Few days back I was gliding through my LinkedIn page. One of my distant relative updated her status “promoted to the position of Director”. I was happy to see her succeed but in another moment started self introspection “what I am doing?” , ” Where I am standing?”, “Will I ever succeed in my life?”. Basically I was anxious about “will I ever be able to EARN?” A question that I am struggling for a longtime now.

But is it just about money? Answer is an absolute NO. It’s about my craving for Identity. My thoughts at that (on many occasions) point were convoluted. I want to earn, I want name for myself, I want financial independence. I kept applying for jobs. Many applications were rejected outright, few made for interview round but success still eluded me. It was not just the applications that were being rejected but a piece of self was slowly dying inside. One of the reasons that prompted me to start blogging was to put forth my opinions and earn (I am not ashamed of admitting that). Five years now and the kind of success I supposed it would fetch me is still a distant dream. Who and what shall be blamed? No one except me and nothing except my lack of regularity, missing niche (my work doesn’t stick to one genre).

Am I a complete failure? Last week my friend’s husband came to dinner (we are careful enough to follow the social bubble 😁). Out of nowhere he asked me “how’s your blogging going, seems you have a good fan following”. I dismissed him with a smile “No, nothing like that” . To this he told me that one of his friends sent him a link of one my blog (never before he read any of my articles) and praised it too. His friend liked the subtle manner of explanation, relatability of issues/situations mentioned. And as a matter of fact I never met or spoke to the “friend”. There was a certain sense of euphoria for me at that moment. That night I decided to once again go through the comments on my articles. That was the moment of realization for me. My success is not in the additional perks of followers, hits on site and money but how well I can connect to the people. How well I can communicate, how I can impact, how can I be a part of lives of those reading my words in some or the other way, how well I can motivate myself to reflect positivity in my work, Am I making any difference, Am I putting forth a good message relevant to people, Am I honest while voicing my opinions, Am I trending the path I talk about or refer to – My parameters of Success. Falling short of even one criteria renders me unsuccessful in my judgement! And I believe that’s the worse.

What inference my failures have given me? I was looking for “success” in the form of an offer letter, a designation and a certain amount credited every month to my bank account. What if I get them at this moment, would it put an end to my quest and thirst for “success”?. I might have been aiming for a higher pedestal everytime. Nothing wrong in that, absolutely. But what is wrong is getting bogged down if your plans and results aren’t in linear correlation. Wrong is deeming yourself to be worthless. Wrong is inability to draw inspiration from people and incidents showing us a different way and zest to live life as we are too consumed by a bubble we have created in our minds. In short wrong is inability to respect life and the designs almighty have for us ( I may be professionally unemployed because someone else might be more competent, qualified and in need – it’s that simple). And identity of a person is about the perception and ideologies one owns, can never be defined by a designation or job role. And people knowing me by my work irrespective of the level of fame (non existent 😁) I might have acquired is purely my Success!

I Have Decided My Path: I will keep writing, I have stories to tell, I have messages to deliver. In that process if I earn materialistic success I will receive that. In case not I have my own yardstick to measure success – Have I made you think? If yes I am SUCCESSFUL!!


Hello Everyone,

Last year my Google search terms were predominantly – blogging, money, content writing, monetizing, earn from home etc.  My financial dependence, my wish to do something productive for myself, a long hiatus from job inspired my search.  I don’t want to shy away from the fact that blogging happened in my life partly because of my effort to earn money (haven’t earned a single penny so far 😂 as my WordPress plans haven’t been upgraded yet). After a year on WordPress, I am still trying to find my foothold before taking the big leap (God knows when 😊).

And I wrote my first ever blog! I was very apprehensive about its reception. Shared it on my Facebook account and friends did find it good. There was a positive word. And not to mention, it did leave me happy.  Among many thumbs ups, I received a comment of appreciation from my now good friend Chiradeep who invited me to write for “Candles Online” which left me elated and say to myself  “Ok, your first step has landed well, go march ahead!”

With every single word I write, my purpose is to pour out my heart – my innermost feelings, my beliefs to connect with everyone either in agreement or in disagreement.  But what matters is to be able to strike a chord to get a reaction or response. And when the reaction happens to be appreciation it gives a sense of fulfillment.  It makes me believe in myself, “Yes I can do it”, ” Yes I have it in me”.

Well I am a human with innumerable flaws.  I do get carried away by accolades. I constantly strive for a word of appreciation.  It encourages or rather inspires me to bring forth the best in me in everything I do however petty it may be.  From cooking meals to writing an article my inspiration is to elicit a smile, a positive thought, a like.  You would laugh at me if I say that I constantly compare the number of likes, views and comments on my articles.  With every article I write I try to provide better content for everyone to read so as to be appreciated to my heart’s content. Every positive word is a fodder to my thought process – to think deeper, far and better.

Money does matter to me, I did confess it earlier as well, but appreciation keeps me alive as a human who thinks, who cares, who have aspirations.  I am sure every human being unless a saint does hope for some kind of appreciation because that keeps them going.

I have bared my heart to you all.  You can call me self-centered or greedy but my expectation of appreciation is an inspiration to me to implement changes and improvisation either in my work or as a human being.  Can’t help it.

Important Note*. Well it doesn’t mean that I can’t handle a well constructed criticism.  As long as it helps me revive my energies in a productive manner I am game for it.

Waiting for your appreciation, I mean your comment positive or negative for this article 😉.




Was our story meant to end the way it did –

  Was it meant to begin, to begin with?


You once said you can walk miles with me by your side –

 Was the journey meant to end because the path was rough?


You once said let’s get closer –

Were the distances meant to be drawn because of distant destinations?


You said once that your eyes long to see me –

Was my heart meant to yearn for you forever?


You once said life is to live –

Were my feelings meant to be paralyzed because of your rejection?


You once said happiness is to see me smile –

Were my tears meant to go down unnoticed?


You once said our togetherness is meant to be cherished for a lifetime –

Are your memories meant to haunt me throughout my life?


I am still carrying the baggage of a broken relationship, nursing a broken heart and still asking myself – Was It Meant To Be?



Hi Everyone,

While struggling to decide what shall be my input for this week a walk down the memory lane reminded me of a story that I read during school days  – “Fall of Icarus”.  Icarus, a character from Greek mythology  was given wings of feathers and wax by his father Daedalus, a brilliant craftsman along with instructions – Don’t fly two low (close to sea), don’t fly too high (too close to sun), just follow me.  But Icarus didn’t pay attention to those words and in his giddiness of having wings he went too close to sun only to find that his wings which were made of wax melted and he fell from sky to be drowned in sea.

In Indian Mythology also we have numerous examples where demigods consumed by the pride and arrogance of their powers and stature infuriated sages and faced their wrath as a consequence. 

All these tales reiterate an important truth of life – its important to stay grounded no matter how powerful one is.  The moment a person is consumed by his/ her own pride that marks the downfall of that person.  To be more precise one should be humble.  A person with humility as a characteristic trait is just like a sponge absorbing everything.  By everything I mean good things – knowledge and values.  More you receive more level-headed and grounded you would be.  Well that reminds me of an old Hindi Idiom:

“Phalon se lada hua ped hi jhuka hua hota hai”

Which means a tree full of fruits would be seen stooping closer to ground.  A  knowledgeable person with virtue called humility is just a replica of a tree laden with fruits.  Here humility is  a seed, knowledge is a tree and the respect and success one enjoys are fruits.

Let’s take a look from another point of view.  To begin with it doesn’t matter what we have, I mean knowledge, expertise, money, power and so on.  The most important thing is our willingness to learn and in addition to that we must believe everything and everyone in this universe have something to offer to us, something we could learn from and nothing is small or below us.  The moment we start assuming “I know it all” that’s a dead-end for a person both as a professional and a personality.  Being humble and allowing knowledge to seep in doesn’t cost anything but rewards are incredible.

The examples that I mentioned above are from folk tales.  In present we have many examples where we have people from all walks of life who are synonyms of success and power yet very humble in the way they conduct themselves.  On the other hand we also have examples of people who exhibited arrogance or are devoid of humility and stories of their downfall is here to stay.   Greater success, greater power, greater will be the responsibility to conduct respectfully with humility in order to be referred and remembered respectfully forever.

If God is bestowing his blessings in the form of success and respect it should be accepted with hands folded in humility and head down.



Hi Everyone,

We all have been watching movies/ advertisements since childhood.  Not only that, many bits from this virtual world of media have etched a deeper place in our hearts and minds.  A memory saved, a habit acquired, a style followed, imitation or emulation or simply given a thought about something that has been seen, it could be anything but not ineffective.  Isn’t it true?

Since we are talking about community cleanliness I want to talk about how media both print and electronic could influence/ rather influencing the efforts in this direction.

Media be it any form-print or electronic impacts our lives in one or other way.  I am not talking any rocket science.  But how could media act as a catalyst in instigating a change, be it a thought or a process.  It is simple.  It is the reach media have that makes it an important player when change of any kind is concerned.  A word of mouth might be taken lightly and forgotten but when same message goes across via print media it carries more significance that makes it noteworthy.  And electronic media takes the appeal a notch higher because visual appeal that a motion picture gives always registers better than a plain word on paper.  Moreover, it has nothing to do with the audience being literate or not and that’s the USP which enables the message to be spread more widely and effectively.

Now that we understood the role of media in spreading a word or rather a message let us see how this has been useful in our Government’s effort to keep our county clean.  For our readers outside India I would like to mention that our government has started a new mission to make and keep India clean and safe (read sans diseases) which is called “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” the literal translation for which means “Clean India Mission”.  And the handlers of the mission who have very well understood the impact of  message on various channels of media are using different avenues to the maximum possible levels.  I would like to list a few advertisements that I have seen which could  go or might have gone far in bringing about a change:

  • School kids spreading the message of washing hands properly, drinking pure water from purifiers and defecating in toilets only.  This message highlights the importance of hygiene.
  • A famous actress (Mrs. Vidya Balan, brand ambassador of sanitation campaign) reiterating the importance of having proper toilets at home
  • Another famous actor (Mr. Aamir Khan), spreading across the message of keeping our surroundings clean that would eventually help us to have a cleaner country.
  • In almost every leading newspaper, in every language the methods to keep the dangerous diseases (read spread by mosquitoes and unhygienic ways) at bay a column is dedicated.  And that too on a repeated constant basis.

These are just few examples on how media is being used for the betterment of country by inculcating hygienic habits in the citizens.  What I liked most in this campaign is that the target audience, which is the entire country has been cleverly segregated and targeted.  For instance, I was talking about an advertisement featuring kids.  The impacted audience includes children for whom it is very important to learn about cleanliness at a young age.   And the point has been intelligently put across.  Similarly, for youngsters and adults if a person whom they idolize and respect tries to say something or put forth a point, that would be taken easily and acted upon too.

Any mission or policy in order to be a success needs support from the core and the core here is none other than the “public”.  No plan can become an implementation and no implementation can be a success until and unless public involvement is guaranteed.  And only awareness can draw its interest.  And media in this regard has left no stone unturned to blow the horn of this initiative.  Right from the day of this mission’s inception media is covering every aspect and every person (read celebrities from every field) associated.  It would be noteworthy to know that just as the “Ice Bucket Challenge” that became viral “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” Challenge became viral.  And it was media which spread the word and awareness and drew more and more people – both celebrities and commoners and culminated efforts for better results.

And the results are yielding.  Many backward villages are now trending  in the way of cleanliness and trying to achieve the tag of “ODF” which stands for Open Defecation Free.  This is just one aspect.  The overall impact is surely positive and definitely counting.   To conclude this I just want to say that media is doing its part in bringing about a change. Let’s do our bit and see a “Swachh Bharat” soon.

We watched few videos mentioned in yesterday’s snippet, “Cleanliness at a glance.” For all other advertisements under Swachh Bharat campaign you can always surf on YouTube.