I am a story person. I mean I love stories. Throughout my life I have been a voracious reader. So much so that I used to enjoy reading the comprehension in the English language exam too. Some people love songs and keep listening to it in a loop similarly I can keep reading novels or books or magazines back to back.

But still I never thought I could actually write something interesting which others would enjoy reading. Confidence was low but still there had been a desire to read my name printed somewhere in black and white. I wrote letter to the editor in various magazines in the hope that my letter would get published in the next edition of the magazine. And my gamble worked also. I still have a couple of copies of Femina from more than 10 years ago where my letter to the editor was published along with my name.

My sister Prabhjot Kaur on the other hand had been dabbing in writing for a long time. I guess she was writing during her college time also. She had been writing short stories and articles which got published in actual books and websites. She was very much involved in the print version of Candles Online too. I used to her read her creations on FB, impressed and in awe that she could write so well.

Once while chatting with her I told her that I am very impressed with the article series called O-Zone in the Sunday supplement of Times of India. They gave such a sound advice and such good examples in the article. I said that I wished I could write something similar which touches people. And she said something very simple. “Why don’t you write? You can.. You have the potential..

But who listens to a younger sister. What does she know. Of course I said a no..

But she is also not one to take no for an answer. She promptly told Chiradeep about me and told him to contact and convince me..

Thus entered an angel in my life.

Chiradeep.. my buddy.. the guy who showed confidence in me when I didn’t have it myself. He convinced me that I could actually write. He edited my first few articles too. He was my cheer leader and my critic too.. He came with great ideas and topics to write every week and I loved rising to his challenge every time.

This is my journey on how I became a blogger. A tag which I carry with pride. Candles Online has re-instilled my confidence in myself. It came into my life when my self esteem was at an all time low. My life has enriched by simply sharing my thoughts with my readers.


Human brain consists our MIND which is – “the faculty of a human being‘s reasoning and thoughts. It holds the power of imagination, recognition, and appreciation, and is responsible for processing feelings and emotions, resulting in attitudes and actions” according to Wikipedia.

There are some mind blowing facts about brain that might amazed you as it amazed me while researching on Uncle Google.

Do you know, there are 1,00,000 miles of blood vessels in our brain? And the distance between New Delhi to New York is only 7307 miles. That’s why we can reach our american friends faster than by just travelling by aeroplanes. Lol… Just kidding :p

Do you know our brain uses 20% of the total oxygen in our body? That’s what I was wondering who’s eating up all my oxygen that my poor lungs inhaling for my body. My naughty brain 😦 

Do you know if our brain loses blood for 8 to 10 seconds, we will lose our consciousness? Oh my… I will drink more water and keep myself re-hydrated… I promise… 😉

Do you know the scientists have discovered that men and women’s brains react differently to pain, which explains why they may perceive or discuss pain differently? Now who’s more vulnerable we don’t know. Usually, we see females break down quickly or reacts quicker than the males. Be considerate and don’t judge, you males!!! Me too… 😉

Do you know there is a class of people known as supertasters who not only have more taste buds on the tongue, but whose brain is more sensitive to the tastes of foods and drinks? In fact, they can detect some flavors that others cannot. I think I am one among those ‘Supertasters.’ I am a foodie and I am very sensitive to what touches my tongue. What about you??? 🙂

Have you ever thought that women tend to take longer to make a decision, but are more likely to stick with the decision, compared to men, who are more likely to change their mind after making a decision? Don’t know about this but I tend to stick to my decision to show up but keep regretting in my mind. Now, I am kind of telling all my secrets tonight. Okay…Okay… Have fun reading about them!!! 😦

Do you know the connection between body and mind is a strong one? Of course I know… One estimate is that between 50-70% of visits to the doctor for physical ailments are attributed to psychological factors. No doubt why doctors give Gelusil or Vitamin tabs to the villagers who come complaining excruciating pain in their bodies. Sometimes our mind says, ‘this is a good medicine because the price of this medicine is higher than the other.’ But that’s only in the mind. And doctors utilize that piece of fun fact to cure a patient. Lol, shrewd doctors! 

I think this much fun is enough for tonight. 😉 Rest of the fun can be searched and researched by asking uncle Google who can share all the important facts about our mysterious brain and mind. 

Keep reading and keep having fun!

Stay blessed!!!


The following two videos are very interesting to watch. They are depicting how mysteriously our brain works… Please enjoy watching them:






I was 17 then and was living with my parents in a duplex house. Both the bedrooms were upstairs; living room, kitchen and guest room was downstairs. I had always been a big fan of horror shows right from my childhood. So, it was 9:30 pm and my parents were asleep upstairs. I was watching a horror show on television called “Aahat”. This was one of the most stupid shows ever, but as a teenager I used to love it.

So let me explain the setup first. I was sitting on a couch in front of the TV, which also had VCP (Video Casette Player) connected to it, kept just below the TV in a trolley. Those were the days before CD/DVD players had made their way to market. People had Video Casettes and players for entertainment. We also had a set.

I was sitting there and watching the horror show, and I had all the plans to go and study after an hour of entertainment. That show of Aahat was about a haunted house, where the devil was residing in the electricity of the house. So till the house did not have the electricity, it was perfectly normal. But whenever it got the electricity, the couple staying in the house experienced scary situations. They showed a refrigerator filled with corpses, a blender that hurt a girl by starting on its own, a vacuum cleaner that blew nails out of it, killing the guy. So, it was basically all scary things happening through electricity. Just as the show ended, I was a little scared so I switched to a music channel to divert my mind. After 10 mins or so, I got up from my couch to head to my room, just when I was about to switch off the television, the VCP started rewinding the cassette on its own. Out of the blue, I was nowhere near the remote, the VCP just started off on its own. I was almost grounded where I was standing, unable to move, almost expecting the blender to behave differently and the vacuum cleaner to blow nails out of it or the refrigerator that might have a dead body in it. I looked around at the blender and it did not move, I then looked at the refrigerator and that looked normal. I did not know where vacuum cleaner was kept otherwise I would have checked that too.

Somehow I mustered enough courage to go and switch off the TV and the VCP. I went to the utility area to have a look at the main switch of the electricity. I had no clue how it worked, but I can assure you that I would have switched off the mains if I knew how to do it. I was scared to death. It felt like that devil is now in the electricity of my house. The next 2 mins were probably the longest, when I had to lock up all the doors, switch off the lights and go up the stairs alone. I eventually did it praying and wishing to let my house be spared of the devils. I had no intention left to study, so I simply went off to sleep with lights on.

Next morning when I woke, my dad was quite surprised to see my bedroom lights on and everything including the refrigerator switched off. He asked me what happened and I told him everything. I was almost driven to tears, I was indeed still scared. He laughed when I told him all that happened. He spent some 10 mins checking the TV and the VCP and what he told me made me feel really stupid and silly.

What happened was this, I was watching TV unaware of the fact that VCP was also on and was playing the cassette. Earlier that evening, mom and dad were watching my sister’s wedding cassette and he forgot to switch the VCP off, he simply connected the TV to the set top box but the VCP was still running. VCP was configured to auto-rewind, which meant that as soon as the cassette reaches the end, it would rewind it on its own. The moment I was about to switch off the television was the same moment when the cassette ended and the VCP began auto-rewinding. I never even saw the VCP switched on and after watching that silly episode of Aahat, I almost believed that it started working on its own because there probably is a devil in the house.

Mom and Dad had a good laugh at me and I was quite embarrassed. But now I find it really funny to remember how silly I was to watch shows like that and believe them to be true.


Exactly an year ago when I watched “Bhajrangi Bhaijan” movie for the first time in the theater, I did cry through the entire screening and people laughed at me. After an year, when I watched it yesterday, I cried again. Frankly, this was a test I put myself into.

It has happened many times, I am not ashamed to be sharing this.  I get emotional very fast, other’s problem is my problem, I imagine myself in all the problematic situations others are going through and constantly dwell for ways to handle them. I just don’t empathize, I feel the pain deeply… I care to the core and people say I am stupid.

My stupidity does comprise of small and big things. I want ice-cream knowing I would fall sick if I do, I want deep fried stuff knowing that isn’t healthy, a lazy weekend when there are a pile of dishes to do, an adventure knowing I am risking my life. Other’s happiness comes before mine. This can be a great personality, but often people who relate to this kind of behavior end  up with feelings of hurt. So, what did I do to handle this ? This may sound stupid too, but read on…

Dear Heart, Please stop getting involved in everything. Your job is to pump blood. That’s all !!

This has been one of my favorite quotes, in fact I had a print out of this on my desk for a long time. People have wondered what’s wrong with me … There is only so much I can do to stop my heart from interfering.

Brain says:

“I am warning you in advance, don’t believe that person, you are gonna be back stabbed. Do you copy me ?? “

“Don’t get too emotional, it’s normal that people behave differently at times. Do you copy me ?? “

“Silly, It’s no fun… Don’t get mischievous, he seems enough irritated, he may get angry … Do you copy me ? “

“Can you put the phone aside and sleep ? There is an important meeting early in the morning, Do you copy me ??”

Heart never considers any of these reminders… On the day when the truth is exposed, it suddenly says

“Houston !! We have a problem .. 😦 ” 

Above may sound like a fairy tale story, but in reality this fight exists and it exists within ourselves. We have two thoughts and are validating what’s good, but one takes over the other, that’s simply because either you are a sensitive person for whom emotions form the base, or a practical person for whom logical decisions are important.

Whether its heart or the brain,  reduce nonsense, make decisions that make sense, not only to us but for all others who may be impacted.


Heart, a hollow muscular organ that pumps the blood through the circulatory system by rhythmic contraction and dilation. In vertebrates there may be up to four chambers (as in humans), with two atria and two ventricles. This is the definition for heart if you search it’s meaning on Google (Phew ! People working at Google do have a lot of free time to research any these things).

Then what is the Proverbial Heart ?

If that palpating mass in our chests doesn’t feel anything then, then what is it that won’t think, but feel ?

Oh My God! Is it all mind ???

So all those times I said “my heart will go on” or “don’t go breaking my heart” or “hand on your heart” or “shape of my heart”, they were all in vain. It means that I was always thinking, thinking from the mind, and never feeling from heart, it means that there is nothing called as “selfless love” or “unconditional love”. That emotions are nothing more than hormones? Hormones like Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, Norepinephrine and Epinephrine, Serotonin, GABA, Dopamine, Acetylcholine, and Oxytocin.

When your heart beats a little faster on seeing that someone special, it’s just Estrogen, all those lovey dovey games, those tiffs were just Estrogen. When he stammers while talking to her, cause he likes her so much, is Testosterone, when you feel scared of darkness, when you feel anxiety to see a loved in hospital, when you get that “adrenaline rush”, on the swings, that amusement to see your baby copy you is Norepinephrine and Epinephrine. That calmness and confidence brought on  you by your mother’s touch is Serotonin. That woozy relaxed stupor to play scrabble with your dad is GABA, and that feeling depressed to have not met your best friend is drop in Dopamine levels. Those fat tears you shed when your husband left for US were an overdrive of Acetylcholine and the immense overwhelming connection you feel after making love is Oxytocin.

Now, too much that can be said and discussed about hormones and about brain, we can go on and on, all this said and done, I have tried to let you into a sneak peek of the workings and doings of these Hormones.



p style=”text-align:justify;”>Now for another perspective at what our brain is capable of doing I wanna show you a glimpse into our day to day activities influenced by its mystical power over us. Brain is a mysterious labyrinth of facts and fictions, dreams and realities, fears and phobias. Here are some cool brain facts :

1. Have you ever noticed that sometimes you walk into a room to get your glasses or your pen and as soon as your cross the door you forget why you came there, what were you looking for? It’s called “Doorway Effect”, walking through a door cleans our memory slate momentarily. Wow, now I can tell my mother, it’s not forgetfulness but “Doorway Effect”(I can see her expressions, LOL)

2. There is also a belief that the creative people have a more stimulated right side of the brain compared to the those who are more analytical and have an left brain dominance! Let my friend call me dumb next time, she will know that I just have a creative right brain compared to her drab grey matter.

3. Ever tried tickling yourself? I bet you all did it (oh come on, in washrooms, in front of the mirror?) and realized it won’t happen, you can’t tickle yourself because your brain knows the difference between external touch and your own personal touch. I double up laughing if someone shows me a wriggling finger from 5 feet away.

4. We all have felt “Déjà Vu” one time or another, it occurs when your brain tries to apply a memory of a past situation to your current one, fails to do it, and makes you feel like it’s happened. I get really spooked to get Deja Vu, I thought it might have something to do with reincarnation, thank god ! Just imagine, me a queen of some abandoned fort and a mighty prince kissing me as I sleep, Ahem Ahem, let’s not get carried away with my fantasy world.

5. Has anyone ever told you that, you are a negative person, when you felt your decisions end up in a NO? A recent study has found that, when faced with decisions, the human brain’s weird, default response is to say “no”. No man, just last weekend I told no to a trip to Goa with cousin. Must use it to Your benefit, next time you wanna make your hubby take you to movie just ask him “shall we spend all day at home?”, and watch him say NO.

6. Do you know, that our brain is only capable of maintaining 150 stable relationships ? HUH! I will be glad if I can maintain just five, including one with my mom. Kudos to that man who can keep 150 girlfriends secret from each other.

7. The fact that disturbed me the most is when a person dies, they have 7 minutes of brain activity left. It’s the mind playing back the persons memories in a dream sequence. I never stopped thinking what went through my father’s mind, I am still haunted by it. I like to think that he was thinking of me.

8. How many of you day dream and feel shy about it? Do you know we keep altering our memory to make the perfect memory ? Mind spends 70% of it’s time replaying memories and creating scenarios of perfect moments. My school life was mainly sitting at the desk and staring into nothingness as I drooled from the corner of my mouth, nostalgic fond memory na ? Ohk Ohk, I know it’s gross !

These are just a few facts, brain is a multi layered phenomenon and it hasn’t been completely unlocked as of yet, though men would say women have more complex brains than them, but I would advise you all to know in your hearts that your every decision, your personality, your dreams and nightmares, your phobias and manias are all generated in mind. So next time when you say, “you make my heart melt” or “you are safe in my heart” or  “let’s have a heart to heart talk” or “Home is, where the heart is”, You might be thinking it as your HEART.. but actually it’s only your mood and feelings where BRAIN is the sole proprietor of all these…


p style=”text-align:justify;”>

Friends, don’t be confused, I haven’t lost all hope in heart… 😉 This was just something I often wonder, so just gave words to my random thoughts, hopefully someday I will write down in favour of heart, and present to you the other side of the coin. And that thing you are feeling right now, is not in your heart.