As I grew older, I have noticed the evolution in every aspect of life. It may be the first love proposal, dating, courtship, marriage, performing duties as a wife, mother, and daughter-in-law, and many more. With time, we all have changed. Some in a better way and some in a different way, that can be better for a few and worse for others. It’s only the perceptions, we acquire according to time.

The same changes are seen in the writing field. When I was in my twenties, my uncle (who was a government official and a writer too) suggested me to keep a pen and paper or notepad with me always. So that whenever any idea or quotes or poems or stanzas come to my mind, I can note them down. This idea is still with me as a best practice and good luck. I started keeping a small pocket-size notebook always with me from that day onwards. It was like a part of my handbag. Including keys, tissues, and other kinds of stuff. When I travel if I feel like writing something then I can write at that time.

Gradually the mobile phones were replaced by smartphones. Firstly I was using it for messages, pictures, and calls. Then it stepped up one with Orkut, then Facebook, yahoo mail, etc. just 10 yrs back. After seeing others on WhatsApp and then Instagram was in use. After using the smartphone and WhatsApp, I decided to use the phone less. It’s like a disturbing element. But after the lockdown, my teaching and making ppts, worksheets, and others were done by the smartphone. Till that time I was not addicted or nothing was so much nearer to my heart as I am always an old-school guy with pen and paper.

During the lockdown, I started writing poems again after almost 18 yrs. I was writing in between these years, but very few. Still, those are in diaries. But since 2021 January I started full-fledged writing as I got one idea of clicking pics and putting my thoughts on it by editing. My first addiction and favorite is the Pinterest app. You will find anything in this app. That become my lifeline, helped me in creative ways, and get new ideas.

Then, I got to know about the writing app Your-Quote… and it just turned my life a complete 180°. A writer wants to be read by his/her readers. Or else there’s no point in writing if you cannot reach at least one person as your reader. I started putting my edited pics on Pinterest, then writing started flying high with Your quote platform. These two are my all-time favorite. For writing and editing, reviewing the write-ups, the Notes app is needed too. It’s like the storehouse.

Among these three apps, I am really thankful and in love with the Notes app as it’s the storehouse and can send any write-up to any platform, can store the Zoom links, can write and pin the important writings. Just copy and paste at your desired platform and the magic touch is there.

As a writer, I prefer the Notes app.. easy to handle, ongoing writing can be done. Just life is beautiful and easy now.

The things we have already, we ignore many a time. But these old things stay with us lifelong.
Use it and keep your things safe.

Happy reading.

6 thoughts on “HELP IN NEED, HELP INDEED – APP

  1. Notes app is the best and use it for poetry, grocery list and ideas. You have got the best idea from your uncle Lopa to keep diary. I still do that and have tons of notebooks. Love this post on writing and as you go back, Orkut was my first love:)

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  2. Well written. App are built to solve users problem. Indeed they are the smartest and trending items which are installed on your smartphones and keep information at your finger tip. Good article and keep writing..

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