Facing judgements is the hardest thing. I am sure all of us face some or the other kind of judgements everyday. Sometimes, I take them and, then, there are instances that disturb me more than I want to be disturbed.

Recently, one of my colleague’s wife found herself alone with responsibility of two kids after her husband passed away. I know their family quite well, so, I try to help them in any way I can. Few weeks back her car broke down and she didn’t know what to do. She was frustrated. We made some arrangement for her to reach home and the car is taken care of. After she returned home, she started yelling, “Why should the car break down? This is so stupid. I feel all the problems are interested to be with me forever“. I tried to calm her down, “It’s ok. When you are the only person to handle, it would be overwhelming at times“. She quickly snapped back, “Please don’t mind me saying this. You asked for it. You wanted to live alone, so,  it was easy for you to come to terms with life. But, I didn’t“.

That was not the first time someone has judged me on the same thing. I am sure that won’t be the last time either. I sat there wondering if I unknowingly struck the wrong chord. Have I uttered something offensive? I was so lost, that I did not even talk for some time. I came home, but the thought never left me. I was hurt, spent few days crying when I couldn’t handle it anymore. I don’t know why it is so difficult for me to accept these kind of hypocritical judgements. I questioned myself thousand times as to what I was doing wrong. Should I just distance myself and not care about anyone? Should I just let people say whatever they want and not react? Should I forgive them to come to peace terms with them? The last one is extremely difficult to do.

Every time, it is a different person coming with a new perspective of what or rather how my life is and why they think it is so. Why do they care? Have I asked them for help more than I should? Am I asking for a leaning shoulder every other day? Am I bothering them with my problems? When none of these are true, why should anyone pass judgement on me? It was very very hurtful. Couple of days later, she apologized but the damage was already done. If I may say so, I lost respect towards her. Now, may be I am being judgmental, but, I would prefer to keep people where they belong. OK, I still want to help her and I would, but, won’t care for what she feels about me.

I feel I just keep going back to this viscous circle no matter how many times I don’t want to. People would say some nonsense, I take it. When they are in need I just go to help them. This cycle just repeats. In fact, I was even asked for why I care for those who don’t give a damn about me. I actually don’t know what else to do. I simply cannot ignore the fact that they are in need. But, this is the same circle that is harmful when people are mean and I don’t know what to do in that case either. Just cry and come to peace with the situation. There must be some solution to this and I don’t know what it is. What I know is, I don’t want to beat myself up for some nonsense someone has to say about the path I took when they aren’t even aware of what I have been through. Even if someone knows what it was, they don’t deserve the right to say anything mean.

“I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.” ~Gandhi


  1. Individual perspectives are different as we all are created differently, brought up by different parents, in different environments. Thus when we open our mouths, our upbringing shows up. 🙂

    I have been judged in many ways. People come to conclusions without no time. But over the years, I have learnt how to stay sane despite such comments and remarks against/for me.

    Great article, Aastha. As usual, a superb one. ❤

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  2. People will always judge. It is the good in you that makes you help the same people in need.
    Don’t beat ur self up. Love urself the most. When u do that enough, you naturally draw a distance with people u know will judge u.


  3. This is heartfelt and hurtful. People think words once spoken in whatever state of mind can be taken back but as you said damage is already done. I have many such moments in my kitty and understand what you might have felt. Opening up about such experiences need a big heart and you have it. You go gal, don’t let such snide tamper your sanity. You are way ahead and above than such low thinkers.

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  4. Aastha…as I always say-yet another beautiful piece of writing there. You are slowly climbing up the ladder as being one of my favorite writers/contributors on this platform…if not already.
    What can I say to top this? You’ve addressed the topic really nicely, your posts are so personal…love them.
    Judging and being judged is part of life, we need to brush it off n move on. Easier said than done, Yes-doesn’t work on everybody. For the nice people like you, Aastha-I would just say one thing: when people say things like that, it’s never about “you” its what’s going on inside of them-that’s coming out, it’s a reflection of their own life(mistakes/regrets) whatever. ..not yours. The message we should take out from sentences like those are….’I’ve done something right’😉 …pat yourself on the back n skip back home like a little child.
    I’ve never met you nor spoken to you…but I feel you. If we ever meet/talk sometime, I might just be enamoured by your personality, Aastha.
    Sorry for the long comment. Here are two balloons 🎈🎈 for you, just incase you want to fly😂😂😂


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