Emotions: a weakness or strength?, Poems


Many a wistful teardrop dries in the eyes, Skilfully concealed from the world’s jeering whys, Surging emotions get stifled unnoticed, Leaving the heart mercilessly vandalized.   Restraint, yes, is good, Not however at the price of being misunderstood!   Peals of laughter and squeals of excitement, Crying out to the heart’s content, Giving vent to… Continue reading THE POWERHOUSE CALLED ‘EMOTIONS’

Poems, The Age of Adulteration


  Oh for the sight of the clear bright sky, Beyond the towers and skyscrapers rising high.   Oh for the health promised by fresh and pure foods, That would push sickness away and lighten up all moods.   Oh for the knowledge imparted unalloyed, Raising and training experts undiluted.   Oh for the innocence… Continue reading A CHANGE WITHIN

Hidden Talents, Poems, SNIPPETS


Beautifully designed are you, Immaculately framed, Exquisitely crafted, And wonderfully gifted.   A glance at yourself, And you may seem to find no giftedness whatsoever, Swimming alongside the tide, Perhaps the desire to be gifted has long before died.   Never an encouragement to explore, Never the will to do more than the usual chore,… Continue reading YOUR HEAVENLY ADORNMENTS

Poems, SNIPPETS, The Idea of Justice


‘Is being compassionate, wrong?’ – you ask Does justice need to wear a mask? Is begging for alms always deceptive? Should you shut your eyes and be imperceptive?   Standing for justice, Is never a task simple, Road blocks and red lights, Along the way are ample.   Should you dare to stop an unjust… Continue reading JUSTICE – A SERVICE