Teacher’s Day- a day dedicated to our loving and respected teachers, which fills our hearts with nostalgia as we remember our unforgettable school days. Making cards, role-playing as teachers, playing skits, singing songs, and performing dances for our remarkable teachers used to be the whole day program. Celebrations remain the same and still continue. The only thing that has changed that now we help our kids in wishing their teachers, especially in the current pandemic situation, where the school is online and we, as parents, are now more involved in our children’s school activities. 

Last year, my younger son was supposed to join a formal school, but due to the pandemic, everything went online. So, I composed a poem, ‘My Formal School’ on his behalf, for his teachers:

My formal school started online,

Seeing new teachers, I felt so fine.

Writing letters, learning numbers,

Singing rhymes and dancing too.

Thank you, Teachers,

Learning is fun.

I love online classes

And I love you too!

For my elder son, where the teachers were facing teething troubles of online classes, I wrote the poem, ‘My Teachers In Pandemic’:

Am I audible?

Can you see the screen?

Are the new challenges faced by the teachers,

In this pandemic routine.

Ma’am, he’s hitting me!

Ma’am, he’s not letting me write!

Has now changed to;

Ma’am, he removed me!
Ma’am, he’s chatting, which isn’t right!

Screen is the new blackboard,

Scroll up and down the data stored,

Correction on screen is so difficult,

By the end, eyes strain as a result.

Yet, you managed all,

Thank you, my teachers,

For taking so much pain,

Your hard work and efforts are my gain.

Being in the teaching profession myself, I know how much hard work, both mental and physical, is required. But, in the pandemic, the teachers have really showed up a great deal of patience and I salute their spirit. Hope the challenging times end soon and the new normal is over with the beginning of offline classes.