“Endings are the –
Beginning of a new era of hope,
Beginning of a new phase of scope.
It is in an ongoing process,
Which sometimes is hard to digest.
Still, life has to go through phases,
To taste the flavour of situations
and their causes.

Endings are to be cherished with
lots of love and blessings,
To connect with every moment
of life and its earnings.”

It is always seen, when something comes to an end, a new beginning shows up. It is actually a cycle of all the deeds and times. When you plan for something, the time of planning and execution are added. The day is well spent with proper execution and delivery of ideas, as you have already thought of. But the day ends with lots of memories of laughter and giggles. Next, you plan for something else to do in life. As our life is an ongoing process of events, we are attached to the strings of hope, motivation, encouragement, disagreements, love, empathy, sympathy, hatred, and many more. Still, the show must go on.

As an endless journey of life, I have experienced lots of things this year in 2021. Last year’s lockdown was an eye-opener for me. That time span of 10 months ( from March end to December 2020 end) I have explored many new things in my handy device, started writing again after years. It was just like a time pass for me initially. Later with many things, many disagreements, and ignorance, I started assembling myself with my thoughts and visions. I tried to gain my dignity which with the passing of time, I had lost my identity as a human being. This year I got through the awakening of my heart and soul. My mind became a great teacher and with the support of my mother, I started living life in a different way. I started seeing things in a lighter way, but with all the answers and possibilities.

Gradually, I felt that I am evolving as a writer, author, and co-author of many anthologies. Not to forget, Candles online and a great friend Chiradeep are added to that list. I could able to establish my new identity. This small thing gave me the link to the world of duties and responsibilities with more love and empathy. With due course of time, I learned languages in a deeper way. The time of ignorance is blissfully ended and a new chapter started with new words, new thoughts, new ideas, new chords.

The New Me is a more important part of my own identity. If I can help myself to be happy and content without any expectations from anyone, then my life looks blissful and sorted.

Just move on and live in the present– That’s the mantra of my life now.

Don’t think that others may leave you alone in the midway. No, the loved ones will be there always with you. Yes, time may be different. But they will be there always with you if they really care for you.

In the New Year, I have no plans or resolutions to make. But I will try to make a fruitful year again.

“What to write about the RESOLUTION,
It takes a lot of effort for EVOLUTION.
Many say it is easy for CONSIDERATION,
But actually, it’s not easy in MODERATION.

Be yourself,
Be Good,
Be positive,
Be humbled.

Lastly, I owe to everyone, who has come across my life this year and showered blessings upon me.

Thank you – The year 2021.

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