Past 7 months of pandemic have been really rough for all. We have been surrounded by gloom, demise news and too much work load. How can one cheer up in such cases?

Well, I couldn’t. I thought I was braving the situation well but a point came when I realised that I am not able to handle this anymore. The monotonous routine of too much of household chores, ever piling and very demanding office work and a hyperactive toddler was all getting more and more difficult to handle with every passing day. I knew I had reached the limit when I couldn’t control my anger and tears at petty things. I was reaching the breaking point.

I knew I had to do the damage control because If I remained upset for a long time, my family was going to suffer, my child would see my wrath, my husband would not feel loved and my MIL would miss my usual chit chatting self. Yes, if you are unhappy, your ENTIRE family suffers. The food you cook doesn’t come out tasty, how much ever you dress up, you don’t feel beautiful and how much ever you sleep, you always feel tired.

So what did I do? I packed my bags and headed straight to my mom’s place. 15 days spent with my mom made a big difference. Aarnav got to meet his other set of grand parents, I got to meet my parents after a very long time! The change in air, the change in environment and the change in routine made wonders.
My mom dished out one of my favourites every single day! My dad got so many new toys for Aarnav. Late night talks with mom which we had long forgotten about ever since I got married, no household chores – I was only a helping hand to the mom. It felt nice to be able to lean on my mom for support because I was tired being a support to my family all these months. Being devoid of any responsibilities and expectations for good15 days helped me cheer up. It transformed me to a happy human being that usually I am. 

It took nothing out of the box to cheer up myself. Good company, lessened responsibilities and good food did the trick. And if you see, these three things will do the trick most of the time. 
Lot of times, we expect a lot – from others as well as from ourself! We must learn to cut the slack. Take time off. Relish good food. Binge eat sometimes. Give in to your cravings once in a while. Hug your kids tight. Cuddle them while sleeping. Steal a kiss from your spouse, watch the sunset together. Chat over a coffee. These are the most sasta and tikau (tried and tested) remedies for a cheerful mood.

I understand, it may not always be possible. We cant fit every single thing in our routine and if you make a routine out of this, it won’t be fun any more! Just know that when you want to do this, go ahead and do it.
Be happy and cheerful!


“Are you ok?”

“Do you need help?”

“Shall I come over…”

All these soothing words do make a difference, especially now in this pandemic time, when all are shut in those concrete walls which they call home. Even being at home, most of the people are experiencing their wildest depressions which one cannot imagine and none to help even when they are surrounded by people they love.

The worst situation right?

Indeed it is. Past few months, I have seen the best people around me suffer due to the changes we are experiencing and I know how hard they might find to cope with the same. Couples find it hard to stay together, even when there were times in the past when they craved for time together. Kids finding it hard to stay at home, when there was a time when they just want to play all the time rather than go to school. Everyone is taking a toll over their patience.

And this was when I began to start talking to people in need. I kept my arms and ears open to listen to their problems. All they need was a listener or someone upon whom they could vent out their frustration. I could relate to the pain, be their support in whatsoever manner they needed.

Our world is short of listeners and yes now they are in great demand. I too decided to open a page in my blog to help people stay anonymous and share their problem. I always believed in ‘being there’ for others because I knew the pain of being left alone.

Finding ways to cheer ourselves up, is quite hard, but once we find the way out, we can sprint across the problems without much hassle.

It was one winter night, and as usual, I was onto my bed after all daylong hassles of household work and taking care of my kids. I was completely exhausted and tired, but then when I begin to shut my eyes, sleep became my enemy. In no way I was able to catch my sleep, it was almost half-past 12 and I knew I have just a few more hours to sleep. I tried and tried, but again other than tossing around my tired body, which was hardly listening to me I could not sleep a bit.

Wide awake I lay there when my mind was cluttered with all the negative aspects. I felt useless, began to tremble and cry as all the negative thoughts were gushing into me like a tsunami and destroying me from within. I cried, but my conscious mind “shushed me” not to awake anyone.

The sense of being useless was accompanied by many thoughts, which were storming into me and I was losing my grip. But then other my tiny lil girls, i had non beside me to tell my tale. I sat up, with lots of courage, skimmed through my phone to find some help and finally when it all got wasted, I lay down again beside my daughter.

Somehow, amidst her sleep, she just wrapped her tiny fingers upon mine and hugged me saying” I love you, mamma.”

Finally, my tears stopped, for a second, I felt like i am being pulled back. In the shadows of the night, I watched her tiny little face and saw her smiling. She was asleep, but still, she was smiling. I knew and felt how much I mean to her. She was my world and there she stood there upholding my world and balancing it with her smile.

I hugged her and kissed her so much, without waking her up and realized i was being silly to cry all along.

With her one small thought, my thinking composition changed and I began to think all the good things i could and gradually I slept off amidst all my contemplations.

But that day I realised how important is to be strong and think positive. Negative thoughts await for a turmoil and they bust in like an uninvited guest to our home and destroy our inner peace.

Spread a smile.” whenever you can knowingly or unknowingly. It does make an impact.


We had a very serious week discussing on one of the most difficult subjects like depression and how to combat it.  In the mega article I mentioned how combating depression needs to be a lifestyle for a person going through depression. And today in the final note I will present a case study which might bring clarity to what I explained on last Sunday. 

Negative/depressive situations from the beginning

I know a person who was born with a cardiac problem and was operated at 2½ years of age. He had all sorts of restrictions from the very childhood. There were restrictions on his food. There were restrictions on his movements. There were restrictions on his running with friends. There was restriction in playing football, cricket etc. for him. There was restriction on his studies as he had to go out to have normal education. He was brought up in a very conservative and restrictive atmosphere. He was small. So he used to cry and then forget. His heartaches were short lived at that time.

At the age of 7 he was infected with tuberculosis. It was difficult for him to stay with his parents as his dad was working in a place which was unhealthy for him to live on. His grandparents took the responsibility of taking care of him; to take care of the physical part of him but he suffered mentally after departing from his parents. He was only 7 or 8 years old at that time. When the he used to violate the restrictions, he himself had to suffer and also used to invite the stricter restrictions. He was 10 years old yet had not gone to any school as there was a fear in the minds of his parents and other family members that he may not take on the strain of going to school and study. But finally, he was admitted into a school directly in the fourth grade because of his aunt who was a teacher in the same school. He continued his study in the school.

In the school he used to stand alone in the shades when his friends used to play. He had no choice except for standing and clapping for his friends. He could not participate in many things that his friends were involved in. But he did well in his studies. He stood first in the whole school in his tenth grade.

He was 16 years old. He was an adolescent. He was unruly too but his situations didn’t allow him to even freak out like a normal teen. After schooling he joined a college. He used to go to his college by manual rickshaws. It was embarrassing for him to go by a rickshaw when the girls were even riding bicycles or motor bikes to the college. He used to go to the college at least 40 minutes ahead of everybody so that nobody would see how he was coming to the college. He suffered mentally and was depressed as he could not take part in any other curriculum for his health except regular studies. So many times he used to hide in the bathroom and cry. He used to ask God why He created him this way. Why couldn’t He just take his life?

At home alone, he used to day dream and fantasize a lot. He developed an addiction of reading wrong books. He developed a wrong attitude towards his grandparents as well as his aunt when they used to correct him for all wrong doings. He used to miss his mom and dad desperately. He used to think why they didn’t look after him instead of leaving him there with those people.

He finished his bachelor degree and got admitted for the post graduation in a university. There he suffered from mild depression. He was a grown up boy of 23 years old. The mental demands were more but scope for its development was less because of his physical restrictions. He was a loving guy and loved all his friends so much. But in return when he didn’t get the same love he used to feel depressed. He used to spend most of his times in day dreaming and grumbling to God sitting at a place alone.

All his studies finished. There were many opportunities for higher studies and good jobs but he could not go for anything, all because of his health.

He fell for a girl once but was rejected after two months of the relationship. He hasn’t known the reason of rejection till now.

His health deteriorated further in the year 2000-2001, as the passage in his heart which was made during his first surgery was already blocked. He was taken to a renowned hospital. The doctor said they need to do a surgery again – a very complicated surgery.

Finally, his condition improved after the surgery and he came back home. Then he joined an organization far off his home after three months of rest. His mom stayed with him initially. Then she left and went home. He was all alone for the next 2 years. He who himself was so unable to understand and never given any opportunity to understand before when he was younger, had to battle all alone. He felt the loneliness deeply. He wanted a girl in his life. But there was a thought in his mind that which girl is going to marry him, a heart patient. He tried on his own. Even one of his colleagues brought him many proposals which he didn’t like at all. He was disgusted. He stopped searching for anybody.

Battling in depressive situations

All these situations were negative, depressing for him. He was negative about his life but he had a hope always, that one day God will do something for him.

Throughout his life he had go through depression or negative situations but he tried his best to come over them by accepting whatever came in his way. 

He played games alone when loneliness tried to overpower him. He invented new games to amuse himself which at times attracted others too. He involved himself in writing stories and songs when he was downcast and depressed. He kept himself busy in drawing, colouring and painting to combat his loneliness. He kept himself busy reading beautiful novels. He started preparing sermons which he never preached to anybody but to himself. He loved to listen to others when he had ample amount of heartaches hidden deep within himself. He made fun, and was humorous to give others happiness. He learned to enjoy within himself.

New phase of the life with new battles

Finally, the negative situations seem to come to an end when he got married to a caring lady. The new beginning of a new phase of his life was beautiful though there were difficulties to carry on initially as he fell ill terribly. Everybody lost hope. But God saved him again. He was healed miraculously.

Life went on for him. But things were not easy as there were so many restrictions for his sickness which inadvertently became a tyranny for his wife too. At times it was not tolerable for him as he felt responsible for all these problems which pulled his wife down along with him. There seemed to be nothing when he was seen by people but there were so many things that have been pulling him down sometimes. He struggled. He suffered. He was depressed yet tried everything possible to get out of it with God’s strength alongside his wife’s immense care and help. The troubles of his wife which incur day by day all because of him pull him down and make him feel depressed and negative.

But he never put a full stop right there. He used all these experiences to help others when they came to him for help.

Final Revelation

This person was very close to my heart because I share the same body, same mind, and same spirit with him. Yes, instead of all the negative situations that came my way, I learned to live above them. It could happen only when I shifted my concentration from my suffering to the suffering of others, from my problems to the God almighty, from my depression & negative situation to His amazing grace. I am a living proof of God’s  wondrous grace before all.

Combating the daily depression is not easy yet it is not impossible too. The eyes need to be focussed on something greater and higher instead of something lower and of less importance.   It was only God’s grace and my readiness to receive His grace that could change my negative attitudes to positive.

My brother in law always says, “God takes all which is worst in us and makes it best for us.”

Stay blessed!



Sadness is a normal human emotion. Had there been no moments of sadness in our lives, perhaps we would not have cherished the happy moments that life bestows on us. In fact, psychologists of old have identified ‘sadness’ as one of the six major emotions that human beings across all cultures all over the world experience.

Having said that sadness is normal, I would like to draw a line for it. How sad can we be and how long can we be sad?

Events in our lives that affect us directly or indirectly ought to make us sad. If a girl doesn’t feel sad when her parents don’t permit her to marry the guy she loves, perhaps I would question the genuinity of her love. If a boy doesn’t feel sad after flunking in the exams, perhaps he is too casual about his academics. If a father doesn’t feel sad on losing his child, perhaps he is too thick-skinned a person. All such events in our lives provide reasons for us to be sad.

However, if this sadness penetrates too deep that we are not able to come out of it, if it lingers on for months together thereby affecting our thoughts, words and actions, we are likely to sink into depression.

Let’s not confuse depression with sadness. Sadness is normal, whereas depression is not. Sadness can be overcome after a span of time. Depression is a clinical disorder and requires prayerful psychiatric treatment. 

A remorseless person is a likely to have a robotic personality. Let’s not be remorseless. We need to be sad when the situation so demands. But, let us not allow sadness take such a grip on our lives that we sink into bouts of depression.


Depression is deadly when it is not treated in time. In India the people are either not aware of these few mental ailments or don’t take them seriously enough. Either they overlook it or treat it with absurdity. As far as my knowledge is concerned there will be many children, teens and women who will be going through severe depression without being given proper attention in our country.

As I was studying on the issue of depression I found some astounding facts on a very helpful site. I thought I will share them with you all.  ‘HEALTHLINE.COM,’ explains the effects of clinical depression which are really scary as I read through.  They are as follows:  

  1. Overwhelming Sadness
  2. Cognitive Changes
  3. Emptiness or Hopelessness
  4. Preoccupation with Death
  5. Clinginess
  6. Aches and Pains
  7. Weight Problems
  8. Poor Appetite
  9. Constricted Blood Vessels
  10. Weakened Immune System
  11. Heart Attack Outcome

I don’t want to explain them much. If you visit the site given above you will find the details about it.

Friends! Please do not neglect when you feel depressed or somebody you find suffering depression.


I was faced by a persistent depression and there have been times when I was really struggling to be happy and content with my life. One of those times was when I was a kid. As a kid, I was a very shy and subtle girl. I was easily bullied by other kids and as a result of that I kept losing my self-confidence and it also affected my self-esteem. But even as a kid, I figured out some of my strengths that really kept my spirits high. I kept working on those strengths all throughout college and later in professional life. It wasn’t as easy as it sounds. It was a constant struggle to not fall back to that “low-confidence me”.

Depression affects kids in a very different way than it affects an adult. Adults have an understanding of their own feelings, kids struggle to put their feelings in words. In my case, I never wanted to go out and play with other kids, I would not make any efforts to make friends with somebody, I would never want to share anything with anybody (food or toys or likewise). I was constantly scared that I would be made fun of. Anything that I wanted to say had to be repeated a hundred times in my head to ensure I am not bullied because of something that I say. All this was happening at its maximum when I was between 6 to 13 years of age. Somehow things changed when I entered my teens and life began to look better. I remember even having suicidal thoughts when I was about 10 years or so. There was a constant feeling “nobody needs me”.

I never shared any of this with my parents because I felt that they would never understand. Keep an eye out for your child. It is important to keep the communication channels very open. Observe for little changes in his/her behavior. Don’t just take things for granted, question “Why is your child behaving the way she/he is”. Most importantly, don’t label your child as extrovert, introvert, naughty, outspoken etc. When you label your child, you tend to look at your child in the light of the label and you would stop questioning the behavior of your child. Your child needs you the most during the difficult times like these. Stop everything else in your life to just ensure that your child is not under this demon named “depression”.


We all have dealt with depression at one point or another. For many it is a temporary issue but for others it is a lifetime of pain and sadness.

The way I have fought off depression is by helping others and immersing myself into one of my favorite things to do…reading and recently…writing. Writing for this blog has helped me deal with some real life issues and helped me put things in perspective. 

When writing or reading is not readily available, such as when I am at work, I will talk with my co workers. Each of them is going through a rough time in their lives for various reasons and many times I can see that they are depressed or sad. As soon as we get the chance, I will go up to that person, touch them gently on the shoulder or arm and ask them what is wrong. Being at work doesn’t give us much time to talk in depth but they always seem to feel better once we have spoken.

Now I am not one who has to deal with depression daily. I have bouts but as soon as I focus my attention on something or someone else it slowly drifts away like leaves on a breeze.

When you feel that sadness begin to creep in and you recognize it for what it is, acknowledge it but don’t let it consume you. Call a friend or go for a walk, work on something you love doing and yes, pray for the strength needed to get through that moment

Author’s Bio: N.Gonzalez lives in the USA, married for 27 years with two grown children. Have been working for retail grocery for last 17 years. Writing is something enjoyed in free time.