green chili with fire
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Green slender ones, it impresses me as nothing else does. Yes, I am referring to chillies. You might wonder what makes me so fond of chilli. If you ever take a look into my fridge, and even my balcony garden, you will find chillies everywhere.

My first encounter with Chilli

It was when I was a kid, I used to notice my mom, add these green chillies to the coconut chutney my mom makes. The tinge of green that it brings to the chutney was something impressive.

As I grew up, these chillies became a part of my cooking. There was not even a dish, without chillies I cooked. Even the red ones also took my heart, when it comes to taste. In Kerala, whenever we make tapioca especially the boiled ones, we have the green chillies (tiny ones) with shallots and yes it tastes awesome, that even as I write my mouth waters. 😛

Love at first sight

green chili peppers
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Every day, when I am off to work, on the way, I pass by a market area, and all you see is a bunch of fresh veggies. As I go by bus, I can see vendors unloading sacks full of chillies onto the spaces for selling. It is always fascinating to watch all those tiny green slender ones, load up.

Again Chillies

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Chillies, tinier ones are mostly used in the pickles and ones that are salted and added to vinegar ….the taste is just WOW. You can find an array of lemon, mango, gooseberries pickled with green tender chillies at my home.

Amazing facts about Green Chillies

Let me put up a few facts about green chilli, which will make you fall in love with it…

  1. Green chilli is rich in vitamin B6, vitamin A, iron, copper, potassium and a small amount of protein and carbohydrates
  2. It is rich in dietary fibre, which makes it important for your healthy digestive system.
  3. Have green chillies and own a healthy glowing skin – as it contains Vitamin C.
  4. Aid digestion – Hope you all know saliva is a major add-on to our food that aids digestion of food. When you consume chilli, you produce more saliva, which will help in fastening digestion.
  5. Good for weight loss – Green chillies can help in weight loss and burn excess fat by increasing metabolism.
  6. Good for diabetics – Including green chillies (the tiny ones especially) in the diet is best to control the increased blood sugar level and it also helps to balance it.
  7. Combat sinus and cold as it contains capsaicin.
  8. When in pain take green chilli. It emits heat into the body that acts as a painkiller.
  9. Green chillies on consuming cause release of a chemical called endorphins, which can control mood swings.
  10. Green Chillies are a good source of iron, ideal for those who are deficient in iron.
  11. Rich in Vitamin A and is ideal for mucous membranes. Yet another good reason to include chillies is :

    photo of assorted vegetables and fruits on rack
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Loaded with a capsaicin-a chemical compound that makes chilli peppers taste hot — you can eat them raw, fried or in a roasted form along with salads and as a side dish in your main meals. It tastes awesome!! Trust ME!!!


Chillies taught me a lesson

Over and over as I ponder on chillies, it reminded me that the over usage of chillies can burn our tongue that finally, all taste seems fake.  It’s important that we don’t add too many chillies beyond our requirements. When I became a mother, every notion about taste changed – I  minimized so many things like chillies as I wanted my kids to enjoy what they eat. I knew they won’t be able to eat if I had too many chillies.

It was then that I realised like chillies, we need to be minimal in many things we use or with the circle of friends we have. An overabundance of anything in life does not make life richer.

Final thoughts on my chilli Love

If you have nothing to eat at home, no curry enchants you, then all you need to do is just fry salted chillies and then have it with plain rice.



Lifestyle and I had conflicts ever since I was born.

Ever since my childhood being little introspective and determined in a variable way, I ensured to be little more intentional in my every step ahead. My lifestyle choices have always amused me, surprised me, shocked me, bored me as well as condemned me as well as other people in my life in many ways.

Being brought up in a typical Keralite family, I was kind of bound to be more like a Keralite had followed most of the things from my mothers’ footsteps. I had to be invariably the same after a couple of mistakes and challenges I took up to blend in various other lifestyles.

My Conflicts with the Girl inside me

I always wanted to be boyish, but again my features never did justice to my thoughts. My thoughts just remained in my deeds but not in my appearance. To some extent, I believed that being a boy was far better because they had the best reward in life – FREEDOM. I used to hate wearing typical girl shoes and pink dresses. It did not give me the comfort to be more girlish in some way.

Again in the coming years, I realised being a girl was a blessing indeed. It is not about the Freedom, but being a Girl mattered me. (I kind of turned semi-Feminist).

My Conflicts in adapting to dressing style

Any time of the day, all I wanted to wear is a Tshirt and pants, but again here my consciousness being little heavy built failed me here. My dressing style was never acceptable to anyone in the family. When they want me to be a typical Kerala style -Salwar-Clad girl, I wanted to escape from all these barriers.

My Conflicts with my routines

Like every other youngster, I too had a lousy lifestyle- sometimes oversleeping, sometimes overworking and much more. And after numerous trials and errors, the curtain fell over it, when motherhood took over my life. I changed myself to craft a beautiful and convenient lifestyle for my children. Something to blend in the lives around me. It actually worked out giving me sufficient time to manage my own things too, which I felt was a better way to live happily.

As I went abroad too, my customized style never left me. It had become a kind of sheath I used to cover my insecurities. My Lifestyle became a burden to my mind gradually.

My Conflicts led me to be a target at every instance, as it had become a vulnerability in me. The more I had disputes in me the challenges just doubled.

It wasn’t easy to fix a lifestyle that suited me. Off and on  I get so motivated and carried away – and all I do is try to blend in. It never worked in my favour.

Until when I realised. It was better to be Just ME.

The Road to No Regrets

Living by persuasion, without being approved is quite hard. It came in as a late realisation that it is easy to choose what actually suits me and which actually befits me. When I realised, it all came perfectly well to me.

I realised that whatever outside influence comes to my mind, it should never bother me. All I have to do is just be who I am, rather than stop becoming what others want me to be.


When I think about colours, the only thing that comes into my mind is the ample colours that my children brought into my life. When I see them, they bring me happiness, the joy of unprecedented love and care.

(Image Credit – Pixabay.com)

When I was given this picture, it just reminded me how my kids keep me happy and content about my life.

Kids never judge by anything, they shower joy to everyone around them. Last year, when I lost my dad to cancer, it was quite disheartening. It was something I could never live with, losing him forever. I remember as a child, there were times I would always wish that I don’t lose my mom and dad forever as I could never imagine living without them. Later when I had my kids, again I used to think the same.

When my dad was battling with illness, the only strength that held me stable enough to handle everything was my kids.  I knew that I would be losing him forever, but I could not just sit and weep, I should assure him that pain was just a phase, everything will be fine and he would be recovering soon. He too found to forget about the pain he is enduring inside when my kids were around. It was not easy for him though, yet I knew their smile was enough for him to just forget he was unwell for some time.

Whenever I am sad or upset or even unwell, my daughters come to me enquiring me what happened to me. They never let me feel alone or even lost. Even though am their mother, they take care of me, as if they are my guardian angels and I truly believe they are my guardian angels.

My daughters wash away all my sorrows, my agony and bring me sunshine in my life. Maybe at times, I might have failed as a mother, but they are overwhelmingly my greatest support and my backbone.

I recollect the days, when I am extremely tired and over irritated, my lil one just comes to me and hugs me and kiss me without being asked. It is like they know that I wanted them badly.

Kids do things without being asked, but they do the best. 

We as parents should permit to do things, as they feel like, rather than pipelining them into our own channels of discipline and other mundane things we end up doing. The more we let their imaginations run wild, the better humans they become.

Being a parent, I am used to be in a circle of moms, who are more panicked, anxiety struck, overwhelmed, scared and even confident ones. I admit I am a combination of all these. I know they will find their own way, I am not a mom, who wants just academics to be perfect, but I want them to be JUST HAPPY about what they do because I believe that they are the gems that outshine in my life.

My kids are my strength, who lead me in my life.

Like they paint the walls in my home, with their tiny fingers holding those crayons, smiling at me, as I watch them do all naughty things, even when they know, I might scold them at any moment. The just keep smiling and melt away my anger in no time.

My life became their canvas to paint the most colourful life for me with them as the colours I enjoy being coloured with.


From my childhood whenever I think of the biology class, I remember the time I learned about the Amphibians. Interesting it was to learn about the famous amphibians -Frog. Little did I know then, that one day I would end up writing about them as a life lesson giver.

Yes !! You read it right, – they are indeed one of these creatures, who will overwhelm us, with their incredible teachings through their simple lifestyle.

Every night during the monsoon. in my native, I was kind of accustomed with the lullabies of these frogs all nights while I was put to sleep. Then as a child, I used to wonder, what exactly they might be saying or discussing. It was indeed a soothing way to sleep then, better than the honking sounds of the cars.

Often now, I do think the same- as I have never learnt their language…  It just goes Ribbit …Ribbit…Ribbit…Ribbit…

It seems that those little creatures have a lot to tell us. Let me put a quite few of them here:


Being called amphibians, born in the water, swimming across in the water like tadpoles and then becoming a toad and leaping onto the land and living without any hesitation. Don’t’ you think they are brilliantly adaptable. Put them in the water they swim, put them on land, they just hop on. Being Adaptable to any situation whatever it might be the situation, is something one needs to learn from these slimy green toads.


Frogs – Whenever we think of it, the first picture that comes to our mind is a hopping one. But to catch a prey, it just stays still for while access the surrounding and then waits for the right moment to catch it. It is not easy. Trust me, winning over with patience is the hardest thing one can ever do. And here also frogs excel us.

Enjoying serene space

Most of the time they just wait and be calm. It looks like as if they are relishing the serene beauty of the surrounding- like the mirror-like still pond.  We as humans prefer all the hustles and bustles of the city and we forget to appreciate the beauty of stillness. The frogs, step on to the lotus leaves and watch the beckoning stillness of nature.

Cherishing the simple joys

Gone are the days, we see kids playing in the rain and enjoying it. Look at the frogs, when it rains, it just doesn’t stand in the shade, but take a leap into the pouring rain. Relishing the simplest moments in life is something we need to do, and it stays forever.


Frogs stay still for a longer time and then observe the surroundings quite well. One can see, with the slightest movement, frogs tend to jump away from the leaf into the waters. Their observation power is far more efficient than the radar system I believe.

Even though they seem smaller just fitting into our palm, they teach us lessons worth a lifetime.  If you bound to explore the hidden nature, then you get to learn many obvious things to learn from it. Spending some time with nature itself makes life worth living.

Walk away into the luscious greenery and be bound to the fullness of being one among them. Let the creepers recite you the tales of their bonding with the trees they are creeping on to. Let the birds teach you the virtue of flying and let the ants teach you the efficiency of teamwork.

Keep your eyes and ears open, let nature communicate with you. 


It was a normal day for me, I hurriedly finished all my household works and went to my desk to start my work. Not a joke, I am A freelance content writer, with at least a decent amount of work daily. As I sat to work, and it was a holiday for kids, so I ensured they both had enough things to play with before settling down.

After some time, I could see that y little ones have become ninjas and hiding around as if spying on me. I remained to do my work, with my third eyes opened and my ears sharp enough to listen to what was going on around. They both were tiptoeing and walking around my workspace, all it leads me to be completely losing my concentration at what I was doing. I could see them, but I pretended to be completely unaware.

They both were taking things from the table nearby, like Fevicol, sellotapes, paper, colour pencil which I have already asked them not to touch. The moment I turned around to look at them as they were sneaking around, they stood frozen like still… It actually did make me laugh, as I was dumbstruck, how did they imagine I could not see them.

This is actually a quite common scenario at home. They take chocolates and other eatables from the fridge and keep on munching all day long. Even though I see, at times I just and does ensure I get a share of what they take, ensuring that I inform them I know what they do.

Am a mommy who is like the Vodafone advertisement-Wherever you go, I am there.. 😛

But, I did think about why they were hiding it from me?

It was the mere fact, I was a little angry whenever they took things unnecessarily and played with.

So Do you know what I did to correct myself?

I called them both and told, that you need not hide from me, as you see, I see everything. And yes momma is your friend.

I enjoy these little hiding games they do with me.

My younger on the other side, she just walks right in front of me, with her big eyes, protruding and a small smile on her lips which is out of the excitement of doing naughty things.  She smiles as I keep an eye on her, and she smiles at me too, trying to deviate my attention from what exactly she was doing.

I smile, just to assure her, that Yes Momma didn’t see anything and it Just brightens her smile – To which I get flattened.

Even though I turn a blind eye towards their play, I ensure to keep a check on it. It is sometimes my daughter returns from school all moody and cranky. I know it is tiredness or something that bother her and making her all cringy. I try my best to stay calm and understand from her part.

To lighten the mood, when she shares the trauma to me, I do ensure that it is all a part of school life. And I hold her closer to me and assure her that nothing in the world will hurt her when I am around. But again, I always wanted her to tell the truth rather than hide it from me. I become her friend and to be her secret keeper. It gives me immense happiness when she throws me the brutal truth than a lie. It shows me, how strong she is.

Being a mother is a true hurdle to cross, and it is impossible without trust.


A little girl sat in the crowd. Her expressions read that she was upset, her eyes were already a pool, waiting for a moment to drop and shed the burden of her eyes and eventually her heart. It never happened though.

Hours passed.

She was bullied and had her confidence drop dead. All she did was eat and talk a lot. Was it not something a kid should do? Her thoughts wandered and she questioned her mind over and over again. It was not easy for a mere 8 years old to understand and land on conclusions.

Yet not a drop of tear rolled down. She smiled and none noticed the pool she was holding in her eyes. She was starving, yet she didn’t munch. None around her, even her loved and close ones, couldn’t notice a change in her.

It was a normal day, then. As the night was on, and time to sleep. She jumped on to her bed and waited for silence to creep in, and then heart burst out into tears. It was again never easy.

She hid her tears. 

She hid her sorrows.

She hid her embarrassment.

She hid her pain.

She hid it all, to see everyone around her smile. 

Even her scream was hidden to the world. The next day she woke up and smiled again ready to deal with the world, who never appreciated her shortcomings.

Hiding something in life has become a part and parcel in her life. Be it the truth or even happiness.

But why do we hide our emotions?

It might be the reason, that the ones whom we shared never ever took a look at what we might feel. It also might not be the reason that the person won’t ever understand, but also when we are in a matured state that the person can’t stand the pain or whatever is hidden about.

When ones right is another one wrong, it is hard to make anyone understand anything.

In Today’s world, most of the victim of abuse hide it, it is not because they enjoy the pain. It is because the world will never understand until they deal it on their own.

Hiding arises when our exuberance is responded with an “Shhh…”. It grows more and more, as our exhilaration is not validated. As it grows, the more we feel ashamed of ourselves and we tend to hide. And we finally instinctively protect ourselves from the world outside into a shell. And for everything happening around us, hiding becomes a reflexive emotion.

Here are things, one can do, to overcome hiding :

  1. Accept it is not your flaw, but a learned behaviour.
  2. Accept rejections, Come on it isn’t Worlds End.
  3. MAke friendship with people who can accept you as you are.
  4. Be positive whatever may happen.

Ones we deal with tour inner feelings and convince that we are not the imprisoners of our fears, we stop hiding. It is said that, once we start hiding, our heart becomes a collective whirlpool of emotions, that will ready to burst any time. Be it emotions, feelings or even regret, just letting it out makes life worth living.

We are just humans, prone to errors too.

The sooner we accept, the better we do.

Godin writes, “We’re lucky enough that the things we used to fear don’t happen so often anymore, so now we fear feelings.”


Born in a cradle,

she had to handle

the burdens of the world

known as well as hidden to her;

all she craved was freedom from the burdens;

unable to endure the pain of the obligations,

she went down to complications ;

worsened with time and tide, as it never waited for none;

she turned numb, with every sensation;

until when she realised it was not a chance to win;

and then came a day ;

where she decided to dwell in her dreams ;

like she weaved her screams to be the rope of hope

finally, as she burned her burdens;

untangled herself from the chain of expectations;

she liberated herself from the dungeons of obligations,

no more becoming the caged scholar,

to the bird with the wings of imaginations…


  • An untold Saga of a woman.