Kids of this generation are techno savvy. They use electronic gadgets comfortably since quite and early age and my son is no exception to this.

He discovered the YouTube world when he was an year old. And slowly he learnt to scroll the screen up and down, swipe to left and right. The next progression was choosing the song of his choice, mostly driven by how attractive the coverpage is. Whether I like it or not, I was okay with it.

One fine day, he was fiddling with my phone while watching YouTube. I took the phone after the screen time allotted to my son was over. I wanted to check WhatsApp messages. Just when I was ignoring the forward messages, one message caught my attention. It was from my driver. I read

“Madam, why have you sent me your picture?”

It didn’t take too long for me to decipher what must have happened. My son accidentally managed to share my picture to the driver while he was enjoying his play with my phone. And why driver, because his was the most recent chat as I had asked for confirmation of pickup scheduled for the next morning.

I didn’t know what to reply. The driver must have received “blue ticks” which means he will know that I have seen his message. I was so so so so embarrassed. I got a thought that the earth should crack open and eat me up but …!

I messaged the driver apologising and telling him that it was my son who did that and that he should delete the pic. The driver cordially said it’s alright.

There was an awkward silence the next morning when he came for the pickup. I broke the ice and apologized again. Again he said it’s alright very calmly.

Fortunately, I never met the same driver again. I dont know if his shift was changed or he was assigned a different route. And I just hope I never have to message him again for the pickup!

I still feel very awkward thinking what he must have felt about me sharing the picture , but it is what it is, and I had told him the truth 😁

Kids I tell you! They will land you in a soup more often than you can imagine.


Everyone of us must have experienced a few embarrassing moments in our lives. Those awkward moments are sometimes too uncomfortable to discuss with anyone at that point of time, but later, they prove to be hilarious.

With my younger one, I happen to witness some embarrassing moments indeed. It was his first day in playschool and the parents were allowed to be with the child in the classroom. So, I was there with my son and there was another child whose father accompanied him. The man didn’t look young and had receding hairline and my son suddenly started calling him Dada (grandfather). Actually, just before a month, we had shifted from our hometown where we were living in a joint family and my younger one, too fond of his Dada, used to be with him only most of the time. My son’s pronunciation also wasn’t clear, and I quickly hushed him up- “No baby, he’s not Chacha (paternal uncle)”, and took him to other side of the room so that he could be with other kids. However, he kept on pointing towards that man for the rest of the duration and I felt awkward throughout.

There’s another instance involving my younger one only. This time it was the mall. Yes, the typical moment when the kids yell in front of everyone to get their wish fulfilled. We usually take utmost precaution not to go near the toy stores and carefully choose our way. We entered a clothing store and were choosing some stuff when suddenly we say kids lined up to have their chance to play a video game. The store had installed a gaming machine right in the middle, obviously to give the customers a peaceful shopping experience, so that the kids don’t nag and spend their time as their parents are shopping. However, getting a chance wasn’t easy as there were too many kids in the queue. Lo and behold! My little one got fascinated by it and wanted to play the game, but that would take another 30 minutes and so, we immediately decided to go out of the store. He started crying and we were trying to pacify him, but all our efforts went in vain and expecting the least, he literally was lying on the floor howling horribly. I tried to pick him up, but he was too adamant. We chose to leave him there and started walking, thinking that he will follow us, when suddenly a lady came to him and told him that his parents will leave him  if he didn’t get up. Immediately, he got up and ran up to us. I thanked her, embarrassed at the same time. She said, “It’s ok, it’s normal.” We smiled at each other and I was relieved.


Ask a mom what her priority is and pat will come the reply, “My children!”. No mom is an exception to that. Once a mom,always a mom and it’s always about the children. ALWAYS!

I have seen this with my mom and my mom-in-law too. How much ever me and my husband grow up they still think we are their babies (which we are honestly 😁) and I get this fact just too well after being a mom myself.

After having Aarnav life has changed. Motherhood has curated me into a different person altogether. I no longer worry about dressing up and rather give that time to dress up my son, make his meals ready and do anything the he would need while we step out. I don’t mind staying up for him the whole night when he chooses to sleep in his mama’s lap rather than his bed. His comfort comes before mine. I don’t mind the dark circles I have which clearly highlight the sleep deficit. All that matters is whether Aarnav eats well, sleeps well and is happy. His well being comes first.

I no longer have my own plans, everything thing is planned as per Aarnav’s sleep schedule. There are days when I don’t even comb my hair but hey, who is complaining? I am a mom! And it will always be about my son! Don’t ask me to prioritize between you and Aarnav, you will lose because my son will always be my FIRST priority. I tell that to everyone, even my husband.

Well, let me be honest. There are days when I crave some ME TIME. There are days when I feel stressed for not getting enough rest, for not being able to care for myself, for not looking great, for not having my body in great shape, for the stagnation in my career but all these thoughts come and go. The only thought that stays is Aarnav and his well being.

In the end, all that matters is the twinkle in Aarnav’s eyes, smile on his face and the love he holds in his heart for me. All the worries and insecurities are washed away when he hugs my with his tiny little hands and kisses me on the cheek. And I will never trade that for anything in this world.

If ever I have to make a choice, it will be what is best for Aarnav. I am not me anymore, I am now Aarnav’s MOM and this new identity shall rule all my choices and preferences. Because,for a mother it’s always about her children! Dont you agree?


One verse of the Bible says, “Children are the gifts of God” and another verse says, “Every good and perfect thing comes from the LORD Almighty”.

I worked for Child development for 5yrs and had come across many children almost on a daily basis but there are 3 major incidents where the kids who are hardly able to tie their shoelaces have taught me some pretty great lessons.

Once I took my 6yr niece to a candy store and asked her which chocolate she wants. She took “Kinderjoy” (for girls) and casually I pulled a 10/- note and gave it to the storeman but instead of collecting the money he just laughed at me. Cluelessly, I was looking at the shopkeeper and my niece in return gave me a satirical look. The shopkeeper said brother one Kinderjoy cost 45/- not 10/-. Though my niece didn’t utter a word but her peculiar look was enough to tell me, “Do you think, I’m a fool. Don’t underestimate me”.

After a few years of that incident, one of my Uber drivers was sharing his son’s story. He took his 5yr son to the doctor since he was suffering from cough and cold. Before prescribing medicine doctor asked the kid, “Son, this syrup will taste bitter but it is good for your health. Will you be able to eat it or shall I give you another one?” The kid replied, “No, I will eat it”. Later at night, the father gave medicine but the kid found difficult to gulp it. Seeing the struggle of his son, the father said, leave it Beta (Son), I will exchange it in the morning with a sweeter one. But the 5yr kid’s replied, “No, I have promised Doctor uncle to eat this, I will try to eat this medicine Paapa”.

The 3rd and the most beautiful story was the story of a slumdog whom I met in the Kolkata local bus someday of November 2017. It was almost quarter to 10:00 P.M,  a skinny shabby looking 12yr kid stepped into the bus shouting “Chocolate lelo, chocolate, dus mein char chocolate” (take 4 chocolates in Rs. 10). Some passengers took candies from him, some shouted at him and as he approached me, I took 4 candies paying the double amount. I also shared my seat with him and enquired about his background. His father is a security guard but spends all his money on drinking and the elder brother doesn’t do anything. Every day this boy wakes up at 6:00 A.M and goes for free tuition class and after that, he goes to school around 10:00 A.M. He comes back from school around 3:00 P.M and within an hour he takes his candy box and catches the local bus from DumDum to New Town selling candies and then from New Town he catches another bus for New Market. Again from New Market, he changes another bus to New Town, at New Town, he stops to have snacks and packs dinner for him & his mother, then boards another bus to DumDum. This is his everyday story, around 11:00 P.M or quarter to 12:00 P.M he reaches home.

Stacia Tauscher:

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” 

Indeed! In our matured mind boosting our wisdom and knowledge, we tend to look down on children. In our worries for their future, we ignore their present potentials and maturity. Whereas, God has exactly created them in His own image and has given them the conscience having wisdom and knowledge. Though physically they are smaller than us yet at times their mental outwork is more matured than us.

In fact, the sublimity of their hearts in the simplicity of their nature has enfolded one of the greatest queries of matured minds. While Jesus lived as a human being on earth, one of his disciples asked him, “Teacher, tell us who is greatest in the kingdom of heaven”. Jesus took a child and said; “Truly, I tell you unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”


Children are no doubt one of the beautiful creations of Almighty. The innocence and their mischiefs can be cherished forever. Well, my parents say when I was a kid, I used to ask numerous questions. For that reason, I was quite curious and tried to learn everything around me. My mother says this annoyed my family members at times. Hearing this I thought, “O God! Did they use to get annoyed by my question? How could they?

Well, I understood this after I saw my niece Mishti and nephew Vasu doing something similar to what I used to do (according to my family members). Mishti my darling niece is the apple of my eyes. She is my little angel and I wish to see her happy as always. But sometimes she becomes annoying when she gets mad at her mother or on other family members. The reason why she gets mad is, she gets to hear scoldings from us. At times, she won’t listen to us and will do things that she is not supposed to do. This makes us angry and we eventually scold her. Once you have scolded her, she will stop talking to you, till she forgets her anger. 

My nephew Vasu too does things that will make you laugh. One day while I was talking to my nephew on call, I asked him ‘where is your grandpa?’ He said, ‘Don’t you see? Grandpa is sitting beside me. Eat vegetables then you will see.’ I was amazed after what he said. Not because he asked me to eat vegetables but because he knew eating vegetables is good for eyesight. He always advises me to cross the road properly, though he himself is three years old and can’t cross the road on his own. Also, he will make sure that you are wearing tidy and presentable clothes. If not, he will ask you to change your clothes by saying, “Go change your clothes, otherwise, I won’t go with you.” I love listening to his talk.

Both of them behave like elders and will then give their own adorable opinions.

There are many more incidents and sweet talk of my niece and nephew. I wish them abundant happiness and love. After all, children are no less than real angels.


Talking about my four years old angel, my daughter Nandini.  2015, June, she came into our lives and since then it’s been a fantastic journey with her.

Four years of age but she is independent, smart and confident. Being a mother I shouldn’t praise too much about my own child because Nazar Lag Jaati Hai (cause jinx). Its too much fun with her around.  Few shades and incidents of her I would love to  share :

She is an independent girl in the making: Me “Nandini let me hold your hand while we are walking to school“. Nandu (we fondly call her):  No thanks. And that’s a subtle way of saying Mom mind your own business 😁. She chooses what she would wear everyday (of course I enforce a lot 😉 to convey who’s the boss 😎), from brushing her teeth to wearing her jacket she learnt it quick.  I remember this particular incident where she somehow missed my line of sight in an indoor play area. I was attending my son and on realization that Nandu is no where to be seen we searched hysterically every corner of the play area.  And then the idea struck me “search the toilets” and I was lucky on that day to have my husband besides me as we had to search in gents toilet too and Madam was found there as she couldn’t make out what’s the difference and it was urgent 😁 and she is independent enough to know where the toilets are. That day I told her clearly “giving information before action is important ” 😁.

Never fails to surprise (sometimes shock too 🤪): One day she took scissors upstairs.  I let her because I was confident because those were craft scissors and she knows very well how to use them. Few minutes later she called me showing scissors in one hand and held hair in the other and said “Mom shall I cut my hair?” I immediately ran upstairs to stop her while yelling “No!!!!” and I thought I saved the day only to find that she already did the act with a bunch on one side and hair was lying on the floor 😱.  Luckily that wasn’t a lot so that we didn’t have to rush to a hair dresser.

She teaches me ethics:  She follows what’s been taught. Sorry, Welcome, Excuse Me, No Thanks, Thank You, It’s Ok and all the basic etiquettes she is trying to implement them as a good student, thus trending the right path. And this is not the news. But what amuses me is that she reminds me of those etiquettes when I miss the mark. It was yesterday only when we were doing an activity together. She passed me the mosaic sticker that was supposed to be pasted on a cardboard.  I took it and was busy pasting it and she interrupted “Mom you should say Thank you ” and I was left chuckling “my little princess!!!”

And smartness yeah!! She uses the card “Sharing is Caring” to her advantage very well.  When she is done with her portion of ice cream or chocolate she would run to me or her brother with her mouth open and saying “Sharing is Caring ” while vice versa with her favourite stuff rarely works 😁.

These are few drops from the ocean of awesome moments I had with her.  And did I mention she is interested in every activity under the sun. She wants to paint, dance, play football, swimming, act and what not. In short she is Mini Me – interested in everything. She mimics, poses for pictures, dances with crazy steps leaving me surprised and happy or surprisingly happy. And the best thing with her around is that she says “Mom you are my best friend” and I am floored. She is indeed my princess and a friend to cherish for life, my support who understands me.


“Fairy” by Nandu😁

20191112_112819.jpgFingers dabbled on canvas


I know parents won’t agree with me if I say, “kids are not stressful“. They will definitely retort back, “Oh, you never know how stressful these little ones can be!” I can understand what they mean by that, but at the end of the day, they will also agree with me acknowledging the roles of their children in their lives.

Children are the best stress busters. Whenever I feel low and drained out, I usually sulk into my own world or I just go to my brother’s place to play with my niece, Mihika.

Trust me, her activities take away my stress considerably. I don’t run around with her, but capture a number of her poses that she makes for my camera. Her mother has bought a few story  books of different cartoon character. And she keeps pointing at each character and their names with her most amusing pronunciation. Being a story teller, I don’t lose the opportunity to weave stories seeing those characters to amuse her and she attentively listens to my funny squeals while explaining. And some times, she simply doesn’t pay any attention to me especially when she is watching her favourite cartoon shows on TV. 

I love to hear her calling me, “Badababa“. And as her Mom usually calls me, “Bhai” she would often try to imitate her mother and call me “Bhai”, to which I always oppose and she immediately calls me “Badababa” again. That exercise as well rejuvenates me. 

Mihika is 21st Century girl. She was born with a smart phone in her hand. And she loves to watch cartoons on Youtube. Her mom sometimes allows her to watch the videos on her phone. Whoever has a smart phone and if they allow her to watch Youtube on it then she will ask the phone everytime. She will say, “Vido…Vido…Vido…“. But she never asks me my phone because she knows very well that she won’t be allowed my phone at any cost. 

That 20-30 minutes of time that I spend with her unburdens me of my that day’s burden momentarily.  And I return to my home feeling lighter. 

As we grow in life, we get complicated and complex mentally and emotionally, in fact, in every possible way. Our soul longs for that simplicity when we are stressed out. It longs for that innocence which is our very nature, very attribute as we were created by God’s image. And children reflect that innocence which we long for… 

Friends! Don’t miss the opportunity to strive for innocence by spending time with children…

Keep reading, keep commenting…

Stay Blessed!