L’oreal is not just a beauty brand, it defines the womanhood. This tagline unites women across the globe. A 23 yr old young female copywriter at Manhattan And Agency in 1971 coined this tagline. This resonates with audiences now more than ever before.

“Because you’re worth it” – has become symbolic, empowering women of all ages and backgrounds, believe in themselves and their beauty and sense of worth. Each and every woman is unique in her beauty and style. They should believe in themselves to prosper and inspire each other for growth of herself and for the world. This tagline has been translated into 40 different languages and uniting women around the world, encouraging them to embrace their ambitions and life fearlessly, believe in their self-worth each and every moment.

“Because you’re worth it.”- when I hear or read this,Mrs. World Aishwarya Rai and her L’oreal ad comes to my mind. Just as the tagline and the essence behind this, she is really worth it and an inspiration for millions of women, who admires her and idolize her. She is such an inspirational story herself. The company had chosen her an ambassador, means a lot. Her beauty, charmness, uniqueness in her thinking crowned her as Ms. World. She is carrying the legacy of beauty in her smile and attitude.

Like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, many women have inspired and showed direction to the world and it’s women in many fields too. But, when it comes to beauty, many beautiful women think negative about their own natural behaviours. It may be their perception, but I believe each and every human is unique in its own way.


Each woman is special and has some uniqueness in her attributes. The only thing we lack is Self-confidence. Because we are grown up in that situation, in orthodox mentality and conservative social conditions. In India, the society is male oriented. So, it’s difficult for women to believe in herself that she’s worth it, she is capable of everything what a man can do, even more than that. Just she has to believe in herself.

“Woman is the enemy of woman.” – it’s correct, but only in few cases. If this “few cases” will be nullified, then she can conquer the world. It’s the responsibility of man and woman of a family who can encourage each other to grow, to believe and to inspire each other. As “Charity begins at home” we should inspire our the women living at home to be bold enough in beauty and brain to win the World and hearts.

I can relate to this tagline, when I was praised and encouraged by my family members for my behavior, positive attitude towards everything and whatever I do. If a woman is praised, her self-confidence and self-esteem are boosted highly. It enlightens her inner beauty aesthetically with an ever winning smile. Yes, I am worth it as am a daughter, a wife, a mother and most importantly ‘ I Am a Generation bearer.’

L’oreal does make business, but it’s most profitable part is the inspiration, it spreads throughout the world encouraging the women-hood and it’s eternal beauty.


  1. Just saying the line “because I am worth it” increases my confidence and self worth manifolds.. allows me to put myself in my priority list without any guilt.. love this tag line.. sometimes we have to be self indulgent.

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