Often I ask myself,
what I should do and what I should not!
During the questionnaire session
The heart says to quit,
The mind opposes it just a bit.
In the dusk and dawn,
I find the beautiful sun,
Helping the world to run.
The heart asks me,
“Why can’t you quit?
Be like the immortal sun,
Don’t be too stubborn.”
The realisation jar of mind,
Now seems to be very kind,
The heart said something ,
But, it does not match with the mind.
I tried to quit my long-run addiction,
But I failed many times, as it didn’t
satisfy my expectations.
Tried harder and harder
and said to myself again,
“I will not touch a cigarette from tomorrow”,
But alas! With the rising sun,
Every resolution went in vain.
With the love and care from my partner,
I thought of my beautiful life
just now and then,
But after trying many times,
everything and every time,
The Beautiful Love for Addiction.

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