At this time of life,

Are you who you wanted to be, as a person?

Have you acheived what you wanted to? (To a good extent at least?)

Doing what you always wanted to do?

My answers are – definitely not. Before the pandemic hit, I would have given a different answer. The pandemic really changed my course of life in ways I could never imagine. It has shown me the lows of relationships  and how people are. It has destroyed my travel plans. On the positive note, I have spent lot of time with my family, which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.

As we were entering 2020, I had big plans for that year. The sounding of that year itself is so perfect. I had plans to go on more than couple of international trips. Take sabbatical towards the end and persue my passion to uncover the creative side of me. By the mid of 2021, I can restart my job and fall back into the groove of life. Two years just passed by, and I did none of these.

The work from home situation has actually made professional setup worse. I literally realised how difficult it is to convey things without actually talking and seeing each other’s expressions. I am sure, many would agree. This discomfort has increased our work timings. It takes lot more time to move from a dialogue phase to decision phase virtually. The fun is also lower. The sense of connection is low as well. Never ever, have I thought I would be pissed off with my current job and that happened. Not because I don’t love what I do, but, I just don’t want to do it all my day from morning till night.. Wow, that’s a lot of time to commit and on top of it, it took away my “me” time. Lost loved ones to the pandemic, added pain and suffering.

Many of us went through similar suffering. Our lives have changed, challenges we face have changed and the outlook we had of life changed. We have the right to be mad at the pandemic. No matter how many curve balls life threw at us, we tried to play them hoping for the best. We were out of control with everything, including our health and life insurances. We were forced to live with the least and we did.

I don’t know about you, but, my take on living life has changed because of the pandemic. From a casual, I have atleast 30 more years to live, I started accepting, not a single day is mine anymore. I have learnt how important it is to have nominees for every single penny of mine. How important it is to have a heartful conversation when we have the oppurtunity. How important it is to do the several “crazy things” when I can.

The very thing I have put an end to is, thinking there is some other time.  There is no such time. Now, it is. As the world is reopening, with precautions I want to restart things I have put a pause on. We should, we all should.

“A man is like a novel: until the very last page you don’t know how it will end. Otherwise it wouldn’t be worth reading.”  Yevgeny Zamyatin

2 thoughts on “A CHANGE FOR THE BETTER

  1. Aastha, you have always amazed me with the way you present your articles. Yeah, many are so-called professional writers but you hit the bull’s eye in regards to impacting the readers. A few statements from this article really made me wonder and ponder. They are –
    “I started accepting, not a single day is mine anymore.” How true it is, though I believe every single moment is under His control. He grants and He takes it back.
    “How important it is to have a heartful conversation when we have the opportunity.” Absolutely. We should never lose any of such opportunities. I have made it a point that I will keep in touch with all in any manner possible.
    “The very thing I have put an end to is, thinking there is some other time. There is no such time. Now, it is.” We knew all of it, yet we assume and procrastinate a lot. Why we? I am the one who has been kept pushing time for a later day. But the time is NOW.

    Thanks for such a lovely article again. God bless you! ❤

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  2. Brilliant! As always….and yes I was waiting for your turn to write.
    You know something; we all blame the Pandemic for so much bad n inconvenience it has brought upon the world- but, I will go ahead and say it has been a blessing in disguise. Reasons as to why it is, will take a post all together. Personally, I’m not surprised I’ve made it out alive while some haven’t but am equally sure that the road ahead will surely be very interesting!
    For whatever does unveil in our immediate future, I wanna have fun n live life as if it were my last day.
    No thinking, wondering, pondering….I have no time for all that😅


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