During my school days, I always hated Maths and was always trapped in the web of Alphas and the Betas. To release my stress, I tried listening to music while doing my sums and it worked. I used to get inspired to practice more. I was glued to the stereo, or the walkman.

Years later, the FM radio replaced the walkmans and cellphones emerged. It was  a boon for music lovers, who could enjoy songs anywhere and anytime.

I love listening to music, whether going on a drive or for a walk. If I am feeling blue, I prefer listening to music. And on days when I am happy, I love to dance on tapping numbers.

Music has been a bonding element for me and my sons. I sing them lullabies and dance with them. Kids also learn better if there is singing and music in the learning process (being a pre-primary teacher, I know how much the children go gaga over the music).

I guess there’s hardly any individual who doesn’t like music. It is like a therapy, at least for me. When I miss my hubby, I listen to music. Sometimes I shed tears when I listen to touchy songs and feel better after that.

Music is not restricted to electronic gadgets, it is found everywhere. The nature has music in abundance. Think of the splendor of green mountains and birds chirping there. Recall a stream of water or a waterfall for instance, the thought itself feels so refreshing. It’s an instant mood lifter and inspiring too.

Whenever I feel that nothing is going right and my life is hell, I just put earphones in my ears and feel the music telling me to just move on.

The quote “music helps me when no one else does” stand true for me!


These are ubiquitous, available in all shapes, sizes and colours and are really difficult to handle. I am talking about the irresistible ‘temptations’.

Every person on this earth is tempted by something or the other. Temptation to gratify passion needs, to be superior, to drive fast, to earn more, to go ahead in the rat race, to beg, to steal and to be gluttony. Temptations are within each one of us and it is very difficult to resist them.

Kids get tempted to buy toys, which is natural. They will shout, scream or even lie down in the mall if you don’t get that toy.  But, as parents, we know that we cannot give in to their tantrums every time. Similarly, having a temptation isn’t that bad. It is ok within limits. You find an empty road, get tempted to hit the accelerator, but you should know when to hit the brake and not jump the red light.

I remember there was a friend of mine who was unable to resist himself from working out. Usual workout is ok, but it seemed his motto in life had become ‘go to gym unto death’. Before work, after work, between work, he was always tempted to hit the gym. The result- his social life had gone down to zilch.

Recently, I got myself a new smart phone. No, it wasn’t a temptation because my old phone was falling sick every now and then and after more than 3 years, it was time to bid it adieu. Since I have a major online shopping temptation, I have an average of 6-8 online shopping apps in my phone. I shortlist things and put them in the cart. However, even after putting the items in the cart, I rarely confirm the order straight away. Instead, I wait for a day or two, and then check if I really need that item or not. In this way, I save myself from being labelled as a spendthrift!

As quoted by Oscar Wilde- “I can resist everything except temptations”, resisting temptations is a tricky job. But, it’s not impossible either. Don’t resist yourself; just remember your permissible limits and don’t get too tempted by the tempting temptations!


Yesterday, I visited a mall and there was Valentine decor everywhere. Huge plush hearts were hanging from the ceiling all over. Gift shops displayed larger than life teddy bears (I wondered how would one carry it)! In one corner, there was a beautiful set up in all pinks and reds, with big letters LOVE on one side. There was a couple standing there and I could see the girl coaxing her guy to click a picture (for the WhatsApp and Facebook ritual), but the guy was feeling too embarrassed and wanted to move away from there. Another newly married couple was busy clicking selfies. I was appreciating the lovely ornamentation of the mall with my husband, while my 5 year old ran to that corner and asked us to capture his pose. We laughed at his innocence. 

Yes, it is that time of the year! My husband and I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day. No, not even when we used to date each other. We believe that love doesn’t need a specific day to be celebrated. Right? Rather, it should be celebrated all the year round, that is what every relationship requires.


Come Valentine’s Day and the town (read shops) is painted red. I only knew about Valentine’s Day and was completely unaware of this, until recently, that the celebrations begin a week ahead and the days are named as:

8th February- Rose Day, 

9th February- Propose Day, 

10th February- Chocolate Day, 

11th February- Teddy Day, 

12th February- Hug Day

13th February- Kiss Day

And finally the 14th February – V day! Some calendars even have Promise Day!

The first time I saw the Valentine’s week calendar, I broke into laughter. I mean how creative can people get, inventing unique days. So basically, does that mean that these specific days need one particular day of the year? Is it like you can only hug your beloved on the Hug Day? Obviously not. What I feel is that these celebrations are purely a marketing weapon for various brands and there is no harm in it. Besides, it is only during this period, in which their sales shoot up like anything.

Valentine’s Day is an official ticket for the teenagers and college-goers to woo their adored. I am mentioning teenagers, because it is that period when the first crushes bloom and infatuations soar up high. I remember when I was in high school, we used to keep an eye on our classmates (essentially girls), whosoever had a rose, guessing which boy was behind the contribution and it was so much fun. Once you get older and wiser, you don’t believe in monetary gifts, but yearn for lifetime commitment and an ever- lasting relationship.

There’s no harm in celebrating V-Day, it utterly depends on your convenience. If you want to, go ahead, else, just enjoy the entertainment it brings in.  It’s a delight for your senses to see teddy bears, hearts and romantic gifts everywhere. Not to forget the exotic fragrance of delicate roses cuddled up in bunches. Ah! It is indeed a visual treat!

So, in case you are celebrating the Valentine’s Day, just thank martyr St. Valentine for giving you the day of love. For all those, like me, enjoy the Valentine atmosphere and for the rest, who are single, I would like to quote one of the jokes I came across on WhatsApp – Happy Independence Day!