Man is subjected to time. For everything, there is a season, and a time for every activity and everything is beautiful in its own time. Does it mean we need to wait for the right time for everything to fall into its place? If it’s so, then why do we worry about life, relationships, career, and the future? Why is it necessary to plan ahead of time?

As I think along these lines, I am reminded of many of my failures and a few of my successes in managing time wisely. Today as we completed the 3rd year of one of the historical days of this generation, we are reminded “how we human beings are bound by time!” Somehow or other, each of our lives has been greatly impacted when we took some major decision maybe in a fraction of a second before our nation went into nationwide lockdown.

23rd March 2020 was a slow but normal day until I reached the office. As I reached, I got the news West Bengal state will go for unprecedented lockdown from 5 pm. I just got one window to exit Kolkata by the last flight. Hurriedly, I finished my important work at the office and reached my room, packed my bag, and left for the airport in 35 min. I reached the airport at 4:45 pm and joined the long queue for the security check. Quietly watching everyone struggling to put on their masks and reading the fear of life in every flyer’s eyes left me with one thought – “If I would have delayed 15 mins. What would have happened to me!”

In leadership sessions, we are taught “Plan and Work in time.” Recently, I got an appointment with an influential senior journalist in my city. We agreed to meet at a convenient time, but my delay of 30 minutes at the beginning of the day resulted in considerably less time spent with the journalist. Planning is easy but tunning with the time for the activity causes fruitfulness.

A man reaps what he sows. Concerning every relationship, growth is caused by consistent communication and sincere love. And the root of both the investment is the demand for time. The pathos of this hour is we are the generation that empowered communication in the smartest way ever possible YET WE ARE TREMENDOUSLY DISCONNECTED THAN THE BEFORE GOOGLE GENERATION! India is witnessing a rise of 50% to 60% in divorce rates, especially in urban areas. And the prime reason is the lack of intimacy caused by being unable to spend quality time and meaningful conversation. Taking it further, on the 15th of February 2022 MoW&CD reported, 1,42,949 children in India are suffering from single parenting. Compromising with the time to cause the relationship to grow has the greatest possibility to backfire even for generations.

We are created and are ordained within a specific time frame which denotes our life is destined for a purpose. YET, God gave us the freedom to choose and invest our time as we wish to. An exposed human body in optimum conditions can be reduced to the bone in mere 10 days and after our death, overall, in a few months or hardly in a year our most beloved people juggle back to normal life. How true is it, time waits for none! BUT… The purpose for which we lived our life and the message we left by the date of death cause glory to God and sets the tune to our legacy.

“There’s a time to be intimate in learning about something or someone.

Its failure causes confusion. Man is subjected to time and sadly, nothing happens off the time.”


14 thoughts on “HOW WE LIVE THE TIME

    1. Set your watch five-ten minutes ahead of the original time, and see how you reach on time everywhere😁. That was a joke but you can take it seriously. It works.

      This article is a sweet, short, and important reminder about how we must invest time /time management. Success in a job, profit/loss in a business, relationships, or perhaps that beautiful candid picture, it’s all about your time and timing.

      Enjoyed reading the article. God bless you. Sorry for the delay in replying though, you see I am not a good time manager 😁.

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      1. Thank you, dear Kalpana!
        Being the same person to set my watch will put me in the excuse of delaying 5min. 😄
        Thanks for reading and appreciating the write-up. I always look forward to hearing from you.
        Don’t say sorry for being late. I should apologize for not reading any of your articles for a long time.

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  1. Time is precious to impacts our life directly or indirectly to all human you have nicely presented on it.very nice.

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  2. Nicely penned… from your rushing to the airport just before the onset to lockdown to your delay in the appointment with the journalist and ofcourse the data pertaining to the single parental child upbringing and the the stark reality of increasing divorce rates…wow!
    Could really walk in and through your words, able to relate at times…
    Thanks for sharing

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  3. Sometimes God tell us to spend times that you got to build your relationship with family and friends and that time comes lastly comes in COVID period.

    Wonderful article Sir …..

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