realise that never take things on face value, there is a lot in underplays to people conduct towards you, and among them, money is the supreme reason.

There’s no such thing as free lunches, even if you are being given and offered anything for free, just know in your heart that its price would be extracted from you one way or another. Even a beggar is expected to give you blessings for the coin you gave him, every little favour done to you is rigged, at least most of the time. You might not see the price tag hanging around its neck, but I am sure that you will be able to see the price you have to pay, whatever form its takes.  But yet one must know it’s worth to know its value.

It’s said money can’t buy happiness, but it certainly helps end the misery. Money is silent, it creeps into your relations and friendships and ends up souring them, keep it in your pocket but not in your heart. Remember the best things in life are free ! 

Money can buy you a bed but not sleep. Money can buy you a clock but not time. Money can buy you a book but not knowledge. Money can buy you a position but not respect. Money can buy you medicine but not health. Money can buy you blood but not life & Money can buy you sex – but not love.


Money needs no introduction, from the day we started asking for toys we know the magic it can do. Anything and everything available on market can be bought with money. If we confine the usage of money for buying things, everything still looks good. In the process of getting used to money and the control we can have on our lives by using it, we are inadvertently loosing track of where we are heading.

Investing in the education and well-being of male child expecting dowry – Isn’t this naive ? Parents should facilitate children to have a future by providing them education and other basic needs. Now, it shall not be so that, because we want our children to take care of us in future we help them today.

How much salary do I get ? Having an expectation of good salary for the hard-work we do isn’t wrong, but a desire to have the highest salary and sacrificing life for the sake of earning more, how can we justify this ? Loosing self in the rat race of earning more will leave us disappointed with life.

Mentality of expecting return in itself is not bad, but when we make the desire filled with selfish benefits, leads to a thought that makes us money minded. 

Some people might look very greedy, saving money, every penny of what they have earned literally by giving up proper meals. May be, they don’t have a proper accommodation too. If they are doing this because they have a reason to do so, we need to respect such people. It may help their mother have a surgery or his kid’s higher education. These people are rather on a mission to help someone have a better life.

We cannot really know if a person is money-minded unless we spend some time with them , understand the goals and what are the sacrifices they are ready to make in-order to achieve their goals.

Commercialization – Whether we like it or not , we need to have a commercial sense of everything around us. Discounts, 1+1 offers, festive sales etc. The more we see benefits and we end up spending less, we do get attracted. Everyone wants to save their money earned through blood and sweat, but what bothers me is the fact that we are bringing in commercialization into our relationships and life style.

Having a desire to have a better standard of living and working towards it isn’t wrong. But when we forget the basic purpose of life, human existence and head towards only making oneself happy, this very thought would make us selfish and then becoming money-minded is only a matter of time.

Keep your mind and body to have a healthy thought process. Money for sure gives us security and the ability to be able to lead life with more comfort. But as everything, this also needs a limit, a limit on what we need, a limit on how much we let money control our lives. A positive limit to our thought of earning more, more and much more .

 Is the price of sacrificing life for the pay we get worth the struggle? 


Is it wrong to be money-minded?

 Umm….. Let’s find out!!!

Money and Man always co-exist. Without money it’s quite difficult to navigate our daily lives. Money is one of the basic needs of survival. Some earn money toiling day and night, some have got it in heritage, some acquire it through illicit means and some snatch it over-night. It’s up to us how to make money and why to make money.

Money is a blessing to all who hold it! When a child gets his pocket-money, it’s a blessing for him to buy chocolates/gifts for his friends and family. When an employee gets his salary, it’s a blessing for him to serve his family and friends. When an old man gets his pension, it’s a blessing for him for which he toiled from his 20s to 60s.

Then how come we can consider “Money minded” in negative terms?

Though money is a blessing for us, still at times it blurs our eyes. It’s not the physical eyes that goes blur; it’s the perception of our soul, heart and mind. Then money becomes everything for us. We forget about love, relationships, loyalty, identity and all other things that can separate us from evil.

Once Mr. Gates went to a Restaurant and after having food, he gave $5 to the waiter as tip. The waiter had a strange look on his face after the tip. Gates realized and asked the waiter “what happened”. The waiter replied, “I’m just amazed because on the same table Mr. Rory gave a tip of $500, but you his father, the richest man in the world, only gave me $5.” Gates smiled and said, “He is the son of the world’s richest man, but I am the son of a wood cutter”.

Every time I came across this story, one thing always hitches my attention. “Mr. Gates is the richest man on earth but he has never forgotten what his identity is!” But what happens mostly – we forget our identity. When I started my job life, my uncle (who is my counselor, motivator and beloved) gave me two best advice and one of them is “Never forget your identity”. It means you might become a big brand but what matters is WHO YOU ARE not where you are.

Once a very rich man asked Jesus, “Teacher, I want to be your follower”. Then Jesus said, “Obey my commandments” and he said I am doing that since my childhood, what more I shall do? Jesus said, “Go and sell all your properties and distribute the money among the poor”. Immediately the rich man went away from Jesus with a fallen face.

We might have a lot of money, but that is never capable to AFFORD us God and righteousness. The love for money didn’t let the rich man follow Jesus, it became harder for him to distribute his money among the poor. When we fall into love with money, the root of evil springs up in our lives to devour us from the love of God and to distract us with all illicit pleasure which not only jeopardizes our sacred rights but also others.

Mr. Ratan Tata donates 66% of his profit right away for the Philanthropic efforts, which makes his personal worth somewhere mere $600 million. He has not touched the top 10 richest persons list globally, but yes he has touched many lives.

Having Skyscrapers, Bugatti Veyron, Choppers & billion digit savings can make someone richest person but can’t make greatest person. WHY YOU HAVE matters more than What You Have. Personal savings can bring smile on your face but cannot bring smile on other person’s face. It’s good to save money but it’s best to invest money on people more than your savings.

When it becomes difficult to evaluate – “Am I money-minded or not?” that time ask yourself 4 BIG questions;

√ Is MONEY my Strength/Weakness?

√  Is MONEY my Blessing/Curse?

√ Is MONEY my Friend/Foe?

√ Is MONEY my Television/Remote Controller?

  • Money as my Strength/Weakness:

Our generation often quotes, “I work for money, if you want loyalty hire a dog!” Such mindset clearly portrays our picture. Here money is not our strength, it’s our weakness. Such a person lives to earn money not earn money to live life, which is too dangerous.

  • Money as my Blessing/Curse:

Our generation often quotes, “No Money, No Honey. Money hai toh life mein mazza hai”! Such statements are completely wrong. Money is of course a blessing to our lives, but falling in love with it brings curse to our lives. Money becomes CURSE to our lives, when it masters our lives. That’s why P.T. Barnum has rightly said, “Money is an excellent servant but a terrible master”.

  • Money as my Friend/Foe:

Our generation often quotes, “Jeb mein paisa ho toh, sub apko Bhai, Bhai bolenge” (When there is money in your pocket, people will call your Brother). Yah…. In today’s context, I agree with the statement upto some point. But meanwhile we should not forget two things;

  1. Those who make friendships with us because of our money, are not at all true friends. They are selfish and greedy people, for whom relationship/s is all about getting benefits.
  2. Money makes friendships and  also breaks friendships.

“Friendship and Money are like Oil and Water”. It is high-time for us to check-out whether our money works as our friend or our foe. Is money working as my friend to get some more good and true friends or it is working as an enemy in my friendship!

  • Money as my Television/Remote Controller:

Our generation often quotes, “My Money on my Mind… my Mind on my Money!” It’s quite applicable to the relation between a Television and it’s Remote Controller. Remote Controller helps us to control the technology of Television and tune ourselves to our desirable programs. Suppose the Television will not be compatible with the Remote Controller, what will happen next? Can we tune ourselves easily with our desirable programs? Will we have pleasant time with our television? Exactly like that Money is our Television and our mind is the Remote Controller. Till we are mindful about our money we can spent it wisely and life will be easy and pleasant but when our mind will be fooled by money (I mean our money will control our mind), that time life will be ruined.

Till our mind dictates our Money, it’s okay. But when Money starts dictating our mind, it becomes high-time for us to pause for a while, cross-check our life, work and transactions in all aspects and reboot ourselves again, cleaning the virus which has fooled our mind by money.

Being mindful about money is not wrong. Money-minded is wrong!

God bless you!