Silence is the weapon, to keep you calm,
Silence is the thought, to keep you planned.
Silence has the most beautiful feeling,
It can make you strong and helps you in healing.
Silence cannot be understood by everyone,
It is a special cup of tea, not meant for everyone.
Silence doesn’t matter to those, who hurts you,
Silence of yours, kills the person who loves you.
Silence is golden moment to feel the emotions,
Silence is always taken as a result of demotions.
Be the silent Sun, brighten up the day,
Be the cool moon, lighten up the sky,
with lovely shiny twinkling stars on the sly.
Be yourself in silence,
Feel your precious presence,
That’s the essence of the silence.
Silence has its own words,
Need a kind heart to read those,
Not all can be the part of it,
It’s not of everyone’s dose.
Silence helps you to rise as a sun,
Silence helps you to grow as a moon,
Silence helps you to be as the stars,
Silence helps you to be the beautiful
person with numerous scars.

Silence is not the killer, it’s the Healer for those who are in pain. It gives you the energy to grow above your limits. It pushes you to another level. It helps you to understand the values you have.

Make silence your weapon and strength, not your weakness.

When I was depressed during the lockdown, mainly by ignorant behaviour of my family, it started hurting more and more than before…as there was nothing to do except household work on regular basis. All the days seemed same, whether it was Monday or Sunday. People got bored of doing the same things daily. Stressful life entered into the brain house and started living there with full fledged ownership. Depression, aggression, agitation and many cognitive behavioral changes were seen and felt. It was seen in children of 15yrs to age of 70yrs old ones. If a word came out of the mouth, it was taken otherwise. So I slowly slowly got the vibe of keeping silent myself. Yes, silence is the killer, for those who cannot see talkative person in quiet condition. But it’s the medicine for the life to lead it peacefully. I tried it late, but found it effective, very effective. Be calm and quiet. More than half of the problems will be solved. As a talkative person, I was renowned. I used pen and paper for speaking my thoughts. Writing became my love again after 20 years, no fighting again. What I feel, I pen down. No hurting anyone, Silence plays it’s role.

Now silence is my strength to overcome all the hurdles. Sometimes it’s hard to control, but I can do it. Once it was my weakness, now it’s my strength to live life happily than before.