Listen carefully to the loud silence
of the beautiful waves.

Each one has a new story to tell,
story of how they swim to the shore
to wash off the pain of those sand dune,
story of how they splash love
on those barren rocks on the banks.

Each one has a new experience
and a worthy lesson to share,
lesson of how they keep doing
the same thing over and over again
never getting tired of it,
lesson of how they bring cheer
and joy to all those standing at the shore,
waiting for them and never expect anything back.

Each one has a caution to tell,
show how calmness can turn into chaos and cause destruction.



No soul is happy with what they
have or with what they are served,
greed and ego minaciously make this
bag of bones worthless and undeserved.

No soul is tranquil with the love they have
or with the care they spread,
lust and loathe meticulously craft their
filthy claws in their heads.

No soul is apologetic enough to
accept their faults or to show concerns,
false pride and arrogance tenaciously
covers their eyes with thick curtains.

No soul is bold enough to hold the truth
or to stand up for what they believe in,
society and culture ingloriously tie their
tongue and turn a blind eye for every sin.

What will it take to be happy, tranquil and peacefully in love?
What will it take to accept the unadulterated truth?
What will it take to be brave and not bother about the manipulative minacious lies of the society?

The answers to all these lie hidden deep within those souls,
Yet, only a man of understanding draws them out
Of the thoughts of a person’s heart
Which are like deep waters.

Cut those treacherous strings,
and see what enormous joy it brings.
Strap on those glittering mythical wings,
and listen to enchanting symphonies your soul will sing.


In the middle of a dandelion field there
stood a forlorn silhouette tall, fair and lean.
Delicate features with curly brown hair,
waving at me from a distance with a smile filled with despair.
I walked towards her with a heavy heart,
scared and anxious about what she would want.
Wiping the tiny pearls of woe running down from her big beautiful eyes,
she said her happiness is like the dandelion, scattered by the wind, leaving behind loneliness and despise.

“Why shed tears for the emotions you have no control on,
it was never to be owned so now let it go and move on.”

I put my hand out to reach for her’s, held her soft palm and braised it with love,
reassured her that I can love her like no other and in my arms, I held her with love.
To my surprise, she smiled and said she felt better,
I was awestruck and no words my heart could utter.
The mirror in front of me showed me that I’m my own hero, my guardian and my true inspiration;
that I should listen to myself, my inner voice and within my soul find my salvation.

(Note: God gives strength at the time of chaos. He is my inner voice and my ultimate salvation)


Thank you Vidhi for such probing questions. Thank goodness, Chiradeep told me that I have the option to skip 3 questions maximum. 🙂 

Let me answer then right away…

1) What makes you truly happy?

2) What is that one thing you’ll do anything to achieve it?

Ans: Well, I’m going to combine these two questions and try to answer them.

It’s very difficult to find even a ray of happiness amidst chaos. And finding something that makes me happy is next to impossible. 

But speaking of what makes my soul ‘truly happy’ then I would say my kids, my 2 beautiful boys. No matter where they are or what all they do to torture me (they are literally brats) or how much they adore me, they are the best things in my life. Seeing them giggle or laugh out loud or are insanely happy about the smallest things, makes me truly happy. I consider myself to be responsible for their lives and they, thus are responsible for my happiness. And for that, I would literally flip the world upside down.

3) Do you run away from situations or fight with it out?

It depends on the situation.

Mostly I fight with it, for it. I’m not the backing out kinda person. If I know I’m right, I stay put and fight with everything I’ve got. I hate to be held accountable for the wrongs which aren’t my fault. So I stand tall and face it with all my will. But…

Sometimes, such situations arise which are better left the way they are and just run as far away as possible from them because they will leave your soul marred for the rest of your life.

4) When you are sad, do you feel comfortable sharing things or do you keep everything to yourself?

Everyone in this world has their own set of problems. Some share and feel better.

I, for one, am the quiet type. I don’t like to share. I shut myself from the world and hide in my shell, like a tortoise. It’s difficult for the other person to understand what I am going through, and I don’t expect it either. So I prefer to keep mum.

5) Do you believe in the concept of self-love or self-sacrifice?

Ans: Silence is Golden… :p 

6) When was the last time you did something out of your comfort zone?

Ans: I actually haven’t discovered my comfort zone yet. I surprise myself when I do something new. But haven’t really known the boundary of this.

7) What’s that one thing you would do if nobody is judging you? 

Ans: Hahaha… that’s really interesting.

You do know that no matter what you do, people judge.

Anyway, if nobody is judging me, then I would be the real me – Bold, beautiful and audaciously insane.

8) Would you rather roam around clicking pictures or run around with a journal and a pen?

Ans: Ah! A tricky one!! I would say… I would click the picture that would inspire me to pen down the beauty of it.

9) Are you using your time efficiently?

Ans: I think, the responsibilities I have to carry out every day, I carry them out efficiently. Does that mean I use my time efficiently? 😉

10) What according to you is the purpose of your life?

Ans: To answer this… I’ll be taking the reference of questions 1 & 2…

I brought two beautiful souls into this world. Taking care of them in every possible way there is and making them feel proud to have a mother like me, is the sole purpose of my life. So right now, the purpose of my life is to be a good mother. 

In the end, I just want to mention one poem to encourage my readers along with my own self:

Don’t be like the mighty elephant
tied with a meek string.
Know your own strength and
all the wondrous marvels it can bring.


Even a cactus can grow up
to be beautiful with all its
prickly thorns and
thick petal flowers,
alone in the desert
with no nurture or
refreshing water showers.
With no gardener
to take care of it,
or some bird to
come and sit on it.
No animals to
gnaw on its leaves,
no prayers to be offered
Around, with any beliefs.
Strong and alone in the
barren land it stands,
taking in all it can get yet
happy playing with hot sands.

Even the most beautiful
tchotchke seems unnecessary
at times, feels like it’s just
taking up space for something
better, something nice.
But all it is doing is beautifying
the corner, not expecting
to be admired all the
time in spite of being a loner.

Even a festoon gets
unnoticed albeit hanging
on top of the main entrance,
just dangling, looking
beautiful, not causing
anyone, any hindrance.
Not bothering if anyone
pays any heed to it ever,
nor expecting to be
witnessed on some
auspicious occasion, never.
Sun, rain, wind or cold, any
weather not causing it to
bow down low,
on the top, the glossed
over festoon hangs,
with pride aglow.

Even with a worthy life we
tend to astray from our path,
not trying to move forward,
clinging on to our inglorious past.
Loving, cherishing the present we
ought to live despite any strife,
standing tall and moving forward
with all love’s glory in life.


Beautiful, glowing faces everywhere I see,
Spotless, flawless angelic mien adorned with glee.
I wonder what are they trying to conceal,
what may come out when this mask they peel.
I wonder what brutal flaws they think trying to hide,
with what pain and agony they hopelessly abide.
I wonder why the prejudice about their beautiful bodies and flaws,
I for one, divulge and wear them with pride without cause.
I flaunt my insecurities, I’m not ashamed of them,
these glitches, they make me glow brighter than any gem.
They help me heal, they remind me I’m strong,
hiding, concealing won’t let me stand out in the throng.
You can’t and won’t heal,
if all those beautiful flawless flaws you conceal.

“Oh wow! The colour of her skin is so fair and perfect!” Exclaimed the dusky beauty.

Gosh! He’s got such a perfect muscular body.” Sighed the handsome chubby guy.

Who said that only fair skin is perfect or only slim is beautiful!?

According to whom is chubby not being healthy or dark skin not gorgeous!?

Where is this scale that everyone is referring to and who made them?

The answer to this is…. (stating the obvious) our society, those advertising companies, clothing companies, models, beauty parlours… just to name a few.

We live in a world where our thoughts are influenced by the media and the people surrounding us.

Where models, who probably live on just an apple or a can of energy drink a day, tell us how to be fit. Where facial cream companies shamelessly declare that dark skin is not perfect and lighten the skin tone by using their products. Where clothing companies and different high-end brands sell clothes only to petite people as if being voluptuous is a crime.

What actually these companies are doing is that they are selling you your insecurities. They are brainwashing minds of people of all ages and sexes and compelling them to follow a certain pattern for their profits. To sell their products, they are stuffing our minds with their desired thoughts. They are feeding off of our ‘self-doubt’ and minting money.

As a teenager, I had loads of pimples on my face (hormonal changes, puberty). So people, everywhere I went, used to look at me as if having acne is a sin. Salespersons who are practically at strangers, who sold ‘beauty products’, used to approach me with bizarre questions, frowning, disgusted, asking…” Oh gosh!! aren’t you doing anything about your skin!?..use this particular product..your face will be cleared in no time”. Mind you, they weren’t doing this out of goodwill.

Well, the big question is, how will applying a cream on my skin, fix the hormonal changes happening in my body?? So I never paid any heed to these kinds of irrelevant comments. And with time, my skin got better.

So what I mean to say is don’t let anyone use your flaws or insecurities against you. Don’t let anyone intimidate you by telling that you are not how you are supposed to be.

The first thing everyone needs to realise is that they are beautiful and just perfect the way they are.

No matter what colour your skin is, what size or shape you are, you just have to understand that you are beautiful.

Body shamming has become such a common thing now. It’s like an insane trend everyone seems to follow.

A lady who delivered a baby got back in just 1 month and a mother of 2 kids who is still voluptuous, are both beautiful. A man/boy who is thin and short and one who is muscular and tall, both are handsome. A human who is dark, dusky, wheatish, fair (or any other skin colour) is gorgeous.

Be the change, bring about the change, if you want things around you to better. Don’t make anyone feel any less about themselves. Stop self-pity. Have confidence in yourself. No matter who you are, how you are, what you do or where you are, just remember…you are beautiful and perfect just the way you are.