You were the one, who was lonely and deserted in the beginning…

But you were the one for whom God created her with such sophistication…

You were the one who wowed seeing the beautiful her…

But you were the one who accused her to be the cause of your sin…


You were the one who caused her so much pain for whole nine months…

But you were the one for whom she rejoiced the most on your arrival…

You were the one for whom she stayed awake so that you sleep well in the night…

You were the one for whom she skipped her meals so that you can have the best…


You were the one who desired her…

But you were the one who betrayed her…

You were the one who made lewd comments on her…

And you were the one who blamed her to be indecent…

You were the one who promised to protect her as a brother…

But you were the one who raped her physically, mentally and emotionally…


You called her ‘Mom’ when you longed for her lap to rest the pained you…

You called her ‘Sister’ when you needed a friend to share your heart…

You called her ‘Wife’ when you’re desperate to hide your face in her bosom for comfort…

You called her ‘Daughter’ when you wanted to boast about yourself as the best father…

But you are the one who breached your relationship with her in so many ways…

You are the one who’s responsible for her condition today…


So today,

You are the one who’s gonna set everything right…

You are the one who’s gonna give the credit, value and care due to her…

You are the one who’s gonna liberate her from the bondage you have put her in…

You are the one who’s gonna respect her for who she has been in your life all these time…

You are the one who’s gonna acknowledge her contribution in your life…

You are the one who’s gonna celebrate her as the Woman of Substance and Sacrifice…




When I raise my voice at home,

I am told – Shhh! Decent civilized people don’t talk with raised voices.

And so I learn decent civil behaviour,

Within the walls of my warm home sweet home.


As I step into the world outside,

I cringe with fear to see and hear,

Such confident deeds and words of tyranny,

Of injustice, exploitation, prejudice and villany.


I wonder whether these all were not taught,

Those lessons of decency and civility that I was!

Maybe some were and some weren’t . . .

Alas! I don’t see much of a difference between the two.


The respectable bespectacled professor,

With degrees galore from the country and abroad,

Turns out to be just a wolf in sheepskin,

Offering a deal for a night in exchange of assignment papers to be signed.

And I am told – Shhh! Decent civilized people don’t raise their voices.


I witness the underprivileged bereft of the basic necessities,

While money changes hands under the table,

And the officials swoosh by in their well-polished vehicles,

Leaving behind a cloud of dust to fill the poor desperate hands.

And I am told – Shhh! Decent civilized people don’t talk with raised voices.


I hear of the barbarious acts in the name of religion, caste and region,

Mass massacres, rapes of women young and old, and of children innocent to behold,

Hundreds maimed in the body and mind,

Several hearths shut down for all times.

And I am told – Shhh! Decent civilized people don’t raise their voices.


To be a quiet conformist,

Doesn’t require much labour,

Just a sweet smile and a servile nod of the head – and that’s all,

You say right to what’s wrong – after all this is how the world has been going on!


History holds high those mortals who dared to raise their voices,

Against prejudice and discrimination, repression and inequity,

Some lived to see, others died to let the world see,

The ripe lustrous fruits of their raised voices.


And so I sit wondering – what is worth,

To fume and fret, and cringe under the threat,

Adorning the garb of decent civility,

Or to raise my voice out loud and clear – at the cost of life, decency and all?



You heard what I did not say,

But, you didn’t hear what I said.


You read what I did not write,

But, you didn’t read the message reflected in my eyes.


You thought your heart was close to mine,

But, you didn’t feel its beats as did I.


So easy it is for you to say what you say,

To do what you do and think what you think.


Without a care for my feelings,

Without considering all fervent appealing.


Put yourself, in my place, will you?

The truth will you see then, just as I do.


To hoist one’s voice obdurately,

Makes another’s eyes moist.


A failure to understand,

Leaves relationships bland.


Misunderstandings rob your peace and mine,

How can we then for God’s glory shine?


Many a wistful teardrop dries in the eyes,

Skilfully concealed from the world’s jeering whys,

Surging emotions get stifled unnoticed,

Leaving the heart mercilessly vandalized.


Restraint, yes, is good,

Not however at the price of being misunderstood!


Peals of laughter and squeals of excitement,

Crying out to the heart’s content,

Giving vent to feelings of dissent,

Are healthy signs you should never prevent.


Emotions are immense powerhouses of human faculty,

Never an abnormality,

More often bringing one face to face with reality,

Never hasten to assuage their actuality.


Ne’er wield your emotions intense,

For any benefit beyond practical sense,

Coerce neither anyone to build a mighty fence,

That would fail their emotions to dispense.


Apathy towards self or others,

Is never good – always eventually bothers.

Measured emotions work wonders,

A mere vegetative state it definitely hinders.


Positive emotions in yourself and others,

Ne’er hesitate to inculcate,

Richness of life and existence,

It would go ahead to indicate.





Oh for the sight of the clear bright sky,

Beyond the towers and skyscrapers rising high.


Oh for the health promised by fresh and pure foods,

That would push sickness away and lighten up all moods.


Oh for the knowledge imparted unalloyed,

Raising and training experts undiluted.


Oh for the innocence and bliss of childhood,

To enrich life and living until grey hairs pose the perfect hood.


Oh the unmixed emotions of human life,

That create ripples, but stay on past all strife.


The craving of the heart and the wisdom of the mind,

Demand all things pure and refined.


While a massive change in all we may not bring,

You and I can give birth to the change within.



Beautifully designed are you,

Immaculately framed,

Exquisitely crafted,

And wonderfully gifted.


A glance at yourself,

And you may seem to find no giftedness whatsoever,

Swimming alongside the tide,

Perhaps the desire to be gifted has long before died.


Never an encouragement to explore,

Never the will to do more than the usual chore,

Never the thought to consider options galore,

Never imagined the talent you have in your inner store!


Wake up sleepy traveller,

Rise up from your slumber,

Gird your loins and pick up the axe,

To dig deeper within and discover.


A storehouse of myriad talents are you,

May not be similar to the folks around you,

A luxuriant growth of richness lies hidden within you,

Wait not! Dig on! The discovery will surprise you!


The creative Creator has amply filled inside you,

Gifts to be used for His glory,

Excavate and unearth them,

To bless you and those around.


There has never been a soul,

With no talents on the whole,

Covered from head to sole,

With a big leaking hole.


Uncover the hidden precious gems of yours,

Also help spot those in others,

In so doing you will find,

Abundant joy in your mind.


Look into the treasure trove,

Embellish your life by the jewels from up above,

Mask not those heavenly adornments,

Those talents would your beauty richly augment.


‘Is being compassionate, wrong?’ – you ask

Does justice need to wear a mask?

Is begging for alms always deceptive?

Should you shut your eyes and be imperceptive?


Standing for justice,

Is never a task simple,

Road blocks and red lights,

Along the way are ample.


Should you dare to stop an unjust mob outrage,

Be willing to face their heightened enrage,

Should you decide to raise your voice for justice,

Be prepared for criticisms from your family and society.


With such a tight grip has injustice held,

The hands of one and all,

That ’tis hard to be dispelled,

By just a simple call.


How many slogans and protests,

Would it take for mankind to get rid of this pest?

Is the human conscience so dead that,

That justice seems to be such a far cry?


Justice against crime,

Seems to be coated with slime,

Is it not our duty prime,

To ensure justice sublime?


In a world where injustice looms large,

At every corner and every street,

Lets not mutely watch,

And our chests simply beat.


Rise up, aware one,

Speak up against injustice,

Take care to practise justice,

In doing so, you would render a noble service.