Eyes protruding
like the bones in the body
perpetually dwindling vision
yet the taste buds on an urge
to taste the essence of food
that quench their hunger.

Thousands of kids are left hungry in the developed countries. Even when there is plenty of production of food happening everywhere, the needy still be the needy of the same. According to recent surveys, the study focus on wastage of food that is occurring everywhere, which is about 30 % of food produced for the consumption which again equates to 1.3 billion tonnes of food per annum. Economically this food wastage causes $940billion a year as quoted by the Foodcloud.

Even though food waste is apparently happening everywhere, the amount of food wastage in developing countries are on the high end. When one end of the city is troubling with hunger and malnutrition, the other end is celebrating the feasts and once the housed levels are filled, the rest of the food is just thrown away.

The food wastage is most commonly seen during the festive season when unusual food wastage happens at an uncontrollable rate. I personally have seen numerous instances, wherein we tend to buy food more than we ever need and it goes wasted.
Food is one thing, that is refused once you are filled, unlike money.

In recent years, overseeing the amount of food wasted in parties and get-togethers, we all family members decided to give away the food, to the needy. We ensured that we never gave away the leftovers.

Food redistribution, which is veering the surplus amount of food that we bring in during celebrations are given to charitable institutions, which is one way to ensure that no one stays hungry and the food is reached in the right stomach.

Many organizations are on the urge to bring up a food reviving system, to ensure that poverty doesn’t cause malnutrition, by sufficient supply of food.

Giving the needy is the soundest charity

India is rich in customs and traditions, we all follow a lot many traditions to upkeep our culture. Most of the occasions like poojas, most of the families, unlike a few who are still remaining orthodox, prefer to feed the needy than call up the neighbouring kids who are well off.

Now society is gearing up a little bit to eradicate malnutrition, with redistribution of food. Let us all pledge not to waste food and channelize the surplus to the needy.

To conclude :
You can only have more for yours when you ought to share a piece of it“.

Like every other past year
Leaving the anchor to the next year
Bringing in new waves of
Hope, Happiness And Opportunities
Let’s not waste every wave that swipes our feet
Let’s get drenched in the ocean of life
Cherish every moment before its gone
Let’s commence the journey to
the fullness of life…
as years never wait…
it just moves on…
– Sreepriya


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Balancing life is a meagre excuse, for living and dedicating your full time to your family. My all perspective is bound to keep myself happier and fuller till I lay on my deathbed -with no regrets no missing bits and pieces that will leave me hanging between life and death.

Growing up watching a mom, who has an excellent pace in managing work and a home was a quite a motivational stir to me ever since I became a mom.  I always admired to be more like my mom, though it gave me heart-attacks when I have to deal with a mountain of patience and I just a small hump of it, which was indeed not helping.

An organized home is somewhere you find things right in every place it deserves to be. But yea, my home is never like that other than a few requisite items, everything else is misplaced ever since I am the homemaker and worst ever since I am a mom of two.

But over the front of making everything read on time from managing home, cooking, and getting kids on time for school – I have a not so bad scorecard.

As a daughter who follows her mother’s I have few valid points, which I feel one should adapt to get things organized.  Ever since I became a second-time mom, things changed, and literally, I had to juggle with responsibilities. Managing kids school, a baby and work as well as taking care of husband and home – it was never easy.

Accepting that nothing is easy -is the first realisation that helps me cope well with my everchanging world. The very easy way to adapt to changes is by accepting that it is like this nothing can be magical. (pinch me- its real)

Secondly – Never expect your work to be done by anyone else. ( a better piece of advice to carry on in life) .  Expectations, keep your level of procrastination a little higher. The best way is to evade all those false thoughts and just keep doing until you are banged with surprises. ( don’t you like those) .

Third  – Planning – Yes it helps in running away from stress. With kids, it is better you have a minimal planning done. Like keep the milk boiled and ready to be fed when your baby is asleep as meanwhile, you can spend a great deal of time with your elder one. Even planning your weekly groceries and menu for the days would be perfect when you have to pack your kid’s lunch (warning: Else spend your time wasting in front of your fridge, who gives you no positive reply other than the cold waves )

Fourth: Take occasional breaks, it gives you a recovery time and helps you relieve a lot of stress and helps you wake up fresh. The more you stress, the less organized you are. You need not just sleep – a book, a favourite movie or even a chit-chat with your best friend is good.

The happier you – the best-organized home you will be having – That is the key finding I did all along. These always helped me, as I moved from a homemaker to a freelance professional too.

(by Chiradeep Patra)

Mom’s Gyan: Always ensure you do everything on time “

This is the first thing that helped me to keep my home organised. Make sure you wake up, cook and keep your self-organized – as we are the pillars of the homes.

The better we – the better homes we bring in. 


Getting married, at an early age- not a child marriage though. It was not the time I intended to get married that is what I meant.

It just led me to grapple enough during the initial phases of my life. It was the time when I felt I should give up and drop away most of the time. I was like a fragile age of 21- which was the budding stage of my career. Work, home and marriage were tough to handle, as I never knew what to prioritize.

Anyways, no repent over the spilt milk.

When I was accentuated out, I spoke to friends, finally, when I thought I was crushing them with my silly grievances, I finally found nirvana in music. Lost in the music, it was easier for me to work along. Even when I was exhausted after work, I plugged in my music and did my household works.

For years this went on if I did ever recall.

I was also someone who enjoyed a lousy day, sleeping all day along, watching movies, doing nothing but just munching on every day. Seems I was never a fortunate one to enjoy it, as I was carrying the burdens of expectation beyond my reach. Managing my own dreams was easier than working on others demands.

Seems I was too exhausted, as I was breaking away and finally gave up my job which was either not meeting my expectations or vice versa.

Then came the blessed moments of my life, which I attribute as the best of my innings and truly the reason that I am happier in my life. Thinking about it buds a smile on me. Indeed the driving force in my life.

When I became a mother, there was a transformation in me, something beyond my expectations. I started to keep myself second in the queues or preferably last and considered to meet the needs of my child first and then the rest and finally me (which never happened though). Motherhood indeed steps us into a different world.  A world beyond imagination – as the feel was tremendous. I was someone like a career-oriented one who focused on winning. But with my little one in my arms, I wanted to just win her smile. Nothing else ever mattered me then.

Life is much easier when you are doing every bit of it yourself than expecting someone else to come into the picture.

It is the only thought I follow when I am lost in the countless number of responsibilities I have to carry on, in a day.

I am no different, as compared to any other mother in the world. I believe the rest do better than me always. The earlier years of my life taught me many things, that led me to handle this current line of responsibilities.

I fall and mend myself 

Like a baby learning to crawl and walk, I try and fall quite a number of times with none to pick me up when I fall off. I just pick myself up and push harder to reach my tasks.

My day begins in the early hours of the morning, as my kids are off to school by 7. It is quite early and I usually crib a lot in the morning, as the timings don’t let my kids sleep well. I have to cook her lunch and breakfast. Even though I can liberally choose simple ones, I don’t want to lose the taste of our Keralite dishes, which I savoured in my childhood.

I wake up by 5: 30, then either go for a walk or just idle around with a cup of tea in my hand with all things mounted on my stove. Call me a bad mom or irresponsible, I just taught my daughter who is hardly 8 years to dress up on her own. She does everything on her own- hence I am a proud mother.

Call it my lack of time management too- as I cannot dress her up, when I am in the kitchen. Thanks to her, as she helped me by doing her best for me.

Once all the lunch boxes are packed, and my kids and husband are off to school and office. It is my time.

I just clean up, my kitchen, and pending washing, simultaneously logging in to my work. Bein a work-from-home mother, I am privileged to do work in the comfort of my home. Thanks to all those who trust and assure work to me. It is great to ideally financially independent – that truly makes you feel great.

Another advantage I enjoy is the considerable amount of time, I can spend with my loving kids. It is the only pleasure I want to cherish until death. I work, do all my reading etc. the researching part of my content writer work before my kids arrive.

By evening time, I make something for kids and make them sit with me to finish their work, along with my work. As work is important- I can’t ignore that responsibility. As the day ends, I cook the hot dinner for my family and enjoy the bliss of togetherness on the dining table, where we enjoy the days’ joy, sharing what all we did the whole day.

In between all these, when I am struck with the lightning of thoughts, that are overflowing me- I just pen it down in my blogs. It gives me tremendous pleasure to share my thoughts through my writings.

Call me selfish

All day, even am burdened with responsibilities, I truly treasure my family. I just do everything I can without anyone around offering me help, as it is my happiness.

A joy that keeps me going is the smile of my kids and their happiness. 


Values …Phew !!  quite a small word, yet weighs a lot.

I have never actually thought about values, and how I am gonna inculcate the same into my kids and generations to come. It never disturbed me until I began to think about it. Ever since I knew my surroundings, all I see is my mom, who is dedicated as a mother as well as a teacher. For me, she is the one who tells me what is exactly wrong or right, and yes even though I might explode at times on her words, I have never ended up not following it.

Maybe that is Values to me

Values are something that actually lets us reach a conclusion on what needs to done or what needs to be said. It helps deliberately reach a choice of actually what we want. Values building up or I say piling up inside us, we react to the crowd around us.

I remember during my days of graduation, I used to stay in a hostel, where there were many like me staying away from parents. Some felt it is like a breath of freedom, even when holidays come by, they never wanted to go back home. They would rather stay in the hostel and spend time alone or with friends around. I wondered why ?? why will anyone don’t want to go home. As for me, a home was the arms of my parents, where I was safe indeed. Gradually I learned that they were never welcomed at home, they felt like an outsider.

What values do they inherit?

Where is family values?  Vanished into thin air. 

I realised a home should be where everyone is welcomed, cared for and never taken for granted. Even when people are far away, the only gravity that pulls them back to the home is the love and affection they receive. It is an important factor in Family Values, something that needs to be shared and gifted.

As I grew up, again facing challenges, qestioning the theory of values, I faced with the values at work, which indeed was quite challenging.

What are the values at work?

People are just behind, others pulling them down, just to reach higher and higher. It is hard to survive if you stick to values here. As professionalism is completely off-road. I had experienced the worst kind of work ethics to stay on top, and a fresher like me couldn’t stand it. As sacrificing my values for success, was not something I would choose for.

I chose my values and drowned in it. 

It is a great game of politics in organizational values that you have to encounter.  Honestly, I couldn’t survive, I was an utter failure as I burst out in anger and frustration, realising I couldn’t handle the office politics.

Was I lacking values? Or was it them? I am not sure about them, but for me, I forgot the strategical approach at one point in time.

In a relationship, the values are kind of fluctuating. A husband becomes perfect when they handle their roles well enough, not only as a better half but also being a parent. A wife is not just someone to share a bed with, but your equal partner to care for, love for. your children look out for you, to be the epitome of values indistinctly. I have been weird at moments, showing the worst part of me to my children, which I received the same way, at some other point in time through their similar reactions. Actually, it shocked me, rather than being dumbstruck to see a mirror image of me there. It was when I decided to change my self. To my utter shock, I was guiding them wrong. At some point, I felt I was wrongly mentoring them for life.

It brought me thinking, was it my values, that helped me correct myself there?

Yes, I guess, it was indeed the values I inherited – To accept the failures and turn them into success. My individual Values is something I showed up as an individual to the crowd. To me, personal fulfilment was prior to all, which I am learning gradually.

Indeed, at every stage of my life, I was learning values, and how important are they for Me.

Many values are never inherited, but it is like live training we get through experiences. Some teach us quite hard lessons, that we feel like dissolving, some others let us float above.


Love and Friendship has a thin line. It is hard to find, hard to distinguish, and hard to keep ourselves from crossing. 

Friendship is beautiful as it has a beauty of commitment without purpose. At the same time, love, which is thin line away, has a purpose. It is hard to keep both at times. At many times, over these past few years, my mind juggled between, friendship and family, it was hard to keep rowing both boats at the same time. At times, I left the boat of friendship to sail away, knowing that it would be coming back to me even when I do not take them along. This is why friendship was more fascinating.

But for family, it was a hard toss, we toil and work harder to keep it tight aside us. Yet, even the tiniest mistake could ruin them.

A thought which disturbed me – was family so brittle to be handled? 

Being married quite earlier I was stranded between these two, friends and family. It was a stage, wherein I need to choose. But Choose between what?

A guy and a best friend- was a big trouble to a girl like me, being from a completely traditional background. My freedom of thoughts had a limited bandwidth, hence it circles in the smallest diameter, which was limited to thinking, that I was doing something wrong. Losing a friend who could understand your unspoken words and pain was terrible. A world without my best friend who was a part of me was unbearable. It broke my heart a couple of times, to walk away.

For a moment, even I decided to walk away from my family, but something hindered my steps.

Yet burdened with responsibilities and new found life, was hard. Hence losing someone you could talk to, was becoming dwindled and lost in the fury of my life.

But Life is too complicated to keep aside.

Hence, I walked away, sailing away until the best friend was unseen and unheard. I trained my mind to accept what was around me. To be on my own. As the world never understood me, it was hard to let go.

Like the sea visits many shores, I too found friends everywhere, but the mistakes repeat, loss became a part of life – unavoidable. The wounds remained fresh.

I too moved on, as the loss made me strong enough to let go things I was fond of. It was not things, or persons I need to keep by my side, but it was the memorable moments that made me, who I am now, which never could be stolen.

Discovering the very thought, brought me back to my expedition of life.

Life is short, never be upset about things that pull you back, but gain enough strength to walk with every burden on your shoulder or just let go and be free.


My heart turns numb at times

sealing my lips, with the jumbled emotions

where my eyes convey all my emotions

with the tears in it.

like the mini-waterfalls soothing the rocks beneath

tears soothe my pain underneath my skin

calming my raging heart, like the coolest drizzle on a hot day

reclaiming my part, in a battling talk

like a dollop of ice on the skin, to share the joy

diamonds, on the cheeks, when your happiness knows no bounds

tears bring me a mixture of emotions

where words betray, but the eyes speak.