Hidden Talents, Poems, SNIPPETS


Beautifully designed are you, Immaculately framed, Exquisitely crafted, And wonderfully gifted.   A glance at yourself, And you may seem to find no giftedness whatsoever, Swimming alongside the tide, Perhaps the desire to be gifted has long before died.   Never an encouragement to explore, Never the will to do more than the usual chore,… Continue reading YOUR HEAVENLY ADORNMENTS

Poems, SNIPPETS, The Idea of Justice


‘Is being compassionate, wrong?’ – you ask Does justice need to wear a mask? Is begging for alms always deceptive? Should you shut your eyes and be imperceptive?   Standing for justice, Is never a task simple, Road blocks and red lights, Along the way are ample.   Should you dare to stop an unjust… Continue reading JUSTICE – A SERVICE

Keeping Secrets, Poems


Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, observed, “Mortals can keep no secret. If their lips are silent, they gossip with their fingers; betrayal forces its way through every pore.” Tip toe… tip toe… She silently walked across the snow, Jumping down to the street below, All in the moonlight’s faint streaking glow. Clutching the prized… Continue reading NO ENDURING SECRETS

Poems, Privacy at Stake, SNIPPETS


All you need to get a sneak peek And cause someone to freak, Is to go and click… click… click…   You don’t have to be a gizmo geek Just give your brain a wild tweak, And lo it starts on a havoc wreak!   When at the receiving end, Life simply bends. How else… Continue reading CARE TO BE CAUTIOUS