An eternal source of knowledge,
A pool of moral values and skills,
Always there for their students,
Dreams of education they fulfill.

The fun of going to school early,
On Teacher’s Day,
Celebrating with cards and gifts,
in the love and affection tray

Elocution and poem recitation
were the first attraction,
Spreading message of their values
and their life lessons

Days were very tough in school,
When we did a wrong thing,
They could smell them
and upon us punishments bring.

Words of our teachers were deadlines,
No-one could overtake,
They were those who rectified
numerous times our mistakes

Those days of celebration
we remember till date,
This generation may not set
any goals with mandate.

Time has changed now,
Changed the style of thinking,
Teachers were then arrogant,
Now all are cool and striving.

Teachers are friends now,
Real guides and philosophers,
They teach the life skills in a
unique way with a joyful manner.

The celebration is gone apart
In the days of digital revolution,
Audio recording and video shooting
are the new ways of celebration.

Charms of buying gifts, making cards
are now “old school events”,
Digital world has grasped everyone in fancy
It’s so much revolving around them!

Time has changed now for everything,
E-world is the revolution,
Then, the days were charming and great
with less of decoration

Importance of Teacher is vanished today
from the hearts of students,
It’s the generation gap with facilities
those gadgets which we provide.

Teachings of our teachers will remain
the same years after years,
Grab the opportunity of working together
With the respectful deeds and gestures