The 31st evening it was.. the last day of the year gone by…I walked down the road from my building, with no particular direction in mind, only a printout to take and a few steps to make, to give my smart-band some much-needed activity. I said to myself “It is a number game after all”

The air was clear,
the mind at peace,
the hands flayed side to side
…and I had a smile on my face.
My heart seemed light,
for probably even my heart knew
it was the END of something after all.

It would soon get dark and a new day would dawn…
not just any day, but a new start… for a year was to begin all over again.

The day began…
The sun rose
I was up and about…for a walk again
I had a smile on my face as I took the stride
left and right and left again,
The baker was first, then the shop vendor
I went from place to place and wished them all… “a year to gain”
Happy New Year was the line,
as wishes came back to start a HAPPY New beginning.

Bread to break and a Newspaper to be read, the day had begun but this time – it was a new Year ALL OVER AGAIN.

What can I say!? First’s for me have always been special, be it my first ever date, my first ever salary, or even my first ever… <okay! there have been a lot of first’s, maybe I shouldn’t be getting into that, I’m not saying any more>
The day as it panned out, wasn’t out of the ordinary, as it should be. It was just a change in the date after all.

Wishing people, shaking their hands, and silently judging their confidence levels by their handshake is what generally happens on a day like this. I know it’s wrong, but can you help it?

Not every day do you get to hug people, shake their hands and get up close with another human being. However, the 1st day somehow makes that exception.

Yeah! Yeah! Covid and all… but come on! When you’re happy, you’re happy and the body reacts accordingly.

Here’s wishing every reader an awesome 365 days ahead – this year WILL be special, something in my heart just tells me that, not just for me but for the World at large. Just wait and see… actually don’t wait, I think we’ve all waited enough!

2 thoughts on “WAKING UP TO A NEW DAWN

  1. Sir / Madam,
    Esther Bardhan’s FB caption champion quote ” we agree to disagree, when perspectives merge at love. ”
    is it a quote about God ?. Or man ? If your wife always wants to be on top, how can there be love.? You disagree as it is not agreeable to you. A compromise has to occur for one person of the two. One of the two has to put up with a position which is uncomfortable and unenjoyable. How do you disagree and love just by an agreement when your perspectives are different or contrary.?
    Love is the end of all disagreements, but is it practically possible to disagree and still love.? What prevents people from putting matrimonial ads saying ” only love wanted. ”
    Is it because if you disagree and are incompatible there can be no lasting love.
    A tiger eats a goat and the goat eats the grass. How can there be love between the tiger and the goat and the goat and the grass.
    Human beings have to live-off each other. The winner takes it all. I don’t recall the names of the beauty pageant contestants with aishwarya rai, Priyanka chopra or sushmita sen. Do you. ? If you want to win in life you have to kick people on the arse and watch them have a great fall. Cause in real life, Unlike ideology books, only the winner takes it all. !!!!
    Divorces occur in thousands due to disagreements after falling in love and making love for years. The marriage is a legal agreement but disagreement kicks out the love out of life. 99.99 % couples which get divorced don’t have any malfunctioning of sex organs but have disagreements in the brain. About what you believe and do,
    Divinity has nothing to say, it never speaks,
    Religions say contrary and different things,

    Last year hundreds died in India, thousands in the world due to disagreements of religion. How can there be love by the merging of perspectives eventhough all decide to stay together at a common place by a mere agreement.? A country or the globe. An agreement of compulsion. because even if a person loves switzerland, he cannot live there only by his love.
    Sant Kabir said something about love and God. The love he talked about was sublime, seperating saints, friends of God and good hearted people from the rest of the world.
    How can a sublime feeling be born in the heart when the world at large doesn’t know the truth about divinity at all.? And even if you know and believe in love, what if people kick you on the arse, win against you and watch you having a great fall.?


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