My favourite read

Of all the beautiful reads I had, the one that I could not get over was Rachael Lippincott’s five feet apart. I remember waking up for hours in the middle of the night, checking up my tab and having the long read. Intriguing, emotional, heart-wrenching and absorbing is how I define my favourite book.

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The story of the Stella Grant and Will Newman still makes my heart flutter. It dealt with Abby’s and Poe’s death, how the two affected Stella’s life and Will left her amidst this giving her a new life. The drug trial involved with cystic fibrosis patients having B.Cepacica was a whole new concept that gives us a sense of hope and the author wishes it too that one day such a treatment be found.

Having five feet apart in my collection is what that made me ponder about the life, the death, the love and the perseverance. It’s written with a heart that believes true love exists even in the most unrealistic circumstances. Don’t know where to start but this book has so much to say and what not to teach. A careful read of this book taught me that the death is inevitable to all and what we are supposed to do is to live in the moment and make the best use of it. When on medications what one must not lack is perseverance and the faith. It proves that love is the ultimate expression of the will to live. And children’s love is what binds the parents together when the terminal illness evokes in. Where there’s a love, there’s a sacrifice. It values the human touch as the premium ease of all sufferings. The protagonist of the story, Stella shows that girls know coding too. It shows how the transgenders share the equal rights and how the socialisation and technology has made living easy, causing awareness and helping people win the battle over a terminal illness such as that of cystic fibrosis. And above all, what this book had for me is one more lesson teaching never to take your health for granted.

“Unfinished” – no more ‘just’ a word…

There’s something about the prefix ‘Un‘ when attached to a word.

It takes a simple word and reverses it – making it sound so much cooler. ‘Unfinished’ – there couldn’t have been a better word to describe her, she is indeed far from finished. She – Priyanka Chopra Jonas (as it says on the cover of the book) but to us Indians, she’ll always be PeeCee.

I cannot express how happy I was to be holding a copy of ‘Unfinished’A Memoir by Priyanka Chopra Jonas in my hands. I’ve always admired PeeCee as an Individual, as an Indian and most importantly as a role model to so many youth in our country to start with, if not people around the world too. And the best part – She’s INDIAN, she’s one of US.

"I am a product of traditional India and its ancient wisdom, and modern India and its urban bustle. My upbringing was always an amalgamation of the two Indias, and, just as much, of East and West," the 38-year-old actor said in a statement.(Amazon)
Look at her people – Look at those eyes!

I’ve always believed, when you read someone’s story, it needs to talk to you in a way, that makes you feel connected to the book, the story, and most importantly, the person BEHIND the book. This book had it all.

Priyanka prefers to call it a memoir, which is more a select few stories from her life thus far, to be fair, I wouldn’t want all the gory details – a memoir sounded just enough of information I needed to know, besides Priyanka’s journey is far from over, like I mentioned at the beginning – as the title of the book suggests – “Unfinished”

After having purchased the book, I downloaded the e-Book version – which made it feel (listening to it) as if she was reading her story out especially for me, only to have waited a few more weeks and have Oprah interview Priyanka Chopra. That was, in more ways than one – the icing with the cherry on top, if not the already plenty of interviews available online on Youtube wasn’t enough that I have watched, re-watched and shown to my students as well, have had me almost mouthing what Priyanka would say next.

Can I have enough of Priyanka? That would be a simple NO.

The grace, confidence, language and to top it all: A killer attitude – what’s to have enough of her?

If you’re wondering, why I keep typing out ‘Priyanka’ instead of her full name Priyanka Chopra Jonas? – well, we’re on First-Name-Basis. Can you imagine Priyanka calling me ‘Mr Paes’ when we meet, instead of Savio? I’ve decided we’d keep it totally casual.

If you’ve been a fan or even remotely interested in following Priyanka Chopra’s journey through life, you’d know there are plenty of lessons that you would take along the way – Plenty! I need not pen them down, it might make this post very preachy, but that said – one of the BIGGEST lessons one could take from her book, “Unfinished” – are the words of advice her dad constantly gave her, the constant support of her parents that she mentions all along her book, her admiration towards them and her full family in general, every step of the way – whether it was during her years of schooling, winning the Miss India crown or marrying the love of her life.

She always had that spark – and look where its got her.

Priyanka and Me – only 6 months and 9 days separate our date births #JustSaying. We’re the same age 🙂

I want to leave you all with profound words found in “Unfinished”

“It’s OK to pick up, walk away, leave thing unfinished, and move on to what’s next”

“We all have a different story”

“There’s only one you. Understand who you are , your uniqueness.”

and the best of all:

“I am very much #Unfinished”

something that we all need to say everyday when we wake up first thing in the morning.


Yesterday, I talked about learning from life through the people we meet in our life journey.  And today in my Final Note I will talk about the other two ways through which we get the opportunity to learn.

So, we learn from –

  1. The persons we meet
  2. The mistakes we make
  3. The situations we go through

Learning from life through the mistakes we make

A small child wants freedom to execute what he or she wants to do without knowing what is good for him or her. Eventually, he or she does some mistakes, suffers pain and runs to his/her parents crying and being consoled by them. Next time he or she becomes careful about the mistake he/she had committed earlier. Building of different personality traits in the kids shows up in the later stage when they start learning from their past mistakes.  

Usually teenagers want to taste and test everything that comes their ways. They don’t like suggestions and they don’t like restrictions around them. They sometime don’t share what wrong had happened to them with their elders. But they try to solve them through all by themselves or through friends. Sometimes the results are fatal.

Most of us learn from our mistakes.

We fail in a particular plan then learn to be ready with other alternatives to tackle a similar problem and avoid failure in future. We suffer a heart break and then correct our ways of dealing with people next time. We fail in our exams and study well for the next time. But in some cases we find ourselves in soup. Because we are bound to accept certain things in life and try to adjust to that mistake we had committed.

Probably, we need to go through a process of sanctification as Rajnandini talked about in her SNIPPET to mend our ways or rectify our mistakes staying in that same situation that we chose earlier. 

That is why the wise people always learn from the mistakes of others and change their approaches and choices.

Learning from life during the situations we go through

I had a very bad fight with my wife. Because she was angry and I was harsh and argumentative. And the saga never stopped for few hours. 


The learning point is – “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” 

I knew it but didn’t apply it when it was needed. 

This was just a mere example for us to understand what I mean by events or situations that we sometimes have to go through and we get some lessons to learn out of them. There are many other occasions when we have to go through serious pain and sufferings without we being directly responsible for them. But when the transition period is over we collect some pearls of leanings from our life by reflecting on the past. 

Life situations like accidents, deaths, suicides, sicknesses, failures, joblessness and even situations like divorces etc., are the examples through which we go, people go. When we reflect on them later in our life we get to learn different lessons out of them. 

“God breaks us to make us.” 

We need to hold unto this fact for our moral boosting and encouragement forever. 

Avinash‘s The Formula “L 3” applies to this segment of my description very well. In the school of life we have to learn from various situations and events that we face every now and then on our journey till death. 

What should I say in my conclusion? 

Yes, as Aastha said, “Every day of life is a gift, indulge in it and make the most you can while you can. Have an open mind and a honest heart.” Then we can really learn from our life.

Because –

“…suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us.”

So, don’t be disappointed but keep hoping and keep learning… 

Good night and stay blessed!!!


Life teaches… true. It teaches in various ways. Recognizing them makes it easier for us so that we don’t reject few things that give us opportunity to learn. As I sat down to write on this subject the first question came to mind was, ‘what are the ways through which I get a scope to learn from life?’

I jotted down as soon as they came to my mind…

We learn from –

  1. The persons we meet
  2. The mistakes we make
  3. The situations we go through

Let’s discuss about the first one today and we can discuss the other two tomorrow on my final note.

Learning from life through the persons meet

The first in my list will be my former boss Mr. Samson Nag. He is one of the most soft spoken men. He speaks softly even when he is very angry. I had mentioned him in many of my articles. He used to tell me “Chiradeep when you speak think ten times because once the word goes out of the mouth will never return back. It will have either positive or negative effect on the persons interacting with you.” I try to implement on his wise suggestions. Don’t know much more still I have to fathom.

The second one will be my uncle, Khristina’s father Mr. Susanta Patra. He never says this or that is mine. He has so many things but he doesn’t mind giving it away when he sees a person in need of something.  He always says, “Never accumulate things. If you already have something then you don’t try to get another thing which will serve the same purpose and get accumulated.” I have learnt that to a certain extent and have implemented it.

The third one will be my own father, Mr. Pradip Patra. He is a humble and most simple person on earth as I haven’t met all the people on earth… Lol. He doesn’t have a crooked mind which we try to acquire to tackle the people of this age. I am still trying to figure out how to be simple.

Apart from the above three persons there are many more from which I have learnt many things in life.

My co-author Prabhjot is our Salman Khan… “Ek baar joh commitment kar diya tho mey apne apka bhi nahi suntha.” I learnt it from her. She always delivers it if she had committed to write a snippet or article. Rajnandini is not behind at all. Kalpana and Aastha are epitome of passionate writers. I have learnt the passion they have for writing.

I have learnt to do things wholeheartedly for somebody from my wife. She has so much compassion for poor and needy. If she sees an old person on the street she goes down on her knees and starts talking to him/her by offering a packet of biscuit or little money. She really goes extra-mile.

The list will never come to an end. But I will end here concluding that we need to value people and should not judge people seeing their status, age, caste and so on. Never stop learning from people whom you meet in your life time.

Stay blessed!!!











Every day we have thousands of experiences, some are good and others are not so good. All these experiences affect us in some way. There is a lesson taken from each of those experience, sometimes we are aware of these lessons and sometimes we are not. And this comes as a surprise to a lot of us. Yes, it is possible that you have a lesson learnt but you are not aware of it because that lesson resides in subconscious part of your brain.

Imagine a small child who has been strictly instructed by parents to not have street food. One day he gives into the temptation and eats ice cream from one of the local vendors on the roadside. He feels guilty so he goes and tells his mom. Mother is super angry so she slaps the little boy. Boy starts crying and promises to himself that he will never be truthful to his mom. That promise lasts for years together even though the boy who has now turned into an adult has forgotten that incident.

This is an example of subconscious lesson learnt. Sometimes these lessons are good for us and other times they hamper our growth as a wise person.

Question is – how can one be aware of such subconscious lessons learnt and decisions made? The fact is that you cannot be aware of them normally. There are ways to know such decisions through counseling, hypnotherapy and other forms of therapy.

But don’t forget that you should always keep asking yourself – what is causing this behavior of mine? If you are a person who doesn’t trust people easily, then ask yourself why is it that you don’t trust people easily? There must be something deep in your subconscious that is responsible for such behavior because  nobody born with such behaviors.

Question your own personality and try to figure out the reasons behind it. If there is something about yourself that you would really want to change – then you can go for various therapy sessions to really get aware of why something is the way it is.


As I took a look at my trophies, I put my hands up in despair. They had lost the luster. They were no longer the glittering trophies I had once been proud to put on display. I realized my old cleaning method would be to no good this time. Better to discard them all!

Before actually discarding them off, I browsed online for any guaranteed cleansing procedure. I picked out one of the methods to see whether it would work out or not. I started the experimentation. Lo! Behold! The shine was back again in minutes! And, I had categorized it as junk just a while before….

I was so happy. My trophies are back on display!!

I learned an important spiritual lesson from this episode.

Often as we look at our lives, we see how dirty we actually are. Our façade of goodness vanishes the moment we measure ourselves to God’s standards. There seems to be no hope. We feel like giving up. All seem to be lost.

However, God doesn’t give up on us!

He uses different procedures to clean us. Sometimes He treats us through narrow pathways, at times He permits us to experience pain and at times He takes us through strange alleys. But, He never gives up till we shine again! And after the cleansing process is over, we come out glittering again. God doesn’t render us useless and discards us all together. He continues to chisel us and polish us.

I was so grateful to God for teaching me this life lesson through a menial task.

No matter how low we fall in our life circumstances, the Almighty’s polishing hand is sufficient to transform us!