Home & Body – Cleaner The Better

My entire childhood and teenage (till 18) was spent in a small single room with just partition walls to separate kitchen and bathroom (if presence of a gas stove and a commode makes them respectively what they are called). And the space available in the middle of the house was a convertible one. When plates were arranged it was our dining room and when mats were laid it was our bedroom. If guests arrived third chair would find it difficult to fit in forget about having a couch. And when it rained we had a personal pool right in middle of the house. With regular power cuts we spent innumerable nights under the star lit sky and water supply as good as probability of finding an oasis amidst a dessert.

Memories!!!! Those days were tough. Financial and physical hardships have toughened our mettle indeed. Our navigation through those tough waters was guided by a compass with two blades –

  • You have a roof at least over your head and a full stomach when you go to sleep.
  • Work hard for your betterment, stop complaining.

14 years later, in 2017 I moved into MY (OUR) own house. What a joy it was! The peace of having and living in an abode where you are sure no one will surprise ( read shock) you with an evacuation notice out of nowhere is surreal (conditions apply – regular EMI thy name ). Every hardship, every austerity measure in the past finally paid off.

But since we moved into an old property considering our budget constraints then our house needed lot of renovation. We recently got the heating system changed in the pursuit of having hassle free winters and also to add to the resale value of the house if at all in future we decide to do so.

Allegory came to mind: We all know what renovation means – lot of dust and dump to clean up. While I was at it, one thing stuck my mind – isn’t our body same like our home? While a structure made of bricks and mortar gives us shelter, another structure made up of flesh, bones, water and blood shelters our heart and soul. We take a lot of pain and make lot of efforts to keep our premises clean lest it won’t be presentable and hygienic too. Then why we behave negligently towards our body that is nothing less than a temple created by the greatest architect – The God.

Yes I can hear those voices “what are you talking about? We take utmost care of our hygiene and with Covid around we are not taking any chances whatsoever”. I would say ” you are doing great. But what about those who are maligning this temple with various addictions like smoking, drinking, drugs? What about those who are knowingly or unknowingly giving shelter to dacoits named ego, greed, jealously, lust, anger, pessimism in the compartment called heart that are corroding and robbing them of their sanity & peace and consequently Joy. These termites are blindfolding us and deviating from the path which everyone of us is destined to trend. The path they make us walk are ecstatic to begin with filled with fun and frolic but as the end approaches we

  • Clueless,
  • Corrupted morally and ethically,
  • Consumed by poison once we were consuming,
  • Crippled by illness, close to a painful death.

Get your Insurance done: Just like a house has insurance against any possible loss and damage due to theft, fire, water etc. Insurance for our joyful lives is HIS WORD, EMI being EP – everyday prayer. If you sign for a premium plan of “Please Enlighten Me” you shall surely be delivered from temporary hardships of falling prey to the vices and get a bonanza of eternal joy!

Points to be noted :

  • Respect your abode, be it house or body.
  • Keep them clean for health – physical, mental & spiritual.
  • Rent/EMI/Prayer – being regular is the key.

Just like a structure that we live in needs regular cleaning so does what lives in us needs a regular check.

From rented house to own- I had my fair share of experiences, hardships, memories and delightful moments. Now I have embarked on a journey to cleanse my temple – renovating my approach, dumping out the negativity. It’s hard and I am prone to falter but assurance of Joy of Enlightenment is my driving force.


This week’s topic was “Good Habits & Practices,” which I hope helped a lot though the snippet writers were less this time. They have a habit of making excuses… Lol 😉

But I would like to highlight few interesting sites in my Final Note while concluding this week.

I came across a site called, “http://thoughtcatalog.com.” This website is owned by Gretchen Rubin  who is an author of an very important book named: “Better Than Before.” She has dealt the most common issue of every individual, “habits” in a very descriptive and professional manner.

I even attempted the Quiz offered by the site to know my tendency which is usually of four kind according to the author.

She says, “It’s clear to me why so many people want it. For many, many people, the secret weapon of habit-change is outer accountability.” 

That’s really true. Unless we are supervised or monitored by somebody we don’t follow the rules to change our habits.

She further says, “In Better Than Before, I identify the “Four Tendencies“: Upholders, Questioners, Obligers, and Rebels. Your Tendency makes a big difference when it comes to how you can most easily change your habits.”

I would like all the readers to visit & read her blog to understand the Four Tendencies more clearly.

H.A.B.I.Ts Maketh a Man

Just as tiny drops of water accumulate to make mighty oceans, habits when practiced long-term define the character of a person. Here are some of the important areas of life where good practices are essential.

Health – Health comprises the physical, physiological and psychological well-being of a person. Some tips for good health:

  • A balanced diet (Vitamins & Minerals – fruits, green leafy vegetables, carrots, beetroots, tomatoes; Proteins – pulses and lentils, nuts, milk, eggs, fish, lean meat; Carbohydrates & Fats – only according to the recommended allowances; Roughage – fibrous foods; Water – 2 litres per day)
  • Regular exercise (or 40 minutes brisk walking)
  • Complete health check-up once a year
  • Hygiene (Washing hands before meals and after using washrooms, having a bath daily, wearing fresh clothes daily)
  • Peaceful sleep (6-7 hours every night)
  • Entertaining good and noble thoughts (avoiding unhealthy gossip and depressive environments)

Ambition – To dream sky-high and put in the required effort to achieve those dreams is called ambition. Some habits to be borne in mind while pursuing one’s ambition:

  • Work hard consistently (burning the midnight oil for two days and slumbering for the next two days doesn’t yield remarkable results)
  • Set realistic goals (set short-term targets to start with)
  • Manage your time efficiently (prioritize your tasks and do not procrastinate)
  • Associate with people who nurture your ambition
  • Avoid the company of people who aim to pull you down

Behaviour – Our thoughts, words and actions cumulatively make up our behavior. Some good behavior practices include:

  • Feeding the mind with constructive thoughts
  • Helping people in need
  • Respecting every individual (this includes elders, women, children, colleagues, subordinates)
  • Listening to people who want to unburden their hearts
  • Spending time with people who need you

Interests – Our leisure-time activities are predominantly the ones we are interested in. So, we must carefully nurture them. Some do’s and don’ts in pursuing our interests are:

  • Pursue interests that build you and others up
  • Be mindful of the investments in pursuing your interests (time, money, etc.)
  • Your interests should be your stress-busters not stress-creators
  • Do not go to unwanted extremes to focus on your interests. Make smart decisions.

Trade – Apart from family, the workplace is where an individual spends most of his / her time. Hence, good habits are a must to ensure that a person prospers in his / her trade.

  • Be punctual no matter what happens
  • Have a good rapport with superiors, colleagues and subordinates
  • Be polite always (harsh words repel people)
  • Work diligently
  • Wear a smile at all times

Of course, the tips are not exhaustive. Pages can be written for each area. But, humble beginnings lead to great results. And so, let’s be mindful of just a few things to start with!


Talking about habits is sometimes quite easy and sometimes it is very difficult. That’s why I followed my favourite habit of searching on google to find some quotes on HABITS.

And bingo… I found one, a really very good one…

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”


What Mahatma was trying to tell here? He was saying when our HABIT is well backed up by our beliefs, thoughts, words and actions, it will produce values that determines our destiny.

If our beliefs are on TRUTH, then our thoughts will be on TRUTH and so does our words. Then our actions will be controlled by the TRUTH we believe and think. And our habits will be developed gradually out of that actions which will reflect our values and determine the destiny, a destiny based on Truth…

Remember the process:

Beliefs — Thoughts — Words — Actions — HABITS — Values — Destiny

Stay Blessed!!!


Habits can be good or bad depending on its ultimate effects on our lives. Sometimes our habits affect our behaviour. We become habituated with certain kind of behaviours. A habit of taunting or making fun of others becomes our behaviour when we do that always. Sometimes it is pleasant or unpleasant to others.

Aristotle says, Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.”

Sometimes a deliberate action of helping others, maintaining a routine or time become our good habits & practices which ultimately affect our behaviours in a positive way.

Sometimes habits can be shocking when we discover it for the first time in different persons.

Newly wedded couples get amazed seeing each other’s peculiar habits and practices as they start living together. They either laughs at each other when they see those habits or feel alarmed, thinking how to bring the change in their partners. Have you ever thought whether your partner is affected because of your bad habits?

What I really want to say here is that, our habits do have a direct impact on our lifestyle, behaviours, our surroundings and on the people related to us. We discussed that yesterday also…

Practice makes a man perfect… Good habits make everything else perfect…

Stay Blessed!


“Old Habits Die Hard”

In fact I would say, sometimes old habits never die…

I had a peculiar habit of reading novels in my college days. The small text books seem so impossible to finish yet I could finish thick novels within two or three days. That habit died forever when I started working. Lack of time and other commitments prevented me from having the luxury to sit back and enjoy a good novel.

Some other funny habits like, day dreaming for long, sitting on the commode in the toilet were other habits which expired as I grew older in maturity.

But when I started working I developed a habit of reading the newspaper sitting on the commode. Even now I do the same thing at times, but the newspaper has been replaced by my phone.

I don’t know why we get so many new ideas when we are enthroned on the commode. Funny it is, yet a reality.

Procrastination is one of the irritating habits I have. It usually make me keep the most important things till the end to finish and struggle for that.

Some habits are funny and harmless but some habits or practices have negative effects on our life. As we grow in maturity and age, it is our foremost duty or responsibility to see ‘how does my habit affect my personal lifestyle, my surrounding and the people around me…,’ ‘I have to leave the habits that are spoiling my health, my mind, my routine life, my work life, my family…’

It is important to remember that we need to let the old bad habits die soon and groom the good habits till we die.

Stay Blessed!


Man is a slave of habit. If he does anything for a prolonged period of time, he gets habituated with it. Waking up at a certain hour, eating a certain kind of food item at a particular time or wearing a certain type of clothing all are what man is habituated with. Habits are incorporated within us in such a way that it becomes our identity. We can identify individuals by their habits. We all are habituated with something or the other.

As children we were always told to nurture good habits which included our personal hygiene, respecting elders and performance in academics. But as we grow older these become a part of our life and stay till the end.

However, there are some habits which when nurtured transform into values and later act as a shield against the atrocities that come to damage us. These values, in the true sense, need to be practised till the end of life as they are not in-built. Sometimes they may seem uncomfortable as they give us temporary pain and suffering which is the reason they are not practised by most people. But these are the values that take us to purity. The values of honesty, love, dignity, punctuality, perseverance, truthfulness, faithfulness, loyalty, trust, accountability, acknowledgement etc., are the ones that gain perfection but only when practised. Therefore in order to stay righteous and rewarded till the end say ‘yes’ to these values and habits and discard what is contradictory to them.

Get identified for the right values!

Ruth Samarpita Sarkar