Even a cactus can grow up
to be beautiful with all its
prickly thorns and
thick petal flowers,
alone in the desert
with no nurture or
refreshing water showers.
With no gardener
to take care of it,
or some bird to
come and sit on it.
No animals to
gnaw on its leaves,
no prayers to be offered
Around, with any beliefs.
Strong and alone in the
barren land it stands,
taking in all it can get yet
happy playing with hot sands.

Even the most beautiful
tchotchke seems unnecessary
at times, feels like it’s just
taking up space for something
better, something nice.
But all it is doing is beautifying
the corner, not expecting
to be admired all the
time in spite of being a loner.

Even a festoon gets
unnoticed albeit hanging
on top of the main entrance,
just dangling, looking
beautiful, not causing
anyone, any hindrance.
Not bothering if anyone
pays any heed to it ever,
nor expecting to be
witnessed on some
auspicious occasion, never.
Sun, rain, wind or cold, any
weather not causing it to
bow down low,
on the top, the glossed
over festoon hangs,
with pride aglow.

Even with a worthy life we
tend to astray from our path,
not trying to move forward,
clinging on to our inglorious past.
Loving, cherishing the present we
ought to live despite any strife,
standing tall and moving forward
with all love’s glory in life.


Sometimes I assume
I am carrying problems
on my shoulder
rather than the actual weight
my shoulders hunch
as nobody tells them to relax
my world is an emotional baggage
of what I don’t see
and what I see
yet I have chosen not to unload
I have become used
with this excess baggage that
it has become comfortable to carry
I have forgotten to enjoy a ride
with less baggage…

Sometimes I carry a hidden baggage
of anger, fear, and sadness
that sneaks up on me
and ambush me out of nowhere…

I want to get rid
of that old baggage
that I carry every day
on my shoulders
I wrote a list of my impacts
and tucked it into my purse
little did I realize that
the old baggage I am carrying
day in and day out
has been holding me back
from maximizing my potential…

I finally gathered the courage
to let this emotional baggage go
I tore the list into pieces
and dumped into the trash
my shoulder is
no more burdened
with the weight
my heart is light
like an infant smile
I am moving forward
less weighted down
by the past…



There are those who fall
and then those who crumble in love;
Those who want it but never feel
Those who felt it but never said
Those who said but walked away
Those who left but chose to return
Those who stayed but couldn’t last
Those who stood by but couldn’t let go
Those who chose to let go and got so hurt
Those who chose to hurt but stuck to strive
Those who fought for it but did not survive
Those who learnt to endure in all the squabbles
Those who spewed words but ended with a kiss
Those who never spoke but lived together
Those who gelled together but didn’t get each other
Those who merged but were not blessed enough
And then there were those
who were blessed and lived happily ever after.

It matters not
This love or that love
His love or her love
Gelled in love or broken in love
Rise in love or fall in love
It began for reasons unknown
and ends with fate uncertain.

Love is bliss
blessed are those
who’ve known love.



I am the power, who can consolidate the scattered chunks and build a life;

I am the power, who can usher glee in melancholy;

I am the power,  who can dare to reach the zenith from the darkest depth;

I am the power, who can wear a calm demeanour while contesting the whirlpool of ordeals;

I am the power, who can make the journey memorable and the destination attainable;

I am the power, who can infuse courage to effect a change;

I am the power, who can throttle a tyrant from power and give birth to a leader;

I am the power,  who shaped history to build future; I am the power, often disregarded until I reckon with force when bewildered;

I am in Me, I am in You, I am in We.

(When Inner-strength or the power in withing us is a characteristic trait of an individual we have success stories and when it is the face of a group of people we have harmonious societies and great nations. Never ever underestimate the power of a person’s inner-strength!)


Going to the bed,
With the hope of a brand new day,
Promising to start afresh,
Without knowing what the life has to say.

Building castles, booking travels,
With the hope of reaping the benefits,
With the hope of rejoicing the places,
Savouring without bothering,
A U-turn life may be offering.

Holding the egg for 9 months whole,
With the hope of getting nature’s dole,
The Baya weaves its nest,
with the hope that the wind will rest.

Life doesn’t stop,
It doesn’t stand still.
Hope anchors our souls,
It strengthens our will.

Tomorrow may bring dark,
It may bring light.
Hope for the best because,
The sun will always shine.
For the best because,
Hope is all we can.


The sun had risen and a new day had just begun.
School days had just become past and it was time to step in the college,
New faces, from different places what a collection it was,
Excited, expectant, and zealously everyone looked forward;

The years ahead were unknown, mysterious and surprising.
We got bored, irritated, frustrated with no scope for an uprising,
Days past we grumbled, but nothing would change;
But our camaraderie ripened and friendships began to develop.

Some would blossom, bloom and last forever till the end,
Some just took off and then ended in a crash.
That’s sad but that’s how things go at times,
But life’s spirit never let us down and kept pushing us on.
Step by step we moved forward and treaded our own paths
Towards our dreams and goals, and an unpredictable future.

The hostels would never disappoint with the life it housed,
The hustle and bustle, noisy corridors and the loud music,
The rollicking four-seaters and the companionship developed,
Loud screams at night and it was someone’s birthday.
The counterstrike warfare, or the need for speed,
The craze for the beautiful game and the head breaking
Age of empires, all engrossed many of us.

Life would teach us lessons along the way,
We loved and lost but we never gave up;
We passed and failed but we carried on, with
More wisdom and understanding, learning from the past.

All along we lost track of time,
The day was coming to a close and we couldn’t run away from it,
The time to part had come once again,
My heart grew heavy and tears rolled down my eyes.

Everyone would go away and get lost in the crowd,
Whether friends would meet again will remain unanswered.
One thing was for sure, we would never get these days back:
Memories were all we could carry with us in our hearts.

I looked up in the twilight sky thinking of all that I would miss,
All that it could have been and some that never could be.
I closed my eyes, as all those carefree days flashed in front me;
I walked towards home waiting another brand new day.


There is danger out there, my love
You’re safe in here.


Numerous times a day did I hear,
These lines from my mother dear.

Unaware what she meant exactly,
I often sulked dejectedly.


The house and the square courtyard,
Was all that I had to myself under everyone’s surveillant guard.

I loved my family,
So dared not march towards anomaly.

But their fears unspoken deep within,
And tears unshed bothered me day out and day in.

Courage had I none,
To venture out and have some fun.

The open skies beckoned with their serenity untold
The lush green orchards how I wished to behold!

There is danger out there, my love
You’re safe in here.


Leaving behind the years of tender childhood,
As a young man I one day stood.

Shaking my fist and bellowing loud,
I threatened to go past the ominous doorpost.

Quiet silence surrounded me,
Sad lowered eyes refused to look up at me.

A sudden gust of wind,
Brought traces of noise from outside.

In no time was a flurry of stones pelted on the windows freshly painted,
Gun shots and fire – hearing which my mother fainted.

Hours went by as we stayed securely in,
Hoping it would stop and we would save our skin.


The night brought with it a silence so eerie,
I heard my father step into my room with eyes bleary.

The night was long with stories of attacks ghastly,
Of lives lost and families ruined.

Of women violated,
Kids killed and mutilated.

The reason for years of safeguarding,
Now clearly stood at my face staring.


Clutching my blanket close to myself,
I looked at my father’s retreating poor self.

Blood seemed to gush from my veins,
And the brain threatened to hold the reins.


Sleep eluded . . .
Thoughts crowded . . .

As the clock struck six,
I tip-toed down the staircase.


Looking back at my loved ones,
Would weaken my resolution.

I looked ahead and opened the latch above my head,
Taking a deep breath I slipped out . . .


Beyond the doorpost . . .
Into the darkness that my mother had guarded me against, the most.

There is danger out there, my love
You’re safe in here!



(P.S. Written from the viewpoint of a youngster in a violent conflict zone of war and extremism)