Think about the constant smile on your face when you see or read a good light-hearted romance. Imagine the tears that refuse to get restrained in your eyes when you read a heart-wrenching story. Have you ever experienced that extreme anger towards a fictitious character that’s vile and nefarious? I am sure you must have. I sensed that feeling, quite strongly when I read “Pride and Prejudice”. I rooted for the central characters of Elizabeth and Darcy. Be it fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, biography, autobiography, whatever the content is, the impact would be hollow if the readers are unable to feel or connect with the underlying emotions of the characters they are reading about. In my opinion, Emotions form the core of every story. And me in the capacity of a writer love to spell emotions. My sole purpose in writing every single piece of article or a story is to connect and communicate and I am sure every writer would agree with me. Vocabulary, the flow of the language, style of writing – these parameters can be for a moment overlooked if the emotions carry and create the intended impact as desired by the writer.

In the light of the importance that rightly conveyed emotions have in the context of writing, emotional genre (if it can be called so) is my personal favourite. Romance and Drama usually fall into this genre (they are the sub-genres). Everyone might not be able to connect to the core idea of science fiction, everyone might not be able to understand the rhythm of poetry, horror may not be able to please the faint-hearted but emotions are omnipresent. Love, happiness, anger, grief, greed, lust, hate – no one is untouched by them. Thus when they come across stories that rekindle the feeling of having been a witness to one or more aforementioned emotions, make them pause and think, make them involved with the characters they read, and sometimes even identify themselves with those characters, the readers would love to invest in those stories (time and otherwise). And as a reader who has gone through the same myriad of emotions while reading, I would love to invest my time and soul as a writer in evoking the same thoughts.

My Style Of Writing: Keeping an eye on what’s transpiring all-around, digging in examples from real-life experiences – this is what I try to incorporate in my stories (because I believe that I am not an odd one out on this planet, so my experiences will definitely resonate with many others too in one way or the other and it will ruffle their emotions). My job is done as a writer (I feel elated whenever I get a comment notification and it reads “I have experienced it myself“). Every time such comments made me realize that “Emotions are my turf“.


11 thoughts on “EMOTIONS ARE MY TURF

  1. Kalpana, this is a great article. I was actually wondering what you will write and you came up with this. Cool. But there’s one problem… You stole my idea and I actually would have written the same thing and now I have to think something else. 😛

    Thanks for this article. God bless you.

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  2. Awesome Kalpana…as always. You’re always holding the bar right up there, when it comes to language, vocabulary, story telling…flow of thoughts or relatability.
    There are a few writers here and there…for when they write…its magic! You, are certainly one of them.
    Emotions: well.. I can feel them with every story I read or movie I watch…
    Brilliant as always! You’re soooooo good! Hats off to you..🎩

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    1. I am honoured to find a mention in your article. No matter how much I know about you, no matter how many times I glance at the memory lanes through your gaze, my respect for you increases multi-fold times. It overwhelms me emotionally and encourages me to stride forward in my life too. Sorry for snatching your topic 🙂 Anyways I would cherish this emotional bond that we share always. Lovely post.

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